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Sprint Premiere customers can now order Motorola Photon 4G


What makes a Sprint Premiere customer a "premiere customer?" How's about the ability to order the Motorola Photon 4G a couple days before most peeps? Last week we saw a lucky member get his device a bit early, and we went hands on with it back at the Sprint event, but now the wait is over. Premiere customers can now place orders for the device, and it will be publicly available on July 31 for $199 on contract.

Source: Sprint

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3 years ago

Logitech dropping the price of the Revue to $99


After a disappointing financial year, Logitech will be dropping the price of its Google TV box, the Revue, from $249 to $99.

Sales declined 4 percent year over year while they reported an operating loss of $45 million compared to an operating income of $12 million just a year ago.

Due to this and the desire to get broader adoption of the Google TV platform, Logitech will drop the price drastically. This puts the device right in line with the Roku box and Apple TV.

If you've been holding out from buying Google TV due to price, you may want to hop on this deal from Logitech. Especially because we're expecting Honeycomb to hit the platform sometime this summer (see our first look from I/O), which should bring an abundance of apps to your TV. See the press release from Logitech after the break.

Source: Logitech

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3 years ago

White Samsung Galaxy S II pictured


British online retailer MobileFun has what seems to be the first official photo of the white Samsung Galaxy S II that was revealed yesterday. The white version, which so far has only shown up for pre-order at stores in the UK, will set you back between £410 and £500 depending on where you go.

Euros can pick up a white Galaxy S II from August 15. As yet there's no word on whether the US models will be available in white in addition to the standard black. Our fingers remain firmly crossed.

Source: MobileFun; via: Eurodroid

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3 years ago

Android Quick App: The Economist



The Economist is one of the most popular and respected magazines when it comes to international relations and global politics. That’s why it’s a shame it took so long to get an official app for the Android platform. Nevertheless, it's here for non-Honeycomb devices at least, and it’s pretty good.

First thing’s first: you need to have a subscription to The Economist to use this app. You will be able to download it without one, but it will be pretty useless.

When you first open the app, you'll see the latest issue's front cover. You can also swipe left for back issues if you would like. In order to read the issue, you’ll have to download it to your device, which can be done automatically or manually. In the settings, you can choose whether the auto-download feature will do so on 3G or WiFi-only. When you click the issue manually, it will start downloading instantly, so data conscious users be wary. You can always cancel it if you accidentally start it over 3G and don't want to do so.Once the download is complete, click on the issue to view the Contents page, which gives you quick access to any section you want.

The actual text and content pages are constructed well with a good default font size (that can be adjusted) and a Night and Day setting to appease different preferences. Day is on by default which means the pages will have a white back with black text. Turning the Night setting on turns the page black and the font white to make it easier on your eyes.

Navigating the issue is straightforward. When you’re on a specific page, rather than having to go back to the table of contents, you can swipe left or right to get to the previous or next article.

In the settings, there is also an option to lock the orientation mode if you have a distinct preference.

There is a widget that comes with the app that displays the latest issue as well as prior issues. You can quickly swipe around to find the one that you prefer and once clicked on, it will open the app.

As many readers of The Economist know, with a subscription, you also get access to the full audio edition of the issue. The app provides the complete audio so if you prefer to listen during a commute you have that option. You can download the entire magazine or choose different sections and even create a playlist. The audio download, unlike the text, is only available if you’re on a WiFi connection.

All in all, The Economist is a good app from the popular magazine. It provides a very usable and pleasant experience to read it on the go. For any fan that has a phone or non-Honeycomb tablet I would highly recommend it. Hopefully the Honeycomb version we saw back in February is released sooner rather than later.

Please find more pictures after the break as well as links to the app.

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3 years ago

4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 available at Verizon today


If you have been waiting for a 4G LTE tablet ever since the Motorola Xoom was announced back at CES, but were quite sad to see that the 4G upgrade was pushed back, you will be happy to know you can get a 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 today from Verizon. Since it was announced the Tab 10.1 has been quite hyped, we reviewed it not only once, but twice, so be sure to check those out prior to leaving your house to go grab your 4G tab today. Be sure to sound off in the forums and let us know your initial thoughts, and what types of things you will be using that 4G for while on the go!

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3 years ago

Sprint announces Q2 earnings, LTE data deal with LightSquared


The rumors were true, folks. Sprint's going LTE with LightSquared in a 15-year deal. It sounds a little backward, but the gist is this: LightSquared's going to pay Sprint around $9 billion in cash over 11 years, and in exchange Sprint gets up to 50 percent of LightSquared's "L-Band" LTE spectrum through credits.

LightSquared comes out ahead, too, lowering its operating costs and network capital by more than $13 billion over the next eight years by making use of Sprint's infrastructure. LightSquared also will provide 3G roaming for Sprint.

So when can you see an LTE smartphone on Sprint? That's still going to be a while, with LightSquared's first 4G markets (which weren't disclosed) not going online until 2012. So, for now, it's still WiMax. LightSquared's expects to complete its nationwide 4G rollout in 2014.

Also, Sprint this morning announced its Q2 2011 earnings, noting revenues of $8.3 billion, and a net loss of $847 million

Press releases: Sprint 1, 2; LightSquared

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3 years ago

Android mascot serves up sounds via Bluetooth speaker


We'll admit it -- we love Android and all things Android-related. As such, this little Andy soundbox got us all excited until we found out the folks who are selling it only ship within Europe sadly. But that doesn't kill the coolness factor here in anyway. As noted by Mobile Fun:

You can connect with him over Bluetooth using your phone or PC, and then he’ll happily belt out whatever tune you play. If you’d like to change tracks, you can just twist his head until he’s at the level you like. If you want him to play or pause, just push down on his head. It’s a bit cruel, so you might want to recharge him over USB when you’re done, just to put things right.

The speaker is of great quality for its size, and at 2W loud enough for my co-workers to glare at me a bit. You can even give him a platform for his considerable aural talents with the included desk stand, which is useful for bringing the microphone a bit closer and enhancing the sound quality.

Awesome -- but the real question here is where can we get us some Lloyd ones made up? If you live in Europe and feel like grabbing one of these they'll set you back £19.95. You can pick one up at the source link below.

Source: Mobile Fun

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3 years ago

Kyocera Echo to get Gingerbread update August 1 says leaked Sprint playbook


No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you -- the Kyocera Echo, in all it's dual-screen glory, is slated to get updated to Gingerbread on August 1 according to the latest Sprint playbook leaked to the fellows at SprintFeed.  Besides all the great behind the scenes changes that comes with Gingerbread, like better battery life and memory management, the Echo update will also roll out with Swype 3.0, Exchange Mail enhancements, "eco" mode, and security fixes.  It's going to follow the standard Sprint OTA rollout, with the lucky 10 percent to get it first, then slowly migrate it's way to the rest over a four day period.  That is, until someone gets the OTA location, then all bets are off.  The best place to stay on top of that situation will be the Echo forums, so pull up a chair and join in.

Source: SprintFeed

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3 years ago

Saving networks, Who has a Merge? [From the Forums]


Have a burning question about that feature you just can't figure out? There is always more happening just a click away in the forums. You can always head over and join in the conversation, search for answers, or lend your expertise to other members of our community.

If you're not already a member of the Android Central forums, you can register your account today.

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3 years ago

Google Authenticator updated with countdown timer, improved translations


If you use two-stage authentication to keep your Google account safe, then you'll want to grab the latest update to the accompanying Google Authenticator app, which was released today. Version 0.6.4 of the Authenticator rolls back some permission changes added in a previous version, and adds a countdown timer under the authentication code, so you know how long you've got before the code expires. In addition, there are some improvements to non-English translations for international users.

Hit the Market to grab your update, or use the QR code after the jump.

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