4 years ago

AT&T commercials show off Backflip, poke fun at Verizon yet again


AT&T just released a few commercials showcasing the Motorola Backflip and didn't mention Android once. Instead, they focus on taking another stab at Verizon, boasting that the AT&T network can talk and surf the web at the same time while the Verizon network can't. It's interesting how AT&T is approaching their Android devices, stripping Google search in favor of Yahoo and now advertising an Android device without mentioning Android? To each their own, we guess.

Anyway, is talking and surfing the web at the same time a big deal for you guys?

hit the jump to see the AT&T commericals about the Backflip!

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4 years ago

March Madness streamed live on the Nexus One (what, you don't have Flash?)


The NCAA Tournament streaming on the Nexus One? A nice reminder -- in case you forgot -- that we're still awaiting Adobe Flash 10.1 on our Android phones. [via JK on the Run]

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4 years ago

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro get priced


If you're interested in the Xperia X10 Mini and the X10 Mini Pro, they just received pricing for Europe. At roughly $410 (€300) for an unlocked X10 Mini and $450 (€330) for an unlocked X10 Mini Pro, they're significantly less expensive than their elusive big brother the Xperia X10 and its reported $800 pricetag. Though getting official pricing is a good start for any device looking to launch, the X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro aren't promised to hit Europe until May/June. As for a US release, remember that the Xperia X10 still hasn't released here. Fool me once...


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4 years ago

HTC Desire goes "Sense-less" and turns into Nexus One?



The folks over at AndroidandMe attended the gdgt live in Austin event, where they were able to spend some quality hands on time with the HTC Desire. We have covered the HTC Desire up and down, leaking specs, hands on videos, showcasing the ROM ported to the Nexus One, speculating pricing and release dates, and more, and now we bring to you some more information. While we have seen that the Desire will launch with the Sense UI, many will be pleased to know that they will actually have the option to turn this off. Sense appeals to some users, and others chose to use the more stock Android look, and luckily HTC has made it rather simple to decide for yourself which you will utilize.  Check out a video walk through of this simple procedure after the jump. WARNING: Turn down your speakers first. It's a bit loud. [via AndroidandMe]

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4 years ago

Sprint uses announcement of Nexus One to pimp Android 2.1 on Moment, Hero


Yeah, that's pretty impossible to read. Fortunately we're trained in the art of squint-eyed-reading, so we'll translate. The gist of it is that Android 2.1 indeed is coming to the Sprint Moment and Hero, and it should be relatively soon. Important parts in bold.

What you need to know:

  • With all the anticipation of Nexus One joining the Sprint Android family of great devices, customers with the HTC HeroTM and the Samsung MomentTM with GoogleTM may wonder about the Android 2.1 platform that supports Nexus One.

What you need to do:

  • We know that technology has enabled greater productivity and spontaneity in our lives,and because of this we have become very dependent on staying connected. Customers don't only expect more from their wireless phones -- they demand it.

  • Let your customers know we are actively working on having the Android 2.1 platform available to our Hero and Moment customers over the coming weeks.

  • Look for more information coming in April about Android 2.1 platform for Hero and Moment.

And don't forget:

  • The HTC HeroTM and the Samsung MomentTM with GoogleTM are superior devices.

  • Sprint is the only national U.S. carrier to offer HTC Hero, and it picked up top honors as the Best Mobile Handset at the 2010 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

  • About.com readers have nominated HTC Hero as their favorite smartphone for the 2010 Reader's Choice Awards.

That's it. More when we get it. Thanks, anon, for the tip!

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4 years ago

Android Central Podcast Episode 3


Audio-only stream below

Phil and Dieter talk the Droid 2.1 update, Nexus Ones galore and answer some of your questions.

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4 years ago

The Motorola Droid Android 2.1 update - Day 2


And so, we wait. But all hope is not lost, as Verizon told Phone Scoop yesterday that the update isn't delayed and is rolling out as planned, with the small, initial batch pushed out.

"The Android 2.1 upgrade for the Droid by Motorola was deployed to a small number of Verizon Wireless test users as scheduled. It is expected the broader phased rollout to all Droid by Motorola users will take place, but not just yet. No date scheduled yet."

That definitely goes against what we'd seen, but stranger things have happened. So hang in there, everybody.

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4 years ago

Android 101: Uploading images to social media channels


Social networking has become a rather large thing in many of our lives (maybe even more so than we want to admit). Whether you like to update your Facebook status on the go, comment on a friends new picture, tweet to everyone that you did something very pointless, or share a picture you just took with some friends, you don't always want to wait until you are finally home to do this. Luckily, while on the go there are many options that allow you to transmit your newly taken photo's to whatever social networking site you are interested in.

Let's look at a few ways to do that. Many of you are probably familiar with SugarSync, which allows you to upload your information on the go to your computer, but that's not always convenient if you want to share the image right then and there. Luckily, whether you wish to upload to Facebook, Twitter, Photobucket, Picasa, or your favorite forum (Android Central) while on the go, you are able to do so rather easily. Lets take a look at how you can accomplish this, and a brief overview of some of your options after the jump.

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4 years ago

Palm CEO: Pre better, could have been bigger, than the Droid


Any Motorola Droid owners out there looking for a direction to which some frustration needs to be channeled? We present comments today from Palm CEO Jon Rubenstein, who had some things to say about Verizon and the Droid during Palm's third-quarter earnings call this afternoon. Mainly, he says that the Pre's a better product and that it could/should have been bigger than the Droid, it's just that bad timing got in the way.

"We had an arrangement with Sprint that when we launched with Sprint that they would invest in marketing and carry the product and for that they would get an exclusive for a period of time. That really determined when we could do our launch at Verizon. I agree with your premise that if we could have launched at Verizon earlier, prior to Droid, that we would have gotten the attention that the Droid got and since I believe that we have a better product, I think we would have even done better."

We agree that being stuck on Sprint (a fine carrier in and of itself, but a limiting factor nonetheless) kept Palm's products from gaining better market share. But the Pre's better than the Droid? Them's fighting words. And, so, let's get it on! [via PreCentral]

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4 years ago

Your favorite Android music applications [AC Asks]


Whether it's streaming Internet radio or keeping as much of your music collection as you can on a microSD card, you gotta admit there are some great ways to keep the tunes flowing on your Android phone.

Yeah, we probably could have split these into two categories - streaming and non. But no matter, you guys had some great picks. After the break, we take a look at your favorite options.

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