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Bank of America revamps its mobile banking app with latest update


Bank of America has updated its Android mobile banking app to version 3.1.120 with a completely revamped appearance and user interface. Anyone who thought the previous versions were a little heavy on the “blah” should be pleasantly surprised to find a more user-friendly experience with a clean, polished finish that's sure to please even the pickiest mobile bankers. All of the main functions remain, including support for multiple accounts, a bank and ATM locator, account transfers, and mobile bill pay, though these functions are now found in tabs on top of your account's home screen. The update also makes the app available for the first time to Bank of America customers in Washington and Idaho, who are now invited out of the mobile banking dark ages. Hit the break to grab the free update from the Android Market.

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3 years ago

Droid Incredible 2 case review: Mobi Products Crystal Case


The Mobi Products Crystal Case for the HTC Droid Incredible 2 is a solid choice for any Incredible 2 or S owner who is looking to protect their phone yet keep the lightness that the device boasts.

I also know many people who like the look of their phones and are hesitant to put a case on it because they want to see the HTC emblem or the Google logo on the back. The crystal case is transparent so you’ll never run into this issue; it’ll protect the phone yet allow you to see it in its entirety.

It has slots for the cameras, ports, speaker and screen so you won’t have to worry about missing any features while your phone is in the case.

It is a simple snap-on case that has been very durable in the time I’ve been able to test it. It hasn't come apart or even come close to breaking off from the device.

The Mobi Products Crystal Case, is available for $12.95 from the Android Central Store. More pictures after the break.

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3 years ago

HTC soon to launch HTCdev Developer Center, OpenSense SDK


HTC has been working hard as of late, one thing they have been putting some focus on is the many Android developers that are out there in an effort to get more involved with HTC products. Back when the HTC Flyer and Evo View 4G were announced, it was noted that they would be allowing developers to tap into HTC's pen-based Scribe technology. Jump ahead to today and HTC has announced HTCdev and along with it the pending release of what is now dubbed OpenSense SDK. As described by HTC:

The HTC OpenSense SDK will allow developers to harness software and hardware innovations on HTC phones to develop more deeply integrated mobile apps and experiences. Altogether, you'll have access to documentation, sample code, APIs and more importantly, the support and inspiration of the HTCdev community.

Interesting stuff -- but we are wondering just how open the OpenSense SDK will be. As we know it now, developers can do some pretty crazy stuff with Sense in un-official capacities -- what can they do with the support of HTC? For that, we'll have to wait and see but if you're a developer and looking to learn more; make sure you hit the source link below for some more details.

Source: HTCdev; via @HTC

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3 years ago

Tonight, we take New York ...


The time has come, boys and girls. We're in New York City (when are we not, these days?) tonight for the first official Android Central reader meet-up. (Official as in nobody's going to have to file a restraining order when it's over. We hope.)

We'll be meeting with a few of our favorite fellow Android blogers -- and most important, 500 or so of our closest friends. You! And for those of you who were able to score tickets, a few giveaways are in order. Samsung's going to be on hand to show off the upcoming Galaxy Tab 10.1 (among other wares, most likely), and will be giving away five of the Honeycomb devices. They'll also be giving away five smartphones. And we've brought along a few T-shirts and other swag to put on the pile.

For everybody coming tonight, see you at 7. (Full details are here.) For everybody else, we'll be covering the event as only Android Central can.

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3 years ago

T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide gets caught on blurrycam and clears the FCC


We've been hearing about the HTC Doubleshot, aka the Mytouch 4G Slide, aka the PG59100 for a while now and as of yesterday it was caught hanging out at the FCC. Today though, the upcoming QWERTY horizontal slider was caught in all its blurrycam glory showing off the fact it's coming loaded up with Android 2.3.4 out the gates which means it should have Google Talk video chat baked in as well -- HTC has loaded up the beautiful Sense 3.0 UI. Other specs include a dual-core Qualcomm chip of some variant, a front facing camera, and as seen above a 3.7-inch display. Jump on past the break for another shot of the device as well as the FCC filing image.

Source: FCC, BGR

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3 years ago

Texas Instruments introduces its next generation OMAP4470 multi-core processor


Texas Instruments (TI) has announced the newest addition to its OMAP4 processor platform, the next generation multi-core OMAP4470. With processing speeds of up to 1.8 GHz per core, the OMAP4470 will offer an 80 percent increase in web browsing performance, increased memory bandwidth, and support for resolutions up to QXGA (2048x1536). TI also says that the chip will support HD and liquid UIs, a first for the company.

The dedicated POWERVR SGX544 graphics core will provide 2.5 times the graphics performance of TI’s current offerings and will support DirectX based games and videos. TI says that the multiple cores—four for general processing and two for graphics performance—are designed for low-power consumption and high performance. Expect the OMAP4470 to start hitting Android devices in Q1 2012. For the complete technical mumbo-jumbo, including an explanation of each core's performance, hit the source link.

Source: Texas Instruments

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3 years ago

EVO 4G Gingerbread update officially arriving June 3


It was only yesterday that we had reported the Sprint HTC EVO 4G Gingerbread update might be rolling out June 3 and now, we have that news coming to us in official form from Sprint. After we posted the June 3 date, we got a lot of tips saying it was instead going to be June 6. As it turns out, it's both.

HTC EVO™ 4G from Sprint will receive the Android™ 2.3, Gingerbread, update through an over-the-air maintenance release beginning on Monday, June 6.

Sprint will send update notifications to users in waves. The notification will let users know the update is available and provide the simple two-step, over-the-air download instructions.

Users will receive a notification that Android 2.3 is available for download.

Once the user has downloaded the update, they will be prompted to install the update. The user will be notified that their device will be disabled during the installation process. The phone will be ready to use once the process completes.

Can't Wait Until June 6?

For those who just can’t wait to get Android 2.3, there will be an easy user initiated option to download the upgrade starting on Friday, June 3. To access the update – from the home screen/Menu/Settings/System updates/HTC software Update. This will initiate the upgrade process.

The software release upgrades HTC EVO 4G to Android 2.3, Gingerbread. This version of Android improves download management through the Downloads application, offering the user easy access to any file downloaded from the browser, email or another application. It also fixes the devices ability to stream media through certain applications for the device.

Gingerbread restores HTC EVO 4G’s ability to sync multiple Gmail™ accounts, display email attachments in the email client and fixes battery discharge issues.

We've previously gone hands-on with the leaked build of Gingerbread for the EVO 4G and according to the documentation from yesterday, that will be the same build released on June 3 for those who are eager to get up their devices update.

Source: Sprint

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3 years ago

TouchWiz tablet UI will be separate download says Samsung


To settle all the confusion about the TouchWiz interface and whether or not it will be included on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, we reached out to Samsung.  They let us know that the TouchWiz UI will not be available at launch, but will come via a separate OTA download for all Wifi Tab 10.1 users.  We'll certainly let you know when this happens.

This begs the question -- if you buy a Galaxy Tab 10.1, will you update to the new TouchWiz UI?  From everything we've seen and used, it's a beautiful interface that takes full advantage of the real estate of a tablet's screen.  Personally, I'll be sure to check it out, then make my final decision.  What say you?  Sound off in the comments and discuss further in the forums!

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3 years ago

Verizon and Sprint Galaxy Tab 10.1 models to come this summer


Not to be left out in the cold when the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 launches, Verizon and Sprint have stepped forward to let everyone know that they, too will be offering their own versions of the upcoming 10.1 inch Honeycomb tablet. 

Verizon has issued a formal press release (which you'll find after the break) letting us know that you can pre-order the LTE enabled versions come June 8, at $529.99 for the 16 GB model and $629.99 for the 32 GB model.  Those prices are both with a new two year agreement.  They will be offered in two colors, gray and white.  Sprint was a little more relaxed about the affair, with Mark Elliot from their PR department making an announcement via Twitter that the Wifi version would be coming to Sprint "mid-summer". 

The Verizon press release also mentions availability of both a full size keyboard dock and a multi-media dock built specifically for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, and those products are sure to be well received.  You can find the full text of the press release after the break.

Source: Twitter

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3 years ago

Xperia Play gets Rainbow Six exclusive, more games at E3



Sony Ericsson has announced that Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard will be launching exclusively on the Xperia Play tomorrow, and that it'll be following up the release by showcasing another 20 games at next week's E3 Expo. Xperia Play owners in Western Europe will be able to download Shadow Vanguard for free, but unfortunately there's no mention of whether this offer will be extended to owners of the Verizon-branded Xperia Play across the pond.

The games to be showcased at Sony Ercisson's E3 booth include Minecraft, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Samurai II. Most of these titles are being kept under wraps for the moment, but you can find some slightly bizarre early video footage of Minecraft on the Xperia Play after the jump.

Source: Sony Ericsson Product Blog

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