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1 year ago

How to remove your payment information from Google Wallet


Google Wallet and Google Play are wonderful services, and they're very convenient when you want to make a quick movie rental or order a new album. However, as easy as it is to put your payment information into an account to authorize a purchase, taking it back out isn't exactly difficult, but you do have to know where to look for it. Maybe you just wanted to buy your kid some Google Play credit and forgot it'll save your information. Maybe you just decided to buy your friend an app yourself since they don't quite understand the concept of buying apps yet. Whatever the case, you want your payment information back before they get into trouble with it.

Here's how to do it.

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1 year ago

Android 101: Getting Started with Google Play


The Google Play Store probably is your best bet for finding the apps you need

So, you've got your Google Account, and now you want to dive into the rest of the Google Play Store. Well, there's a small trick to that. See, you can go into the Play Store and use it for movies, music and books without an Android device, but in order to install or purchase anything in the apps section, you have to add your Google Account to an Android device first. Slight bummer, I know, but is there really much point in buying apps if you can't install them on a device?

So, grab yourself a phone or tablet and let's get started.

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1 year ago

Google 101: Setting up a new Google Account


Google Play, Chromebooks, Gmail ... all these wonderful services start with (and require) a Google Account. And whether you're setting up a professional account to help field headhunters and job offers, or finally offloading one of your tweens to their own account, setting up a Google account is simple and quick, but there are a few tricks to it.

Let's open the door to the wonderful world of Google.

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1 year ago

How to use the Finger Scanner on the Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4 Finger Scanner

Increase security and also speed up the login process in a few key apps

Though the Finger Scanner wasn't as big of a deal at the launch of the Galaxy Note 4 as it was when it debuted on the Galaxy S5, Samsung kept it around hiding within the home button ready to boost your phone's security. The swipe-style scanner may not be as convenient as what's available on some phones, but the way its integrated into the phone to work for your lockscreen, Samsung Account, PayPal and other apps makes it valuable to set up.

The setup process takes some time, as does getting the right feel for how to swipe on it for the best results, but in the end it's a net positive. Read along and let us show you how to get the Finger Scanner up and running.

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1 year ago

How to adjust video auto-play settings in the Facebook app


Facebook changes a lot of things on us automatically, whether it's on the web or on your phone, and one of the more annoying "features" turned on automatically is auto-play videos. From Facebook's perspective auto-play videos seem great — videos are loaded in the background so they play instantly, and as you scroll through your timeline they catch your eye since they're playing without your interaction.

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1 year ago

How to factory reset your Nexus 6


There are a few reasons why you might want to factory reset your Nexus 6, reverting it back to its out-of-box condition. Maybe you've decided to sell your device. Perhaps you want to eliminate any problematic apps and start again from scratch. Whatever the reason, it's easy to clear out your apps, photos and other content and start again from scratch.

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1 year ago

Ask AC: What's that star in my notification area?

Android Lollipop priority star

Welcome to the wonderful, confusing world of Android 5.0 notifications

Update: A lot of the headaches here are being addressed either by the manufacturers, or by Google itself in the upcoming "M" release of Android.

This question still hits our inbox from time to time, and it's worth a quick reminder. Android 5.0 Lollipop — at least in its current, unadulterated form — changes the way notifications work. Or, more specifically, there are now three ways they'll be presented to you. The firehose is simply called "All." That is, you'll see every notification there is to see in your notification area. You'll get a buzz, or hear the notification tone.

Then there's "Priority," which brings us back to the question at hand. You can designate specific apps as being "Priority," and then you'll get only "Priority" notifications.

So what's a "Priority" notification? And what's it have to do with that star up there? Glad you asked.

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1 year ago

How to take a screenshot on the Blu Vivo Air

Want to take a screenshot on your Blu Vivo Air? Here's how!

Taking a screenshot on the super-slim Blu Vivo Air is incredibly easy: you hold down two buttons. Which two? Glad you asked. Power and volume down. And as it would turn out, both of these buttons are on the left side of the device, and if you're holding the Vivo Air in your left hand, they fall right under your left thumb. So while you can use two of your phalanges to trigger the screenshot, with a bit of practice you can use just your left thumb.

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1 year ago

Galaxy Note 4 battery life tips

Galaxy Note 4 battery

The battery is big enough for most, but you can always improve

The Galaxy Note 4's 3220 mAh battery is pretty large by today's standards, and gives the big phone solid battery life figures for most people. But counteracting that large battery are a powerful processor, bright QHD display and tons of software features, which can really chew into battery life depending on how you use the phone.

Most folks can make it through a day with battery to spare, but for those who find their Note 4's battery coming up short sometimes you may need to pull out a few tricks to get the most out of that limited battery capacity. Samsung includes a few intuitive features on the Note 4 to improve battery life, but it's all about how you use them. Read along with us and see how you can squeeze the most out of your Note 4's battery.

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1 year ago

How to transfer files between your Nexus 6 and computer

File transfer Nexus 6

Transferring files is easy for most of us

Most of us reading here have a computer of some sort. Maybe it's at home and you use it to play games or to surf the Internet, or maybe it's at work and you do things that aren't nearly as fun as playing games and surfing the Internet. But if you do have a computer, chances are you'll want to copy some files between it and your Nexus 6.

While the Nexus 6 doesn't use a file system that most home computers can recognize natively, it does make use of MTP (the Media Transfer Protocol) to be able to send and receive files to and from almost every computer out there. The best news is that it's all pretty simple.

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1 year ago

Trouble sending MMS on the Nexus 6? Here are a couple solutions

Lollipop Messenger

Problem lies with Google Messenger and APNs used by some carriers

Mobile communication might be shifting more towards data-based services all the time, but the humble text message (SMS) and multimedia message (MMS) aren't going away anytime soon. Both are vital functions of any smartphone, and so when one of them's not working on your device, it's no small deal. Recently we've discovered an issue affecting the stock Google Messenger app loaded on the Nexus 6 on some carriers.

Specifically, we've found that out of the box, the Nexus 6 (and Nexus 5 on Lollipop, should you download Google Messenger) fail to send MMS messages on certain carriers, including EE in the UK. (Receiving MMS seems to be unaffected.) It's a frustrating problem, but fortunately there's an easy fix.

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1 year ago

Using Smart Lock on Lollipop? Use this trick to manually lock in an instant


Using Smart Lock on Android 5.0 is a great way to balance security and convenience, using a trusted location, Bluetooth device or NFC tag to bypass lock screen security without entering a PIN or lock pattern. However it's possible you might not want your phone completely unlocked all the time, which is why there's a simple way to manually lock your device — requiring your PIN, pattern or password to unlock — with just a button press from the lock screen.

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1 year ago

How to take great pictures with your Nexus 6

Nexus 6 camera

A few simple tips to get better shots from your Nexus 6's camera

Let's face it — Nexus devices aren't exactly renowned for their imaging prowess. Even with new additions like optical image stabilization (OIS) and HDR+ mode, the cameras of the Nexus 6 (and the Nexus 5 before it) are best described as finicky. It's possible to get great photos from the Nexus 6's 13-megapixel shooter with a little patience, but there are a few simple directions you can follow to maximize the number of high-quality shots, and reduce the likelihood of coming out with a dud.

On the whole, these come down to knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the Nexus 6's camera setup, and adjusting your shooting accordingly. Join us after the break for a quick primer on using the Nexus 6's camera.

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1 year ago

Nexus 6 battery life tips

Nexus 6

Make the most of your Nexus's battery

Battery life is one of the areas of smartphone tech in which there's still much room for improvement. As a cutting edge handset, the Nexus 6 includes some of the latest developments in mobile tech — wireless charging, quick charging through the bundled Motorola Turbo Charger, and improvements on the software side thanks to Google's "Project Volta."

Despite this, there going to be times where you wish you were able to squeeze more juice out of this gigantic phone's equally enormous 3,220mAh battery. As we mentioned in our review, the device's battery life is pretty good, but not astonishingly so. So it's worth going over a few basic steps to help you get the most out of your battery.

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2 years ago

How to add a trusted place in Android 5.0 Lollipop

Smart Lock Trusted Places

No longer bother with you lock screen at home

With the introduction of Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google has brought a new type of Smart lock to the operating system — Trusted locations. Don't let the name fool you though, these smart locks aren't a new way to lock your device, these are actually new ways to unlock your phone or tablet. With the Trusted places lock your Lollipop device will disable its lock screen security when you are in a designated location.

It's super convenient, and quite easy to set up as well. Read along and we'll show you the way.

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