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1 year ago

Understanding 'Assistant' in Google Photos, and what it can do for you

Understanding Assistant in Google Photos

There's lots to wrap your head around in Google Photos, but the new Assistant feature is here to help.

Whether you want to check up on the status of your photo backups, see the Creations that Google Photos has made for you, or be alerted of space to be freed up on your device, Assistant is the place to go. It's just a tap, swipe or click away from your photo library, and it'll keep you in the loop with what's going on in the Google Photos world.

It's like an all-in-one notification center for everything that's happening with your photos, and it's quite useful. And here's how you use it.

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1 year ago

All about Smart Bulletin on the LG G4


Devoting a page of a user's homescreen to an aggregation of information and widgets is nothing new.

Smart Bulletin on the LG G4 is on the left-most page of your homescreen — or rather, it is the left page of your home screen if you're using the stock launcher. Like HTC Blinkfeed, it's meant to be a one-stop shop for information about your phone, except rather than focusing on your social media and news, Smart Bulletin focuses on data from your phone itself. Think of it as a screen-sized collection of scrolling widgets, sort of like Google Now on the Google Now Launcher, except there's no search and all of the widgets relate to LG's apps rather than Google services.

So, what can this pastel-painted widget wall do? More importantly, should you even bother?

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1 year ago

What happens when you delete pictures in Google Photos?

What happens when you delete pictures in Google Photos?

With potentially unlimited storage at your disposal there are few reasons to delete photos, but if you do there are a few things to know.

Whether you need to clear out duplicates, limit the amount of full-resolution storage you're taking up or just get rid of some old shots you no longer want, you may need to delete photos from your Google Photos albums from time to time. The "access all of your photos everywhere" system is really cool, but it also introduces a few head scratching moments when you go to delete photos from the service.

We're going to help clarify the situation, and once you understand the system you won't be so worried about what's happening to your photos.

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1 year ago

How to block calls on the LG G4


With all that our smartphones do, it's often easy to overlook some of the actual phone functions of the device.

It's something we hope we'll never need, but you certainly want to have it — and more importantly, know how to use it — should the need ever arise. Maybe you just need to block that one friend who hasn't quite taken the hint that you're not interested in their drunk dials anymore. Maybe someone sent your number to a list of trolls and you're getting crank called at all hours of the night. Whatever your needs, call blocking is here to help, and it hasn't changed much from the LG G3.

Here's where to find it on the LG G4.

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1 year ago

Get your Google Photos library started with the desktop uploader

Google Photos Apps page

Google Photos is the new hotness in online picture management, and we wouldn't blame you if you wanted to give it a try.

Problem is, unless you've had Google+ automatic photo backup turned on the past couple of years, your photo library is probably looking pretty barren. And even if you have had auto backup on your phone(s), you haven't likely uploaded all of your past photos from before Google+ (or Google itself) existed.

If you're looking to get your Google Photos library started or filled up with a long history of photos, there's no better way than installing Google's desktop uploader app and getting them all up there in one fell swoop. We're going to show you how to do it.

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1 year ago

What to do if you forgot your Samsung Galaxy S6 lock screen password


Having trouble getting past your Galaxy S6 lock screen? We're here to help.

Uh-oh. You've recently set up a lock screen backup password on your Samsung Galaxy S6, but you've plumb forgot it. Luckily there are two simple ways to reset your passcode and get back into your phone, provided you have some other critical knowledge to prove you deserve back in. Let us show you how to get back into that phone.

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1 year ago

LG G4 one-ups the Galaxy S6 with this important privacy feature


Removing location information on the LG G4 is easier than ever. Here's how to do it.

We've talked any number of times about location tracking and how it works in Android. A lot of time you'll want to use it. Sometimes you won't. And you've got plenty of options and complete control over your location settings. One important feature for phones to have is the ability to easily remove GPS data from pictures you've taken. We've walked you through how to remove location data from pics on the Galaxy S6, which was fairly easy.

But LG has made that important privacy feature even easier with the LG G4.

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1 year ago

Getting acquainted with the new Google Photos on Android and the web

Google Photos on Android

Google Photos is finally here, and that means we have a new photography tool to play around with on our phones and computers.

After being tied completely to Google+ (woefully) for some time, Photos has finally been broken out into its own apps for Android, iOS and the web. Google Photos, as it's now known, adopts the same icon as the old app (which was really just a stub to the Google+ back end) as well as many of the same features, but is also developing its own identity since gaining independence from Google+.

That means you technically no longer need a Google+ account to use it, and your photos now get a first-class experience with their own apps and website.

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1 year ago

Ask AC: Do I need a special cable for Android Auto?


As we trudge through the early days of Android Auto, one question tends to pop up more than others in our Android Auto forums. And that is this:

Do you need a special cable to use Android Auto?

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1 year ago

Getting to grips with the HTC One M9 camera app

HTC One M9 camera app

Even as the debate surrounding the HTC One M9's camera rages on, there's no denying HTC has one of the most feature-filled camera apps of any high-end smartphone. There's a huge number of different modes to use and settings to tweak — from the usual options like HDR and panorama to recent additions like the new RAW camera, which lets you to take your smartphone photography the next level.

We'll take a look at everything the HTC camera app has to offer after the break.

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1 year ago

Delta accidentally updates to a developer version of its Fly Delta app


Delta Air Lines has (inadvertently, we presume) pushed an update to its Fly Delta app that actually is a developer version and won't let you log in. Here's how to fix that.

If you've happened to update to the latest version of the Fly Delta Android app today and suddenly find that you can't log in, you're not alone. Delta apparently has uploaded a signed developer version — changing the name of the app to Fly Delta QA (or, ironically, quality assurance) — instead of a proper one for those of us in the cheap seats. And while the update indeed does make it easier to get to a boarding pass on your Android Wear watch, it also opens up some internal server options. We've confirmed the developer build, as first brought to our attention by Jason Rabinowitz on Twitter.

Not being able to log into the app is a headache, but it shouldn't keep you from boarding a flight until it's fixed.

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1 year ago

How to bring your iTunes music library onto the Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

Here's how to load up your Samsung Galaxy S6 with your whole iTunes library without a fuss.

Chances are you have a carefully curated music collection with iTunes, but struggle with the idea of moving it all onto your Samsung Galaxy S6. We're going to outline the options available so it can be as painless as possible. If you want to do it manually, you can plug in your S6 over USB, but usually working with a cloud service or a third-party Wifi sync application can be more useful in the long run.

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1 year ago

How to use shortcut keys on the LG G4


Quickly launch the LG G4's camera or QMemo+ notepad with a double-press of the volume key.

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1 year ago

RAW images and Android - everything you need to know

Android Camera

RAW image capture brings new possibilities to Android photography, but not everyone will need or want to use it. Or can.

You've probably seen (or heard) a bit of talk about RAW images and Android lately. Some of us are pretty excited about what this brings to our smartphones, and the very cool stuff we can do with RAW images transferred to our computers. And some of us are a little confused about what a RAW image is, and why all these Android camera nerds are excited about it.

Simply put, having a camera on your Android that takes RAW images means you have a better set of image data to use when editing the picture than you would with a standard jpeg image. While the small sensor and fixed focal length on a smartphone means it won't measure up to a "real" camera, you can now capture shots with your Android that simply weren't possible before. HDR can only do so much ...

Let's get our hands dirty and look at what a RAW image is, and what you can do with one once you've captured it.

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1 year ago

How to change the LG G4's lock screen app shortcuts


It's relatively easy to change the G4's lock screen app shortcuts — but Smart Lock can throw a wrench into the works.

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