5 years ago

Droid Dock Unboxing and Walkthrough


Wondering if the Droid Multimedia Station / Dock is worth it? If you're the sort that likes to make your phone double as a nightstand alarm clock, the answer is clearly yes. Motorola does us a solid by including wall charger and cable (we've seen plenty of other docks omit them).

Then again, if you're hoping to focus more on the "multimedia" than the "dock" part of it, you'll be disappointed to know that the only port on this thing is the USB charging plug, no audio or video-out.

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6 years ago

Review: Freedom Mobile Power for T-Mobile G1


It’s no secret that the T-Mobile G1’s battery is one of the weakest aspects of the phone. Quite simply the 1150 mAh battery is not enough. It’s downright anemic by today’s standards and when you put into consideration the drain that 3G, Wi-Fi, and GPS add, you’ll be at 50% battery by midday. This isn’t an issue if you’re near an electrical outlet, but what if you’re not, what to do then? We’re going to be taking a look at battery solutions in the next few weeks here at Android Central to find the ideal solution. We first start off with the Freedom Mobile Power for T-Mobile G1 ($49.95). It’s a compact solution that allows for charging your G1 wherever you go, so how does it perform? Read on for the rest of the review!

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6 years ago

Review: Golla Gale Brown Pouch for G1


I have a couple Golla cases for my other smartphones, so I was excited to try out the Golla Brown Pouch for my T-Mobile G1 Android phone. It is sold here in the Android Central Store for $19.95. How well will it protect your G1 Android phone? Is it a worthy Golla case?

Read on for my full review!

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