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Droid X dock review: Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger


Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger for Droid X

The Motorola Droid X is a a looker to be sure. And to properly show it off on your desk or bedside table, you're going to want to check out the Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger. But it's more than just a way to keep your Droid X charged. 

The Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger also will serve up high-definition video from your Droid X to your television, via a port in the rear of the charger. You'll have to provide your own HDMI cable, though. But it does come with a lengthy microUSB charger, so you'll have no problem keeping your phone juiced.

The dock itself is a matte black plastic.There's a large, metal bar that extends about halfway up the rear of the phone, to keep it from falling out and damaging the microUSB and HDMI ports. It also has a magnet that senses the Droid X nearby and launches the multimedia desktop mode (more on that in a second). The bottom of the dock is made of a nonstick rubber, so it won't go sliding around your desk.

The Droid X sits sideways and automatically switch into a special multimedia desktop mode when inserted. You get a big clock with the date, weather info, plus easy access to alarm settings, a dimmer button, and music and photo icons.

The Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger for Droid X is available now in the Android Central Store for $39.95. We've got more pictures of it in action after the break.

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4 years ago

HTC Merge accessories show in Verizon's system


HTC Merge Accessories

Where are are HTC Merge accessories, there must be a phone, right? The above shot comes from Verizon's system, so we're probably that much closer (for what that's worth) to finally seeing the Android slider on Big Red, right? In the meantime, check out our hands-on with the Merge.

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Android Accessory Review: HTC A/V Cable for Droid Incredible [video]


 HTC AV Cable for Droid Incredible

The HTC AV Cable for Droid Incredible is a quick and easy way to display content from your phone onto a TV. The cable plugs into the DInc's microUSB slot on one end and has composite video plugs on the other (sorry, no HD here). The cable offers true mirroring, so anything displayed on your phone shows up on the TV. The plug itself is pretty small, and I had no issues with using it even though I have a case on my phone, but your mileage may vary. Join me past the break as I take a closer look, and be sure to check out the video demonstration and extra pictures!

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Sony Ericsson LiveView -- one step closer to replacing your wristwatch


Sony Ericsson LiveView - early builds are loaned out to developers.

As the lucky folks who were able to attend DroidCon 2010 witnessed, Sony Ericsson decided to distribute an early build of the LiveView developer SDK, and even loan out a couple devices to third party plug-in developers.

London-based Android developer Mark Brady was lucky enough to spend some time with a test unit, and even began porting over the UI of his Last Call WidgetIn his blog he outlines exactly what you will find in the SDK, and also airs some grievances towards the early build.  But he's very quick to forgive, as Sony Ericsson had no prior plans of distributing any of these units, or the unfinished SDK.

This was definitely a good move on SE's part, as the only way you're going to drum up interest in a new technology is to get it into the hands of developers, and see what they can come up with.  One or two killer apps could do wonders for the LiveView, and I'm very anxious to see where this goes.  I can already think of a few ways I would use the LiveView, so I'm really pulling for it.

As we mentioned a couple months ago, the LiveView is compatible with Android 2.0 or better, and should be available in the fourth quarter (that's now!)  [Zedray.com]

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HTC's Evo 4G HDMI dock now available, we're giving away two of them! [contest]

HTC Evo 4G HDMI dock

That's right, folks, the HTC Evo 4G HDMI dock is finally available in Sprint stores. So you can now pipe high-def video from your phone to your TV with all the official accessory goodness HTC has to muster.

It'll set you back $39.99, but we've got you covered. We're going to give away not one, but two of the Evo 4G HDMI docks. Because you're worth it. Just make sure you're registered with the site, then hit the link below to enter. Contest ends tonight, to get in while you can!

Win a free HTC Evo 4G HDMI dock

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Evo 4G accessory review: HTC HDMI Cable for Evo 4G


 HTC HDMI Cable for Evo 4G 

The HTC HDMI Cable for Evo 4G is the perfect complement to the Sprint Evo 4G when you want to share a video from your phone. The function couldn't be any more simple: you plug one end into the micro HDMI port (that's a type D) on your Evo, and the other end into your TV or HDMI-equipped monitor. Let's take a look after the break.

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Droid Incredible Case Review: Seidio Innocase II Surface case


Seidio Innocase II Surface case

The HTC Droid Incredible is one of the most popular Droid devices around -- period. With its super fast processor and beautiful 3.7-inch display, you'll find yourself wanting to show this phone off to everyone around you. In doing so, you probably want to pick up the Seidio Innocase II Surface case. This case highlights the design of the phone, all while providing one of the sturdiest Droid Incredible cases around.

The case feels much like the backing of the Incredible's battery door. With its soft-touch feel, the case still keeps a solid and rather sturdy form. The backing also follows and highlights the contours and curvatures that this Droid is known for. As for the extremities, such as the camera and power button -- each is exposed, but protected. As for the inside of the case, you'll find felt pieces on both halves of the case (see pictures after the break). This provides a nice touch to keeping the phone snug, while not scratching up the backing of the phone.

Once on, the case literally hugs the phone all around. As the two halves connect around the phone, a very small raised tab on the bottom half, locks the the two pieces together. To unlock, simply push down where the tab lies, and pull the top half away.

The Seidio Innocase II Surface case for the Droid Incredible carries a long name -- but delivers as one of the best hard shell cases around and is available from the Android Central Store for $29.95. More photos after the break.

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Droid Incredible Extended Battery Review: Seidio Innocell 1750mAh


Seidio Innocell 1750mAh Extended Battery

Being a heavy Droid Incredible user, I grew sick of the ever-dying stock 1300mAh battery from HTC. Some days, while using the stock battery, I would barely make it through lunchtime. Nothing is worse than trying to get through the day and to have that low life battery icon pop up. If you're looking for a battery to get you through the day, and don't want to sacrifice the slim design by buying the bulkier extended batteries -- this Seidio Innocell 1750mAh Extended Battery is for you.

Right away, the only difference you will notice in the design of the battery, is the black finish, and the 1750mAh branding. Otherwise, it's exactly the same size as the stock 1300mAh from HTC. Even though this battery carries a longer battery life, there is no difference in weight or thickness. There is absolutely no need for a new battery door or case -- this battery fits within HTC's original design. My only complaint in terms of aesthetics, is Seidio's choice of color. I wish they kept in line with HTC's firetruck red. But then again, when are you walking around with the battery exposed?

Jumping into the numbers -- the real meat of this review -- the 1750mAh battery will last the whole day through. On a daily basis, I was able to get a full 12 hours in before I found myself reaching for my power cable. In contrast, the stock 1300mAh battery would only last about five hours on moderate use.

For somebody like myself, who always is 3G connected, and has constant running sync services for Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook -- this battery is for you. Having the longer battery life, without having to choose a bulkier extended battery, is an option most welcomed. Head on over into the Android Central Store, and scoop the Seidio Innocell 1750mAh Extended Battery for $49.95. More photos after the break.

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Nexus One case review: Case-Mate Tough Case


Case Mate for Nexus One

I had been resistant to put a case on my Nexus One because I could never find one that I was happy with. They were always either too bulky or felt too cheap.

Having said that, I have been very pleased with the Case-Mate Tough Case; it does not weigh the phone down at all and feels very robust to the touch.

The outer-layer of the case is an ABS plastic shell that has enhanced dust protection. The phone slips inside a smaller rubber skin that then fits inside the tougher case. All buttons and and ports can be accessed without hindrance.

The screen is not covered, but it is protected by the rugged outer layer of the case, so don’t worry if you leave it upside down.

The case also comes in four different colors: black, pink, green and blue, so everybody should be able to find something that fits their lifestyle.

The Case-Mate Tough Case is available for $27.95 from the Android Central Store. More pictures after the break.

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Review: Motorola MOTOROKR T505 Bluetooth speakerphone with digital FM transmitter


Motorola T505 Bluetooth Speakerphone

Throughout the dozens of Android phones over many moons, there has been but one accessory that has stood by me -- my Motorola MOTOROKR T505 Bluetooth speakerphone with digital FM transmitter. First and foremost, it's a hands-free device, meaning I can legally -- and safely -- make and receive phone calls from my car.

But the Moto T505 is much more than that. We'll dive into it after the break.

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Droid X case review: Smartphone Experts Skin Case


Droid X skin case

If you're looking for a basic case for your Motorola Droid X, check out the Smartphone Experts Skin Case. It has a slim and sleek design that gives your Droid X a simple layer of protection without taking away from the design of the phone, or adding any bulk.

The case is made out of a durable and flexible rubber-like material with a special anti-dust coating. It provides a bit a grip, but not so much that it feels sticky. The phone slips inside, covering the entire rear, top, bottom and sides. Your Droid X's screen is uncovered, but the slight extra thickness of the case helps keep free of scratches when placed face-down.

There are cutouts for all of the Droid X's buttons and ports -- including the all-important noise-canceling microphone on top of the phone. And it looks good, too, with a diamond-argyle pattern, which makes the case -- and your phone -- stand out from all the rest.

The Smartphone Experts Skin Case for the Motorola Droid X is available for $9.95 from the Android Central Store. More picture of it in action are after the break.

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Android Case Review: OtterBox Commuter Series for Droid Incredible


OtterBox Commuter Series Case

The OtterBox Commuter Series Case for the Droid Incredible is truly a tank of a case. It wraps your precious DInc in two protective layers: a hard outer shell and a soft, shock absorbing inner layer. Join me past the break to get a closer look. 

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Review: Mobi Products Protector Case for the Motorola Droid



Ever since I got my Motorola Droid the decision of whether or not to keep it in a case was one that I swayed back and forth on. Having tried several cases, none of them ever met all the needs and wants I had for a case, so most of them ended up getting removed to sit in a drawer in my room. Once I saw the Mobi Products Protector Case I was intrigued by the various different designs, and it looked as though it would protect the device well without adding any additional bulk. Curiousity got the best of me on this accessory again, so I gave it a go, so join me after the break to take a look at some more information as well as some pictures of the case in action.

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Evo 4G accessory review: Seidio Innocase II Surface case and Holster


Seidio Innocase II Holster

If you're looking for a case for your Evo 4G that fits well, and a secure and convenient way to carry it, look no further than the Seidio Innocase II surface case, and the Seidio Innocase Holster.  Follow the break and check out some more about the Seidio case and holster.

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T-Mobile Vibrant accessory review: Body Glove Flex/Chrome case


Body Glove Flex/Chrome Snap-On Case for T-Mobile Vibrant

If you want a case with some serious protection but without the oversized rugged look, check out the Body Glove Flex/Chrome case for the T-Mobile Vibrant. The three-piece case features a rubberized back cover, chrome front bezel and a removable belt clip.

Body Glove Flex/Chrome Snap-On Case for Samsung VibrantYou start by putting the phone in the back cover, and then snapping on the front bezel. It's a pretty sung fit, and you won't have to worry about it coming undone. The back cover is clad in a textured rubber, giving it great grip in the hand, or on a table or car dashboard. There are cutouts for all of the buttons, ports and microphone. And the case is thick enough so that the camera lens is well-protected if the phone is left face up.

The belt clip fits snugly and secures with a snap mechanism. You release it with a spring-loaded button on the bottom of the clip. If you want, you can remove the belt clip nub from the back cover of the case and replace it with a flat insert. That lets it ride much more comfortably in your pocket.

We've got loads more pictures after the break. The Body Glove Flex/Chrome case for the T-Mobile Vibrant is available in the Android Central Store for $24.95.

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