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Motorola's MOTOACTV available Dec. 1 in the UK


Motorola this morning announced that its MOTOACTV exercise/music accessory (read our full review) will be available in the UK starting Dec. 1. Available for £249.99 (suggested retail), you get the SF200 sports wired headset, wrist strap, clip and USB charging and sync cable. Another £39.99 gets you an arm band, bike mount and wall charger. You'll be able to get the MOTOACTV at Sweatshop stores (apparently that means something different than here in the U.S.) and at sweatshop.co.uk.

Source: Motorola

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Cyber Monday Savings on Android Phone Accessories at ShopAndroid.com!

*10% off coupon ends tonight at Midnight PST.  Deep discounts on items above are only while supplies last, so hurry!

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Oh, hello, Moto.

When Motorola announced the MOTOACTV, I really didn't know that to think. An Android-based fitness tracker? Aren't there much cheaper apps for that sort of thing? Then the specs came out and it sounded kind of cool. Still, a phone can do everything the MOTOACTV can.

So what makes the MOTOACTV special? Is it as useful as Motorola purports it to be, or is it another passing fad in the Android world, destined to be dead on arrival, another product to waste away at the bottom of the bargain bin?

I've got an idea, so saddle up, partner, cause you're about to find out.

It's small, light, and built like a tank. There's no doubts Motorola built the MOTOACTV to be just that, and it'll hang with you no matter the terrain, every step of the way. The web portal is well thought out, too, and really adds something to the experience.

In typical Motorola fashion, the MOTOACTV really wants to play nice with Motorola equipment, nothing else. The pedometer adds steps when you swing your arm (even if you're not walking), and the numbers it gives you are inconsistent with apps that track the same activity. Setup is clunky.

Motorola went out on a limb with the MOTOACTV, so it deserves credit for that. The so-so battery life, fairly locked-down environment, and questionable results all make me wonder if the MOTOACTV is as good as Moto hoped it would be.

Inside this review

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Holiday gift guide: What to get your favorite Android geek


It's that time of year again. The time of year where you spend all of your spare time and most of your spare money shopping for holiday gifts.  Shopping is never easy, but for that special Android nerd in your life it can be especially difficult trying to find something to occupy their minds and hands so they can tinker and try to blow things up.  That's where I can help -- I'm a total nerd (and proud of it) and I happen to spend a lot of time on the 'net making a wish list for that day I finally hit the Powerball.  Hit the break and see our gift recommendations for an Android geek, from an Android geek.

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Holiday gift guide: What to get your favorite traveler


The holidays are upon us. Starting with Thanksgiving this week (in the U.S. anyway) and continuing through the rest of the year, chances are you'll be headed out somewhere. But you don't want to go empty-handed. And with the inevitable delays, it's important to be prepared

Head on past the break for our top gift suggestions for travelers, be they road warriors or first-timers.

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HTC releases kernel source for Rezound, Explorer, and latest Shift 4G update; throws in full Desire 2.3 update for good measure


HTC has released kernel sources for the Rezound, Explorer, and the EVO Shift 4G update for developers to have a play with.  In addition, they have let loose the full Desire Gingerbread update for developers and users alike.  The kernel source won't be as useful to the average user as it will be for folks who hack away at building their own kernels and custom ROMs, but in the end it's us users who get the most benefit -- we all know custom builds rock.

HTC didn't stop at kernel source though.  They have also released the full HTC Desire 2.3 update, making it available for download and flashing.  If you remember, the Gingerbread build for the Desire had to get pretty stripped down in order to fit everything into the 512MB of ROM space.  Originally HTC had stated that they wouldn't be updating the Desire, but that didn't go over very well with users. 

If you're looking for any of these goodies, hit the source link where you'll find a handy list of downloads. 

Source: HTCDev

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Google Music now available for Google TV


Google TV is finally starting to grow up, now that the Honeycomb update is rolling out. And following yesterday's Google Music announcement, you can now stream all of your music to the updated Google Music app for Google TV. Presumably your TV's hooked up to at least a decent stereo. If not, well, Christmas is right aroudn the corner.

Head into the Android Market on Google TV to download the app.

Source: Google TV blog

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Verbatim announces 2nd-generation portable keyboard for tablets


Many of us now-a-days are trying to replace lugging around those clunky laptops with a new shiny Android tablet, but one thing that holds many back is attempting to type for long periods of time on any given tablet. Sure there are many great keyboard replacement options available, but that still isn't ideal, which is why Verbatim has brought to us their 2nd Gen keyboard. This keyboard offers many great features, such as 

  • Now compatible with iPad, iPad 2, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom and other Android tablet devices with both Bluetooth connectivity and HID keyboard support
  • Ultra-compact design- Keyboard folds and stores in carry case for maximum portability
  • Media console- Includes enhanced volume and digital music controls
  • Now pairs with up to six devices at one time
  • Extras- A carrying case for the keyboard and iPhone stand are also included, providing even greater freedom and mobility
  • Enhanced Function Keys- New, easy-to-use function keys for cut, copy, paste and undo and more

The keyboard will be on sale at most major retailers, and carry a price tag of $79, but that is only a small price to pay if you are looking to be able to crank out some school papers, or write a nice long winded response to an email you receive.

Souce: Verbatim

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Logitech has a Come to Jesus meeting, says Google TV 'cost us dearly'


Kinda no way to sugar coat this: Logitech views the Revue and Google TV as a big fat failure, with CEO Guerrino De Luca telling investors and analysts this week that it "cost us dearly" -- to the tune of some $100 million in profits.

In a long and winding statement, De Luca tells of the pain of being an early adopter along with the rest of us. He sums it up nicely with this quote:

To make the long story short, we thought we had invented slice bread and we just made them. We’ve made commitment we just build a lot because we expected everybody to line up for Christmas and buy these boxes $300 that was a big mistake. I would do it again, I would definitely want to have Google establish Google TV, but with a significantly smaller and more prudent approach. It’s always the case people will tend to overestimate the short-term and underestimate the long-term.

Google TV or a child of Google TV or the grandchild of Google TV will happen. The integration of television in Internet is inevitable. But the idea that it would happen overnight in Christmas 2010 was very misguided and that also [cost] us dearly. As you know, we dramatically reduced the price of the box to what we thought the consumers valued it and actually doing fine.

While Logitech didn't quite give Google TV the middle finger, it's certainly taking its ball and going home (or, more accurately, focusing on its other products for now). It's unclear what other partners might step up for Google TV. Sony's been less than enthusiastic, and the lone Samsung TV we saw nearly a year ago remains just that -- a lone Samsung TV we saw nearly a year ago.

Source: Logitech, Seeking Alpha transcript (1, 2); via The Verge

Update: The $100 million referenced was for costs beyond the scope of just Google TV and the Revue. We've changed the headline and struck through the text to reflect.

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Motorola Droid RAZR Car Dock


Read our full Droid Razr Review!

Looking for Droid RAZR accessories? Let's start with the excellent car dock. It's sort of your standard kit, with a ball-and-socket mounting assemble that can attach to your windshield, or your dash (with the help of a plasting mounting disc). There's a locking nut to make sure the whole unit stays put while still allowing articulation for that perfect viewing angle. And then it's time to get down to business.

Because the microUSB charging port is on top of the device, you'll slide the phone into the dock sideways, then snap in the bottom edge which is now on the right. It can take a little bit of practice at first because you also have to get the HSMI port to fit just right. (That's all where you see that big hump on the left.)

Once you're plugged in, Motorola's excellent car app takes over. You're greated with options for Navigation, Calling, Voice Search, Music and Main, and each button takes you to car versions of the respective apps, with large, easy-to-press buttons.

We're quite impressed with what Motorola's done here. It's a thoughtless process, which in turn shows the thoughtfulness of those who designed it. Because if you are going to use your phone at all in a vehicle, you need to think about it as little as possible and concentrate on driving.

We've got more pics and examples of the car apps after the break.

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