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Sphero now directly to international countries, unveils two new apps


It's been a while since we hard from the folks at Orbotix but they've been hard at working coming up with some new apps and working out arrangements so that they may ship the pretty awesome Sphero ball to what is now 95 countries outside of the U.S. The two new apps they've been working on are called MacroLab and Chromo respectively and they are certainly impressive though, they've not quite been released as of yet. Orbotix says they will be arriving this month:

  • Sphero MacroLab - Create easy, repeatable programs and macros for Sphero. Arrange simple commands and settings in any combination you choose to let Sphero drive autonomously, follow unique patterns, and more, all while learning basic programming. Play your commands, save favorites, and even share them with friends. MacroLab makes programming Sphero easy and fun.
  • Chromo - Get ready to challenge your coordination and your memory with the first app that lets you use Sphero as a controller. Move Sphero to match the colors on your screen for an entirely new way to challenge yourself.

If you're looking to get in on the Sphero action, you can now save yourself 10% percent off the purchase cost when you use the coupon code "GETROLLING" on their website. The full list of countries is available via the source link as well, hit the break for a video of the Chromo app in action it's pretty awesome and makes me want to get a set of balls, no pun intended.

Source: Sphero

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2 years ago

Sprint Optimus S gets a second chance at a Gingerbread update


Last September, Sprint began rolling out the Gingerbread update for the LG Optimus S. It was quickly pulled as users were experiencing bugs with the data connection, charging, the keyboard, and worse. Since then, we've been waiting for it's return. Today seems to be that day, as Sprint says the update will begin rolling out Wednesday April 4 for Optimus S devices. Besides Gingerbread and all it's improvements, the following issues were addressed this time around:

  • Device not charging
  • SD card unmounting error
  • Device not recognized by Windows SP, Vista, or 7 operating systems
  • Predictive text with Android keyboard issue
  • Voice call volume issue

If you've been waiting for Gingerbread on your Optimus S, now would be a good time to get ready. If you didn't want to wait and have been following the incredible developers for the Optimus from the Android Central forums, you're golden. Don't attempt to flash any update you may be notified of. Your developers will take good care of you, and chances are you won't have to wait six months for it.

Source: Sprint

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2 years ago

Motorola brings a huge update to the MotoACTV and releasing an application for handsets


If you own a Motorola MotoACTV and have been wishing that you could pair it to your phone to receive notifications and more, your time has come. Motorola is releasing a large update for the MotoACTV in addition to releasing an application for devices running 2.1 and above. The update and application are due to hit at some point today, and will bring tons of features including 

  • Plan workouts on your phone, launch them from your MOTOACTV and see your workout data back on your phone
  • Track progress of your personal fitness goals on your phone
  • Use your Android smartphone to set up Wi-Fi networks for your MOTOACTV

And you still get the same great Bluetooth® enabled functionality between your MOTOACTV and Android smartphone such as:

  • Receive notifications of incoming calls and answer calls
  • Redial calls from the MOTOACTV notifications list
  • Receive text messages
  • Receive reminders about events from your Android smartphone calendar
  • Sync fitness data from your MOTOACTV to MOTOACTV.com

Be sure to check out the update, and hit the break for download links for the MotoACTV application.

Source: Motorola; Thanks, Chris!

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2 years ago

Contest Winners: ShopAndroid Daily winners and Cruzerlite Androidified cases for the Galaxy Note!


If you're a registered member here at Android Central then you know our forums always have a contest happening. And if you're not registered, well -- now is as good a time as any. This week's winners are as posted after the break, and if you were chosen watch your email as we'll be following up during the week. Stay tuned for more upcoming contests folks. Congrats to the winners!

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2 years ago

New at ShopAndroid.com: Cruzerlite Androidified TPU case for the AT&T Galaxy Note!


You were just about to pass over this post because it has to do with cases and stores and stuff weren't you. That's too bad, because ShopAndroid.com has the Cruzerlite Androidified case for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note in stock. And to celebrate, we're going to give away a half-dozen. You'll need the AT&T version of the Galaxy Note, and you'll need to leave a comment in this thread, and that'll take care of that. We'll shut this one down at 10 p.m. EDT tonight, so get crackin'!

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2 years ago

Epson America now shipping Android-powered Moverio BT-100 wearable display


Epson America this morning announced that it's now shipping the Android-powered Moverio BT-100 wearable display. Yes. Android-powered grandma glasses. On your melon.

I got to take these guys for a spin last fall in January. They pretty much feel how you'd think they feel -- a bit bulky. Get over that, and having the equivalent of an 80-inch display projected in front of your peepers is a pretty cool, if not entirely practical, idea. 

With the glasses and earbuds over and in their respective orifices, you hold in your hand a controller (about the size of an old-school, original iPod) that connects to the glasses via a wire. The top half of the controller is a trackpad, for moving a cursor around the heads-up display. There are the usual Android buttons as well, and a directional-pad if that's how you prefer to navigate the menus. There's also a button to toggle between 2D and 3D modes.

So how'd it work? Look, it's a novelty, to be sure. But it's also one that was a bit surprising. It takes a minute to get used to the idea of video that close to your eyes. But even the 3D video we watched caused less strain than when we've tried it on smartphones. Another cool effect of the glasses is that you can remove the opaque lenses and actually see through the UI. Not that you're going to want to be walking and playing anytime soon, but the idea is that you lose some of the claustrophobia. The world is still the world.

The user interface we saw back in January October was very much in prototype mode, so it was a bit janky, a mix of stock Android and something custom. But it also was very familiar and easy to find our way around.

Do you want one of these? It's certainly a fun idea, but you're going to need to have some cash burning a hole in your pocket, as it's going for a suggested retail price of $699. But think of the possibilities. Temple Run. At 80 inches. Angry Birds IN YOUR FACE. Or, you know, (warning: Shameless plug ahead) the all new Android Central Forums app.

We've got more pics and video after the break.

Edit: Oh, how time blends together. Saw this guy in January, not October. Carry on.

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Contest Winners: ShopAndroid Daily winners and Perfect Keyboard Pro!


If you're a registered member here at Android Central then you know our forums always have a contest happening. And if you're not registered, well -- now is as good a time as any. This week's winners are as posted after the break, and if you were chosen watch your email as we'll be following up shortly. Stay tuned for more upcoming contests folks. Congrats to th'e winners!

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HTC One X and S go up for pre-order at Vodafone UK


As the HTC One X's European release approaches, we're seeing Euro carriers ramp up their promotion of the device. Vodafone UK is now listing the One X in white and grey, and offering both for free on two-year contracts of £41 or more per month. That'll get you the phone, 900 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data. If you're looking for a lower monthly bill, it's also possible to bag a One X for as little as £26 per month, though you'll pay £299 up-front for the privilege.

The One X's little brother, the HTC One S, is also up for pre-order, and free from £36 per month (that's with 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB). There's no word on Pay As You Go prices, as Voda typically limits its PAYG offerings to low-end devices.

While rival networks aren't revealing their price plans for the One X or One S just yet, Three, O2, Orange and T-Mobile all offer registration links, where customers can sign up for more info as it's available. Retailer listings suggest the One X will sell for just under £500 SIM-free, while the One S is expected to cost around £450.

Source: Vodafone UK

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2 years ago

Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speakerphone review



When it comes to using your smartphone in the car, it's a tricky proposition. Hands-free is a must. And after that, it really becomes a point of actually having to use your phone -- or in this case, the Jabra Freeway speakerphone -- as little as possible. Can you place or answer a call without touching anything? When you do have to touch something, how many motions does it take to perform an action? Are those actions easily memorized? And, at the end of the day, does the darn thing just work?

Jabra is a long-recognized name in Bluetooth accessories. But it's been some years since I've used one of their speakerphones (read our review of the Motorola T505 I've been using for as long as I can remember). Switching to the Freeway is a nice change in design. Clipped to the sun visor, it looks a lot like an old-school oversized garage door opener that curves back around the front. 

Let's not beat around the bush here: The Jabra Freeway has quickly become my speakerphone of choice. Read on to find out why.

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Lookout releases 'Mobile Lost & Found' info-site with results of phone loss study


Did you know that over $30 billion worth of phones will be lost in the U.S. alone this year? Yeah, that number shocked me a bit as well. But it came from Lookout's 15 million strong user base and was part of their Phone Loss study compiled of last years (2011) data. They didn't stop there, either. They've compiled lists full of factoids about when and where phones are getting lost, and just how much it's costing us. Granted, Lookout sells a product to help find lost phones, but it's still fun to have a look at the numbers. 

Using the Foursquare API to turn Longitude and Latitude into a venue, they expound the numbers a bit as well. Trivia like the fact that in Chicago it's common to lose a phone in a church (number three on the list), while in London it common to do so in the pub (number one) come from this sort of data. Unfortunately, another thing they noticed is that many of the top locations in the U.S. where people "lost" their phones also happen to be cities with high crime statistics. These are just examples of the things you can find out about lost phones, but they have some good news as well -- 9,000,000 smartphones (that's one every 3.5 seconds) were lost then located with Lookout last year. That's a great reason to use an app like Lookout, or one of the many others, to help you find your phone when (not if) you lose it.

There's a couple screenshots and the press release after the break, and you can check it out yourself by heading to Lookout's Mobile Lost & Found page.

More: Lookout

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