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Droid Incredible Case Review: Seidio Innocase Rugged holster combo


 Seidio Innocase Rugged holster combo

The Seidio Innocase Rugged holster combo is a case for the Droid Incredible that would be more accurately described as a tank than as a case. The case itself has three separate layers: the Seidio Innocase II case goes around your phone first and is then itself encapsulated inside a thick rubber lining and a rigid plastic skeleton shell. This by itself would be a case worthy of respect, but Seidio has gone even farther by including a set of screen protectors and a holster to keep the entire thing strapped to your belt or waist. 

The great thing about this case is that it can really be used as three separate cases. The Seidio Innocase II is a great thin case in its own right, and there is nothing preventing you from simply using it as your daily in-pocket case to keep the phone from getting scratches. Adding the rubber and stiff plastic layers creates a much more durable case, which would offer much better protection from drops. Using the holster makes sure your phone is within easy access on your hip and would be great for someone who needs quick and constant access to their phone. The screen in turned inward when held in the holster by a slide-locking clip, so you have no worries about your phone falling off the holster. Considering the versatility, this is a great buy for someone who may want a super rugged and durable case but is not sure they would want to carry their phone in it at all times.

Our very own Jerry Hildenbrand reviewed this very case for the Evo 4G and shot a great video showing you how to assemble this monster step-by-step. Check out his review for the video and check out more pictures of the Droid Incredible version past the break. The Seidio Innocase Rugged holster combo for the Verizon Droid Incredible will run you $49.99 in the Android Central Store.

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T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Bluetooth swivel dock review


MyTouch 4G Bluetooth swivel dock

The myTouch 4G is T-Mobile's top-of-the-line Android phone, so it was a given that you would want a great media docking and charging station for it.  They delivered. True to its name, the dock swivels so you can use the device horizontally as well as vertically, and the Bluetooth connection when combined with the 3.5mm audio output from the dock itself make for the perfect desktop media center.

Usage is simple -- slide your myTouch 4G into the dock, making sure that the micro USB connector is aligned, plug the dock into a power supply via its own micro USB connector, and go.  The fit is good, and the non-slip surface on the inside of the recessed area makes sure that your myTouch 4G won't slip out.  It's also designed to be used with the standard USB to micro USB cable and connect to your computer, making for easy syncing and charging at the same time, and any audio accessories that use a 3.5 mm jack can be connected for great sound.

The dock itself is well built, with a weighted non-slip base, and comes in a glossy black finish that looks great as long as you keep your fingerprints off of it.  The swivel feature is actually pretty useful, as well.  I went into it figuring it was a gimmick, but being able to have your phone horizontal to watch video or surf the web, and vertical to use for calling and messaging is handy after all.  If you have a myTouch 4G, it's something you should have a look at, and to me is well worth the investment.  Hit the break for some more pictures.

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Samsung Captivate case review: Body Glove Snap-on Case


Body Glove Snap On Case 1

The Body Glove Snap-On Case is an interesting, multipurpose accessory choice for the Samsung Captivate. It has some great features as well as areas that could use improvement.

The Good: The Snap-On Case feels good in the hand. Its textured material feels better than a lot of the plastic options on the market, as well as provides solid protection for the phone. This is also a lot more than a case as it has an attachable clip and kickstand. The kickstand is built into the clip so no need to worry about looking after two detachable parts. The knob can also be removed if you don't want to sport the extra additions, which makes this case extremely flexible. 

The not as good: It's a snap on case, and because of that it is more difficult to put and keep together than other cases. You need to push the two parts together pretty hard to make them stick. Even after it was together, I wasn't sure it was going to stay connected. It should be noted, however, that the parts have not separated after heavy use.  

Overall, it's a solid case if you're looking for a multipurpose accessory. It feels good once it's put together and is pretty robust once snapped on. If you have a Captivate and are looking for a case with a kickstand and clip, consider the Body Glove Snap-On Case, available from the Android Central Store, for $24.95. See more pictures after the break.

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Case review: Hellbent Green Skull Top Pouch


Hellbent Green Skull Top Case

A little secret: I'm a metalhead. I like skulls. (And flames.) And so I like the Hellbent Green Skull Top Case. As far as cases go, it's your basic leather top case. Your phone slides in vertically, and there's a flap with magnetic clasp to keep it in place.

There's a belt clip on the back of the case for (what else?) riding on your belt. It's not detachable, which is too bad. But, frankly, with a killer design like this, you're not going to want to hide it in your pocket anyway. Our biggest niggle with this case is that you can't get to the phone's 3.5mm headphone jack on a lot of devices. So no listening to music while riding at your hip.

So more about the artwork: It's not just painted onto the case. It's not going to wash or rub off. It's embedded into the leather using a process that allows museum-quality prints without sacrificing the performance of the leather. Same toughness. Same look and feel. And it's resistant to perfume, cosmetics and household chemicals. It won't fade. It will not separate from the leather.

The Hellbent Green Skull Top Case -- which fits a wide variety of phones -- is available now in the Android Central Store for $49.95. We've got more pictures after the break.

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Review: Mobi Products skin case for the Samsung Fascinate and Mesmerize


Mobi products skin case

The Mobi Products skin case is a single-piece, wraparound case for the Samsung Fascinate and Mesmerize. The case material is a flexible rubber with a grippy matte surface. The phone easily slides in and out, which is a benefit for those who swap batteries frequently. On the other hand, the top parameter might be a little too flexible and loose for others.

I'm somewhere in the middle. I fall into the category of those who do not typically use a case. However, I found myself using it more often than not, because of the ability to pop it on and off with ease. Perfectly aligned cutouts provide sufficient access to the buttons, speaker, camera, microphone, headset jack, and micro SD slot. The material was fingerprint-free after extended use and was easy to clean with a drop of dish soap and water. The volume rocker and power buttons are easy to push. If you're a person, who on average, prefers the feel of a naked phone but wants some level of protection while your phone is in a coat pocket or lying on a table, this could be the perfect case for your needs.  Grab the Mobi Products skin case in one of four different colors from the Android Central store for $9.95.  Hit the break for some more pictures.

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Samsung Captivate case review: Smartphone Experts Skin Case


SPE Skin Case 1

If you’re looking for a way to protect your Samsung Captivate, but don’t want a case that adds bulk or weight, consider the Smartphone Experts Skin Case.

Available in three colors, the SPE Skin Case is a one-piece item that fits snuggly around the Captivate. It’s made of highly flexible material that can be bent and shaped, so no need to worry about breaking it.

Once it’s on your Captivate, it feels good in the hand and doesn’t add bulk in the pocket. The anti-dust coating ensures that the case and your phone stay clean.

I have enjoyed my time with this skin case because of the light, rubbery feel. Some of the Captivate cases feel alright at first, but then become more of a hindrance. Thus far, I have not felt the need to switch the case or take it off because it’s so unobtrusive; it allows you to focus on the phone and not the phone and the case, which is often what happens.

Captivate owners: if you’re looking for a simple, protective layer to fit around your phone, consider the SPE Skin Case, available from the Android Central Store for $9.95

SPE Skin Case 4    SPE Skin Case 5

SPE Skin Case 6    SPE Skin Case 7

SPE Skin Case 9    SPE Skin Case 8

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Droid 2 Dock Review: Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger



Picking out accessories for my Motorola Droid 2 is almost as exciting as the device itself or the applications that it will be running. The Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger is an amazing accessory, and a must-have for everyone that owns this device. How many times have you sat down at your desk, looked around for your charger, only to realize the cable has dropped behind the desk or become buried under all your paperwork? Well, fear no longer, let's take a look at this unit, and find out exactly why it is a must have for everyone.

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Case review: HellBent horizontal pouch (Mike Lavallee edition)


Mike Lavalee edition Hellbent horizontal pouch case

When it comes to cases for your Android smartphone, there's style, and then there's style. What you see before you here is the Mike Lavallee edition of the HellBent Horizontal Pouch Case. Lavallee, of course, is the name behind Killer Paint Inc., and you've seen his work on such shows as TLC's "Overhaulin'," "Miami Ink," and "Rides," as well as Discovery's "Monster Garage."  And now you can have his work protect your phone.

The patented process used to transfer the artwork to the case is done without changing the look or feel of the leather, and it's highly resistant to household chemicals, perfumes and cosmetics. Because the artwork impregnates the leather, it can't fade or separate from the case.

As for the case itself, it's your basic horizontal pouch with belt clip on the rear. The phone slips inside -- face in or out, it's up to you -- and the flap is held in place with a magnet. One down side is that depending on where the 3.5mm headphone jack is on your phone, you might not have access to it while the phone's in the case. But otherwise, the phone sits securely inside.

The Mike Lavalee edition of the HellBent Horizontal case fits a number of Android smartphones. (Be sure to use the device selector to make sure yours fits.) It's available now in the Android Central Store for $49.95. We've got more pictures after the break.

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Droid 2 Case Review: Seidio Innocase Surface



The Motorola Droid 2 is a rather durable device on its own, but does that mean that you want to carry it around unprotected, leaving it exposed to the elements and potential damage? If you are someone who likes to protect your device with a slim, stylish, professional looking case, the Seidio Innocase Surface may be a good choice for you. Let's look at it a little more after the break.

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Review: Seidio Innocell 1750 mAh battery for the Evo 4G


Seidio Innocell 1750 mAh battery

Let's face it -- Android phones use a lot of juice.  They do a lot, and need a lot of power to do it, and the Evo 4G's big screen doesn't help matters.  This makes a spare battery almost a must if you're on the go a lot.  That's where the Seidio Innocell 1750 mAh battery comes in to the picture.  While some folks prefer a much larger capacity battery, others (like myself) prefer something that uses the stock battery door, and fits into other accessories without any issue.  An extra 250 milliampere-hours may not sound like a lot (the stock Evo battery is rated at 1500 mAh), but I've found it extends my usage by several hours.  And I actually use my unlimited minutes, making several hours worth of calls daily.

Construction-wise, the Seidio Innocell 1750 is identical to the stock battery -- minus the color.  My inner child would love to see it in red, but how often do we really see the battery?  As you can see in the pictures (after the break) the Innocell is the same dimensions as the stock battery, and fits perfectly with the OEM battery cover.  I know many of us carry a spare battery and swap mid-day, and the Innocell is perfect for this.  It fits as you would expect, and offers a bit of extra oompf to make sure you're still up and running when you get to a charger.

If you use your Evo as intended, syncing mail and social networks, taking pictures, or playing games, you need to consider this one.  You can grab the Seidio Innocell 1750 mAh battery from the Android Central store for $44.95.  More pictures after the break.

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Droid X case review: Body Glove Snap-on Case


Body Glove Snap-on Case for Droid X

The Motorola Droid X is no wimpy phone, but that's not to say it couldn't use a little protection. If you're looking for a form-fitting case that's as stylish as it is effective, check out the Body Glove Snap-on Case for the Droid X.

The case itself comes in two parts -- a thin plastic front and more substantial rear enclosure. The Droid X fits neatly inside, and the two parts snap together for a snug fit. (Take your time and make sure all of the sides of the case are snapped tight.) The inside of the case is lined with a felt-type material, so you shouldn't have to worry about your Droid X being scratched. The outside of the case is a textured rubber. That does a couple of things: You get a good grip on the phone, so you're less likely to drop it, and it's less likely to slide off a table or car dash.

You'll definitely notice when the case is on the phone, but it's still very form-fitting, and you get the feeling that it's protected. The case is just thick enough to keep the screen from touching the surface when it's placed face-down. Same goes for the camera. The are cutouts for all of the usual ports, buttons and camera lens, so you don't lose any functionality.

You also get a detachable belt clip with the Body Glove Snap-on Case. There's a little cutout in the rear of the phone that snaps off, so you can replace the belt clip nub with a flat back. The belt clip snaps onto the nub and has a spring-loaded catch. The short version is that you're unlikely to accidentally trigger it and drop your phone.

We've got more pictures after the break. The Body Glove Snap-on Case for the Motorola Droid X is available now for $24.95 in the Android Central Store.

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Game Gripper now available for the Samsung Epic 4G


We've seen Game Gripper add support for plenty of other devices in the past and now, Game Gripper is sending out emails letting folks know their custom game controllers are now available to Sprint Epic 4G owners. Yes, you can head on over to the Game Gripper website and pick one of the 13 different variations available for your device. Of course it'll set you back $14.99 but like my Mother always tells me, "Maybe you can put it on your Christmas list". Check out the video of it in action after the break. Thanks, Brett! [Game Gripper]

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Evo 4G accessory review: Powermat wireless charger


Powermat for the Evo 4G

Powermat's wireless charging system has been around for quite some time, but it's relatively new for the Evo 4G. The premise is simple: You replace the stock battery cover on the phone with Powermat's cover, which also plugs into the phone's microUSB port. The phone then rests on a charging mat, which in turn is plugged into an outlet. So all you have to do is pick up the phone and go, no messing about with plugging in cables.

Sounds simple. And it should be. But it's kind of not. The charging mats are pretty finicky about where you place the phone. And the little dongle that plugs into the phone's microUSB port popped off of our battery door, which means it'll get lost any minute now.

It's not a bad idea, really -- a semi-universal wireless charging system. But unless you really have to have wireless charging, the kinks might be a bit much for you. You'll see what we mean in the video after the break. More Powermat for the Evo 4G in the Android Central Store

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Verizon Fascinate case review: Mobi Products Hard Shell Case


Mobi Products Hard Shell Case

The Mobi Hard Shell Case for the Verizon Fascinate and U.S. Cellular Mesmerize comprises two pieces that quickly snap together around the perimeter of the Fascinate. Each piece is made of durable hard plastic, with a soft touch matte finish.

Once assembled, the case feels tight and secure, without adding significant weight. Without a case, the Fascinate's battery cover scratches easily and feels slippery in the hands.

The Mobi Hard Shell Case provides a solid grip and protects against unsightly scratches. Fingerprints were virtually invisible and the case easily cleaned with a damp towel. Perfectly aligned cutouts provide sufficient access to the buttons, speaker, camera, microphone, headset jack, and micro SD door.

The top front portion of the case covers the Verizon logo. A 1mm protrusion around the perimeter of the screen and camera protect against everyday bumps and contact with flat surfaces. A notch on the right side allows for disassembly. However, I had a difficult time separating each piece. If you swap batteries on a regular basis, this will prove somewhat of a challenge.

Overall, the Mobi Hard Shell case is a solid, stylish product, that feels great in the hands and provides moderate protection. It's available for $12.95 from the Android Central Store. More pics of it in action are after the break.

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Droid 2 Case Review: Mobi Products Snap-On Case



My Motorola Droid 2 is one of my favorite phones, and the clean blue and silver appearance is one that I really like. After having the device for a little while, and trying other cases, I decided that maybe it was best to just have something to prevent scratches from occurring and keep the clean, simple look that attracted me to the device. When looking through the various cases offered for the device the Mobi Products Snap-On Case caught my attention with its clear, slim design. Let's hit the jump and take a look at some of the pro's and con's of this case as well as some more images.

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