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1 year ago

Razer Serval Gaming Controller makes its way to the Google Store for $79


Google has added the Razer Serval Gaming Controller to its lineup in the Google Store for $79. While there are already a few gaming controllers available, like the Gamepad for Nexus Player, the Razer Serval has a dedicated holder for your phone built in. The controller is the same one that comes included in the Razer Forge TV Gaming Bundle, except now you can grab just the controller for half the price.

If you are a big mobile gamer, this controller is for you. The minimum requirements to use it is Android 4.2 or above. You can purchase the Razer Serval controller from the Google Store for $79 now, with free shipping.

Purchase the Razer Serval Gaming Controller for $79

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1 year ago

OnePlus will soon sell anyone its USB-C cable for about $5


The OnePlus 2 is one of the first phones to be announced with a USB-C port, and that means OnePlus had to have a USB-C cable in the box. It didn't just take any old USB-C cable off the shelf, though — it designed its own cable from the ground up and it's pretty awesome. With so few vendors currently offering USB-C cables OnePlus thought it was a good idea to sell it directly, though, and it plans to do just that.

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1 year ago

HTC One M9 Active Waterproof Case review


An IP68 rated OEM solution to preventing water damage for the HTC One M9.

Some of us are milking the Uh-Oh protection that was promised with the purchase of our HTC One M9, but I'm all about testing the options when it comes to cases and covers. HTC has crafted their own Active Waterproof Case for the M9 featuring 2 polycarbonate pieces that snap around the phone, sealing it safely inside from water, dirt, and other debris. Although its design is somewhat rugged, it manages to stay slim compared to many other cases for the HTC One M9 we've had our hands on.

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1 year ago

Motorola announces the Moto Pulse and Moto Surround, two new Bluetooth headsets available starting today


Motorola has announced two new Bluetooth headsets, the Moto Pulse and Moto Surround. Both sets of headphones are available starting today, with pricing at $59 and $69 respectively. The Moto Pulse offers up to 18 hours of playtime per charge, and fits over the ears. They are great for travel, and fold flat. The Moto Surround is the company's waterproof offering, that fits in the ear. This set offers 12 hours of music, and has an integrated mic for hands-free calling.

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1 year ago

Christmas in July Sale — 20% off Android accessories

'Tis the season for hot days and even hotter savings on everything Android.

Share the summer cheer this week here at ShopAndroid where you'll find your favorite Android accessories at an amazing 20% discount through midnight, July 31! Take a peek and you'll see sleighfuls of popular items like wireless chargers, cases and covers, batteries, quick chargers, and plenty more for all the latest and greatest Android devices.

Once you've stuffed your cart, use the coupon code: CJ715 for an instant 20% discount on all your items. Also, don't forget that we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50 within the continental US, as well as expedited options at reasonable rates.

Take me shopping!

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1 year ago

Five super rugged Bluetooth speakers


Your extreme lifestyle demands some extreme speakers.

We've rounded up the best rugged Bluetooth speakers we could find. You'll want to have one of these for a soundtrack while hitting the trails, beaches, slopes, or whatever other rough-and-tumble environment you like finding yourself in. These speakers are even good for taking calls in a pinch. In some cases, they'll also be waterproof, but not always. We're focusing primarily on impact and dust protection for this batch.

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1 year ago

Quick look: TEHTYS waterproof case for Samsung Galaxy S6


Seal your Galaxy S6 in this waterproof case for maximum protection.

The TETHYS waterproof case shares a similar design to other pouch-style cases we've been looking at this past week, but it's a bit different in that the durable TPU border on the front and back keeps a cozy fit for the Galaxy S6. While the front display is clear for complete touchscreen use, the back is mostly covered, with the exception of the top — for camera use in mind. The secure swivel lock system is what seals your device inside from water, salt, and sand.

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1 year ago

Samsung's latest monitor can wirelessly charge your smartphone


Samsung has introduced the SE370, a full-HD monitor that can wirelessly charge gadgets compatible with the Wireless Power Consortium's Qi standard. The monitor comes with a wireless charging area integrated into the stand, allowing you to top up your devices with ease. An LED light notifies you once charging commences.

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1 year ago

Best Android gadgets of the week: Incipio OffGRID, Sony Smart Speaker, and more!


We've got another batch of the best Android accessories released recently. There's a full range of gadgets here to consider, including Bluetooth speakers, fitness trackers, cases, and anything else that might improve life with your Android phone or tablet. We've also been writing a ton about accessories perfect for the summer this week, namely in terms of stuff that's rugged or waterproof. Be sure to catch up on the stuff we think is perfect for the beach or the campsite.

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1 year ago

OtterBox Defender series case for the Samsung Galaxy S6


I've spent the last two weeks rocking the OtterBox Defender Series case, and it's been doing a fine job of keeping my Samsung Galaxy S6 secure, both out on the trails while camping (more on that here) and at home at my desk.

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1 year ago

Inateck MercuryBox Waterproof Speaker review


Bluetooth speakers are great for gatherings and even better when they're water-friendly.

The Inateck MercuryBox is compact enough to easily fit in your backpack or pocket, measuring 6.5-inches in length and nearly 2.5-inches in height. Most of its construction is made of an anodized aluminum that features a unique perforated design on the front. Inside are two 5W drivers that provide impressive full-range sound for all your mobile music, regardless of genre.

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1 year ago

Goal Zero Venture 30 waterproof battery pack review


This summer I went camping with the Goal Zero Venture 30 7,800 mAh backup battery. My grand ambitions of getting a tan from something other than a computer screen led me to find a battery that could handle all sorts of treacherous terrain, and the Venture 30 is built for the job. Not only does it have a grippy, rubberized rim for impact protection while stomping around in the woods, it is waterproof without needing extra gaskets to cover up the plugs.

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1 year ago

Hands-on the KONA waterproof case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4


A quality waterproof case for Galaxy Note 4 that works wonders above or below the drink.

Summer's in full swing right now for those of us on the top half of the planet. And for a lot of folks that means time around, on and in the water. Instead of packing my Galaxy Note 4 away in my dry box before launching my boat, I opted to give the KONA Waterproof Case a try to see how it held up to a scorching hot day on the Gulf of Mexico — diving and all.

First off, it's important to note that this waterproof case comes in two sizes, and isn't strictly for the Galaxy Note 4 — meaning it will gladly accommodate other devices of similar and smaller sizes. That said, I found the Note 4 to have a perfect fit (minimal wiggle room) with the standard model. If you're rocking a case, you may want to check out the extra large option for a more appropriate fit. It's opened and closed using a swivel-lock system at the top, protecting anything you put inside from water intrusion.

The case is completely clear on both sides, making it easy to utilize your touchscreen and even take pictures and video above or below the water. Technically, you can talk on the phone through the case, but it's a bit like talking to Charlie Brown's teacher for anyone on the other end. The TPU material isn't overly thick and actually feels nice to use over the touchscreen, but can be a bit spotty underwater at times. Using the included lanyard, I dragged my Note 4 with me as I went about my hunt for a fruitful spot for scallops. Even after a nearly a 9-hour day of being on the water, not 1 drop managed to get inside the KONA waterproof case.

I also didn't notice any fogging inside, which is usual complaint of mine with other waterproof cases. You can always pack other items inside, too. I was able to fit my Aukey 10k Portable Quick Charge 2.0 Battery, along with a USB cable, some cash, and my ID with no problem.

Is the KONA a keeper?

$13 Buy Now

That's a definite yes from me. I love the fit and the clear TPU on both sides that let's me access just about anything I need without the worry of water damage. Sure, Ziploc bags are probably the most inexpensive way to go, but I never feel completely confident that my device is safe for these kinds of activities. Besides, the KONA's $13 price tag is worth every penny for a true waterproof solution instead of a makeshift one.

Get more info on summer accessories for Android!

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1 year ago

LG Tone Active Bluetooth headset is going on sale later this month


LG has announced that it will commence sales of its Tone Active Bluetooth headset from later this month in North America and Korea. The headset will be available in select countries in Europe, Commonwealth of Independent States, Asia and Latin America over the course of the third quarter.

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1 year ago

Best waterproof power banks for Android


These waterproof power banks are great for emergencies and surviving through the thick of things.

When it comes to summer accessories that really stand out and make a difference, having a waterproof power bank can really save your skin in a variety of tough situations. Not only are they built to take a beating, they're great for providing battery life to your smartphone or tablet when there's not an outlet in sight. Dive in as we line up the best waterproof power banks we've found that will survive the hot and heavy this summer.

READ NOW: Best waterproof power banks

GJT Solar Panel 8000mAh Waterproof Power Bank

$18.99 Buy Now

Charge up this GJT Solar Panel Power Bank before you head out for a complete backup of 8000mAh. And if you end up draining it while you're out in the wild, let the sun do the rest. The built-in lithium polymer battery charges via the monocrystalline solar panel when there are no outlets to be found, and it's completely waterproof and shockproof. On the back is an LED flashlight that's great for emergency situations in the dark, and there are 4 charging indicator lights on the front to identify exactly how much life remains. It even packs over-charge/discharge and short-circuit protection.

UNIFUN 10400mAh Waterproof Power Bank

$19.99 Buy Now

Great for just about any activity, water-related or not, the UNIFUN Power Bank holds an impressive 10400mAh of backup battery life for all your favorite mobile devices while you're away from a regular power source. It features an IP66 rating and has dual USB outputs (1A and 2.1A) for simultaneous charging when battery life gets critical. You've got port plugs that cover everything up when it's not in use, and a built-in flashlight at the top that's able to keep up 6-8 days after a complete charge. Its durable construction keeps it from sliding on most surfaces and is completely waterproof and shock resistant.

JJF Bird Solar Panel 12000mAh Waterproof Power Bank

$39.99 Buy Now

Here's a solar charging power bank that holds a bit more juice than the GJT option, but still packs all the same waterproof and shock-proof features. Charge up the JJF Bird Power Bank using the microUSB cable or even via the monocrystalline solar panel. There are 2 USB outputs for simultaneous charging, battery life LED's on the front for quick and easy monitoring, as well as an emergency LED flashlight up top for those hard to see situations. It comes with a carabiner clip for hooking to your backpack or pants, too.

EasyAcc 9000mAh Waterproof Power Bank

$23.99 Buy Now

Rocking an IP67 protection rating, the EasyAcc Power Bank comes in handy for camping, beach days, fishing, hunting, or hiking. Its 9000mAh capacity is enough to provide a solid 2 complete charges to most mobile devices, and serves as a great companion for both day and night time use. Along with its built-in flashlight, the EasyAcc Power Bank comes with a compass, carabiner clip, carry strap, and a couple microUSB charging cables. The 2.1A output will boost your device's battery when it hits the red, whether you're miles away from civilization or lounging by the pool. There's no fretting when this tough power bank takes a dip in the drink.

Novobeam 3000mAh Compact Waterproof Power Bank

$17.49 Buy Now

For those occasions when you're certain battery life isn't a serious concern, but need just a little extra security, the Novobeam Compact Power Bank is an excellent solution that's discrete, and fits just about anywhere. Since it only packs a mere 3000mAh, you're likely to only get a single charge out of it for most modern devices. It's the Novobeam's slim size and lightweight design (less than 3oz) that make it such an ideal companion for single-day hikes or fishing trips. With a 1A output, it's not out set any records in charging speeds, but it'll certainly be your savior if caught in a sticky situation.

What's your favorite rugged/waterproof power bank?

See a waterproof power bank on the list you're interested in, or do you have eyes on a different portable battery? Either way, we're interested in hearing what your go-to power bank is for those wet and extreme conditions. Drop us a line below!

Soak up some more info on summer accessories!

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