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Nexus cases are 25% off from Google Play for a limited time


Grab some protection for your tablet or phone at a discount

Google Play is running a promotion to offer 25 percent off select Nexus 5 and 7 accessories for a limited time. While you won't see the full range of accessories like chargers and headphones, you can get your hands on the three latest Nexus 7 cases — Sleeve, Folio and Case — as well as the Nexus 5 Bumper Case and QuickCover case for a reduced price.

The promotion is automatically applied and is reflected in the price shown on the product pages. You can grab the promotion from the link below, and if you need help making up your mind on any of these accessories, be sure to check out our reviews:

25% Off the Right Accessories for Your Device on Google Play

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1 year ago

Hands-on with the Moto G Grip Shell


It's a Moto G replacement shell — with more grip — in an array of bright colors.​

Motorola's Moto G (be sure to read our full review) brings a (relatively) low-cost phone while keeping the ability to customize. And one of those ways is with the Grip Shell. It's in the same vein as the $14.99 replacement shells and ads in a bumper-like edging around the phone. 

It's a simple enough proposition, and easy to swap on and off. (Just be sure to remove the stock shell before trying to put this one on.) Slide the top end of the phone into the shell, work your way around the rubber edging, and you're good to go. It might take a little prying, but nothing unexpected. As you'd expect with a name like Grip Shell, you get a fair amount of grip added to the phone — not a bad thing in the case of the Moto G, whose matte shells could get a bit slick. There are cutouts for the microphone holes, 3.5mm headphone jack, camera and speakers. The power and volume buttons are covered by the rubber bumper but work flawlessly.

And the Grip shells are nicely two-toned. You know, for kids. They're available in the four colors seen here — chalk, royal blue, lemon lime and cherry — or in the always classic all black.

We've got some more pics after the break. You can buy the Moto G Grip Shell directly from Motorola for $14.99.

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1 year ago

Sony's Smart Tennis Sensor to help Japanese serve-and-volley games from May


Limited release sees a range of partner tennis rackets at launch

Announced during CES 2014 in Las Vegas, Sony's Smart Tennis Sensor has already been given an official launch date. As of late May, Japanese tennis fans will be able to purchase the device, which comes with a companion app for Android and iOS, and will cost the equivalent of $175. At launch, support will be limited to six Yonex tennis rackets, where the sensor will plug into the base of the handle. 

The key thing to the design of the Smart Tennis Sensor is that it shouldn't add any additional bulk to the racket, and if it works as well as Sony seems to think it will, budding Wimbledon champions could have a real tool in their pocket. The sensor will track such areas of your game as your swing, the speed of the ball, where abouts on the racket you're making contact with the ball, which strokes you're playing and more. The data is then interpreted by the app on your phone. 

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1 year ago

Belkin Miracast Video Adapter review


It's likely the best Miracast adapter to date, but the value proposition still isn't there.

Google's $35 streaming stick, the Chromecast, may be at the top of minds nowadays, but long before this affordable entertainment accessory there was another video standard — Miracast. With a few caveats, you can find Miracast support on many of the most popular devices: Nexus 4, 5 and 7 (2013); Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2, 3, 8.0, 10.1; Optimus G; HTC One. So with all of this support, why hasn't Miracast taken off?

Netgear tried its hand at releasing one of the first Miracast accessories, the PTV3000, that really just didn't work well — even after multiple updates. Even for successful adapters, performance varied across devices and software versions. Be it an unfinished standard, poor implementation, bad accessories or maybe a combination of all three, Miracast really hasn't taken off. Samsung now does AllShare Cast, HTC pushes Media Link HD, Intel has Wi-Di and Google naturally likes Chromecast.

Despite the pile of adversity, Belkin decided to release the $79 Miracast Video Adapter.

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1 year ago

Moto G Grip Shells now available from Motorola for $19.99


Five color combos keep your Moto G looking pretty no matter your mood

Following up some time after the Moto G (read our full review) made its U.S. debut with a solid grouping of accessories, the more ruggedized Moto G Grip Shells are now on sale from Motorola's online store. Just like the other replacement back covers, the Grip Shells simply snap onto the back as a replacement for the stock cover, but in this case provide a nice rubber bumper of protection around the outside.

Each one will set you back a cool $19.99 plus a bit more for shipping, and you'll have your choice of five different color combinations — chalk, black, royal blue, lemon lime and cherry. Royal blue and lemon lime are probably the most off-the-wall combinations, but each one offers a nice bit of flair to your device. Best of all you can always swap between them at your leisure if you don't like the color.

Source: Motorola; Thanks, Matthew!

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1 year ago

Nexus Wireless Charger now available in 4 new countries


Get your fancy magnetized charger in more places globally

Google's second-generation wireless charger is now available in a handful of new countries. As announced by the Google Play Twitter account, folks in Australia, India, Japan and Korea can get their hands on the Qi-compatible charger that also packs magnets to keep your Nexus 5 stable during the charging process.

Pricing and shipping costs will of course vary across countries (it's $49.99 in the U.S.), but we're never going to turn down expanded availability of accessories from Google Play. Hit the Play Store link above if you're in one of the above countries and want to get your hands on the first-party charger.

Source: @GooglePlay

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1 year ago

Nexus 7 Sleeve now available in red on Google Play


Same case, louder color option

Google Play is again expanding its Nexus accessory ranks with a new color of the Nexus 7 Sleeve. Now sitting alongside the black, grey and yellow options is a new bright red version adorned with the same subtle "Nexus" branding and black accent stitching. The sleeve offers a good bit of protection for either generation of the Nexus 7 as well.

We're starting to see a trend for all of Google's new accessories hitting these bright and bold colors, and while not everyone will gravitate towards them (black is still an option, of course) it is certainly a good way to add a little personality to your device while protecting it.

The Nexus 7 Sleeve will still set you back a cool $29.99 plus shipping, and is currently in-stock and ready to ship.

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1 year ago

Seidio accessories keep your Android phone protected, and keep you going!


BIG Thanks to Seidio for sponsoring our #CESlive coverage at CES 2014!

CES 2014 has come to an end, as has our #CESlive coverage for the year. It was an amazing week (and a busy one to boot!), with 70 guests taking to our stage over 4 days.

One of our big sponsors for the year was Seidio, a company we were extremely excited to have come onboard. Like Mobile Nations, Seidio has been around since the beginning of the smartphone era, going back to 2002. Over the years they've always made a great selection of cases, charging docks and extended batteries for popular smartphones on all platforms.

Be sure to hit up the video above for a video walkthrough of Seidio's booth at CES 2014. Derek from Seidio walks us through some of the different products they had on display, including the new OBEX case for the Galaxy Note 3 which is tough and waterproof yet great for everyday use. 

For more info and to buy, you can visit seidioonline.com, or view our selection of Seidio accessories at ShopAndroid.com.

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1 year ago

The sound of Samson Technologies #CESlive


Samson's new Bluetooth speakers bring big sound at a not-so-big price

Cali and Phil take 10 minutes of CES and spend it talking to James from Samson Technologies, and we get to see some excellent new wireless speakers that are more than just wireless speakers.

Starting at just $99 for the Expedition Express model, these speakers have extras like smartphone charging or instrument inputs built right in, and the larger XP 106 comes with a 2.4GHz wireless mic for seamless presentations or Karaoke. And of course, we get a close look at a couple Samson microphones as well.

Samson has been in the audio business for a while, and several of us here at AC use their products. These new speakers and mics look pretty awesome, and we're loving the prices.

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1 year ago

Phiaton combines style and portability in new headphones #CESlive


Light weight, portable and extremely comfortable

John and Rene talked to Lindsay Stuart from Phiaton to talk about their latest ultra light weight, portable headphones, the Fusion MS-430. Trying to stand out in the headphone space is not the easiest of tasks, and features are something that Phiaton takes very seriously.

From adding the ability to change the cord, to having microphones built into over the ear headphones, Phiaton has a new models to support a large crowd.

If you are serious about sound quality and portability you will definitely want to check out the full interview above for all the details.

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1 year ago

Power to go with Wagan #CESlive


Charge All The Things — all at once — with the Wagan Power Hub

Quite a few of us have more than one device or accessory that needs charged. Maybe you have a phone and a tablet, or a Bluetooth headset, or just a spare battery in its own cradle. The new digital age means more devices are going to need plugged in.

John P. and Rene spent a few minutes with Ales Hsu from Wagan, and we get a really good look at one beastly charger. The Wagan Power Hub will plug into the cigarette lighter in your car or use a DC adapter, and it has enough oompf to charge four tablets at the same time. Available for just $30 on Amazon, this is one gadget I saw at CES that I already ordered — I can always use more powered USB ports in my truck.

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1 year ago

Seeing the light with Striker Hand Tools #CESlive


These aren't your granddad's hand tools

If you're thinking of screwdrivers and hammers, think again. Striker Hand Tools sells tools and gadgets for geeks like you and me. Tough gloves, a space-age carpenter's pencil, and some of the coolest "flashlights" you'll see anywhere are a few of their cool products.

John P. and Rene sat down with Brandon Hoover from Striker Hand Tools, and had a look at their Light Mines (tre cool) and some other neat products. If you geek-out over little gadgets like I do, you're going to love this segment.

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1 year ago

Monoprice is much more than just cables #CESlive


This new action camera from Monoprice has all the bells and whistles, without the big price tag

There's a good chance you have a cable or connector from Monoprice in your collection. For things that are important to Android users like Micro HDMI and MHL cables, or USB OTG cables, Monoprice is hard to beat. But they do more than cables — a lot more.

Cali and Phil spent 10 minutes talking with Luke from Monoprice, and we get a good look at their new action-camera, complete with Wifi, a wrist remote and a waterproof case. And it's just $170.

Stick something extra in the box with your next cable order from Monoprice.

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1 year ago

In praise of SOL Republic's Jax earbuds


Surprisingly great sound comes from the​se $39 earbuds

I tend to look at the bundling of accessories with smartphones as unnecessary up-sells — particularly earbuds. More often than not they're uncomfortable or just sound horrible, cheap throwaways, really.

With the SOL Republic Jax earbuds that are being sold alongside Motorola's new fare (that'd be the Moto X and Moto G), I was proved wrong. Motorola slipped us a pair of the $39 1-button Jax earbuds in a holiday greeting in December, and I took them along for the ride at CES last week. (Yeah, I was a little late in picking up my mail.)

I don't test earbuds for a living, but for under $50, these are a great buy.

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1 year ago

MyCaseBuilder talks creating the perfect custom case #CESlive


MyCaseBuilder can help keep your stuff safe from life's bumps and bruises

Phil and Cali talk with Steve Holland from MyCaseBuilder about how they are conquering the issue of everyone carrying different gear with them. Whether you have a video camera, a DSLR and multiple lenses, or some audio gear with you on the go, MyCaseBuilder helps you create a fully custom case. Utilizing their software you can create a layout on their website using the shape library that they are constantly adding to, and preview what it will look like in 3D form.

Using a water jet they are able to precision cut the foam to the exact specifications that you desire, and the customization is endless. If you are in the market for a custom case to haul your gear, head over to MyCaseBuilder and check out the full interview above for some additional information.

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