1 month ago

Sony launches wireless charging kit for the Xperia Z2


Sony has announced two new wireless charging accessories for the Xperia Z2. The accessories include a wireless charging cover (WCR12 Wireless Charging Cover if you want the official product name) that has been designed specially for the Xperia Z2 and a wireless charging plate (WCH10 Wireless Charging Plate). Both accessories conform to the Qi wireless charging standard.

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1 month ago

Hands-on with the LG G3 QuickCircle case


LG improves upon last years QuickWindow case with a circle and better functionality

Much like its predecessor, the G2, LG's new top-of-the-line G3 comes with a special, windowed case. This time out they're calling it the QuickCircle and functionality is certainly improved in this years model. As the name implies, the window this time around has become a circle, and it's a circle that has its uses.

As before you get a variety of different clock faces to display when you close the case, some analog, some digital, and there's still the option to have the current weather conditions, too. You can still activate the window by double-tapping on the display and a swipe across in this years model opens up a whole host of things to do.

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1 month ago

Galaxy S5 wireless charging: Everything you need to know

Samsung Galaxy S5 wireless charging

Looking for the best wireless charging options for your Galaxy S5? We can help.

When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S5, wireless charging is where it's at. There are a few reasons for that. The first is convenience. Because of its IP67 rating for water resistance, the Galaxy S5 has a flap covering the microUSB port. You have to remove that flap any time you want to charge your phone. The second reason also is for convenience. It's simply easier to plop your Galaxy S5 down on a Qi-compatible charging pad.

There is a trade-off, of course. One is that your phone won't charge quite as quickly. The other is that the Qi-enabled wireless backs for the Galaxy S5 make the phone a little thicker.

We're tracking the best solutions for Galaxy S5 wireless charging.

So what's the best way to get wireless charging on your Galaxy S5? We're breaking it down piece by piece:

And there's plenty more on the way.

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1 month ago

Xec by RevJams review


Call me old fashioned, but the words “audio” and “Bluetooth” together tend to scare me. I’m a child of a time where Bluetooth audio was a fantastic concept that failed to produce passable results. I’ve had one too many bad experiences with loss of fidelity, cut out audio, and interference – not the most pleasant experiences when you’re trying to listen to music.

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2 months ago

Fugoo Style review

Fugoo Style

Formerly known for their tinny sound, unreliable connections and bulky designs, Bluetooth speakers have come a very long way in the past two years – now, and for a fairly reasonable price, you can walk away with full, rich sound that can easily fit in a small bag and connect to your phone and tablet with little to zero interference. The future of mobile audio is here.

One such product is the Fugoo Style (Amazon), a compact and beautifully designed speaker that produces some seriously impressive audio. It fits six proprietary acoustic drivers, dubbed the Core-X, into a slim body that’s just 7.4 inches long and weighs 1.1 pounds. And what’s remarkable about the Style is that it’s not just beautiful, but durable as well – it’s IP67 rated to be dust proof and waterproof for up to one meter for 30 minutes.  Not only will it survive being jostled around in your bag, but it’ll also survive wind, sand, moisture, and more.

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2 months ago

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Wireless Charging S-View Flip Cover

Samsung Galaxy S5 Wireless Charging S-View Flip Cover

We've already taken a good look at the S-View Flip Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 — now it's time to peek at the wireless model.

If you're new to this sort of Galaxy S5 case, here's the deal: You remove the existing back to your Galaxy S5 and snap on this whole thing instead. It's also got a front cover that you flip open (thus the name) when you want to use your phone. There's a clear window that measures in at 4.5 square inches, and through you it you see certain notifications. You also can touch the screen through it to unlock the phone, accept or reject calls (which is really useful since you can still talk with the cover closed), and launch the camera. (And the camera, as you'll recall, shoots in a 1:1 aspect ratio when you're using it with the cover closed.)

The stitching is still on the case, as is the faux leather treatment. You still have the indicator for the volume up and down buttons, and the case adds a little bit of thickness to the phone, and just a smidge more than the non-charging S-View Flip Cover. And the window, for as nice as it is, still gunks up at the mere mention of fingerprints and dust.

The big difference here, of course, is wireless charging.

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2 months ago

Save 20% through May 28 for Memorial Day Weekend at ShopAndroid.com!

Memorial Day Weekend sale

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us here in the U.S., and it's time to remember and celebrate.

It's also the unofficial start of summer. And to celebrate after a long, long winter, we're kicking things in high-gear for a few days. You'll want to stock up on some toys for all your Android devices — and save 20% on ALL cases and accessories at ShopAndroid.com during our Memorial Day Sale (now through May 28). To take advantage of the savings, all you need to do is enter in coupon code MEM14 during the checkout process. FREE shipping is available on all orders over $50 (domestic U.S./Canada), and you have lots of payment methods beyond standard credit card including Amazon payments, Paypal and Bitcoin!

We have tons of accessories in stock for the Samsung Galaxy S5, Moto X, HTC One (M8), Galaxy Note 3 and more! Be sure to take advantage of the savings while they last!

And for those of you taking a spare device along for the ride, don't forget the **MEM14** coupon also works at the iMore StoreShopCrackBerry.com and our Windows Phone Central Store. Your shopping cart will follow you through all four stores, so you can buy from all four stores and checkout once. 

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2 months ago

Nest CEO reassures us that their thermostats won't show ads


Following the big hubbub about Nest connected thermostats potentially showing in-home ads after an SEC filing from Google, Nest CEO Tony Fadell has stepped forward to assuage any worries. Here's what he said in a recent chat with Re/code.

"Nest is being run independently from the rest of Google, with a separate management team, brand and culture. … For example, Nest has a paid-for business model, while Google has generally had an ads-supported business model. We have nothing against ads — after all Nest does lots of advertising. We just don't think ads are right for the Nest user experience."

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2 months ago

LG shows off their new Quick Circle case for the G3


Although the LG G3 hasn't quite fully been unveiled as of yet, LG hasn't really made it a secret that it's coming next week. They've already dropped one official video teasing the upcoming announcement and now they've dropped another. This time around though it's more in the accessory department as it offers up a look at what LG has called the Quick Circle Case.

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2 months ago

The Samsung Galaxy S5 official extra battery kit

Galaxy S5 extra battery kit

Samsung's extra battery kit gives you a second battery for your GS5, a protective case and an external charger

If you've got a phone with a removable battery, like the Samsung Galaxy S5, you might as well put it to good use. Sure, you can use an external USB battery pack with just about any mobile device, but that doesn't beat the instant refill you get by swapping out a dead battery for a fully-charged replacement.

And that's exactly what Samsung's official extra battery kit for the Galaxy S5 lets you do, while also providing an easy way to charge your spare battery outside of your phone.

Buy: Samsung Galaxy S5 extra battery kit on ShopAndroid.com ($47.95)

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