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4 months ago

Spotify now lets you control Sonos speakers from its app


Stream to your Sonos speakers straight from Spotify.

Premium Spotify users can now stream music to Sonos speakers directly from within the Spotify app using Spotify Connect. Spotify has teamed up with Sonos to better integrate the popular music service with the high-end wireless speakers, and the result looks pretty damn cool. In essence, if you have Sonos speakers set up throughout your home and rely on Spotify Premium for your music, you can control both your Spotify music and your Sonos speakers all through the Spotify app. The announcement comes after a brief beta testing period.

Check out the video Sonos released to announce the new feature:

Now you can quickly tap to cast the music playing in your headphones to your Sonos speakers when you arrive home — all within the Spotify app — so you never skip a beat. You're also able to group and ungroup Sonos speakers as needed right from the Spotify app, so you can bring your whole home to life with music or keep it all contained to one room on the fly.

It's all apart of the new integration between the Sonos and Spotify apps, which actually goes both ways. so you can start your playlist in the Spotify app, then switch over and control everything from the Sonos app, if you so prefer. If you've got Spotify Premium and some Sonos speakers set up around your home, make sure to keep an eye out for these new features in the Spotify app.

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4 months ago

Grab two of Aukey's car chargers for just $12 right now


Right now you can pick up two of Aukey's dual-port car chargers for just $12 with coupon code AUKCARCC, which is a savings of $5. Each charger has two USB ports to plug in the cable of your choice, and each port offers 5V 2.4A of its own for maximum charging speeds. It also has built-in safeguards to protect your phones and tablets from overheating, overcharging, and receiving excessive current.

All you have to do is add two of the chargers to your cart and then use coupon code AUKCARCC at checkout for the savings.

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4 months ago

Best Gifts for Cord-cutters


What are good gifts for someone who's cut cable out of their life?

The cord-cutter movement is growing more and more these days. People are looking to save money by cancelling that pesky cable bill and finding alternative ways to fulfill their entertainment needs via internet and/or wireless needs.

Netflix. Plex. Over-the-air antennas. Just a few of the options cord-cutters rely on to stay entertained without cable TV. Give the gift of cutting that special someone's cable bill with these fantastic gifts for cord-cutters.

OTA Antennas

If you or someone you know is looking to cut out the cable bill from their budget, but still enjoys just throwing on the TV and vegging out without the hassle of finding something new to watch on Netflix (right?), an over-the-air (OTA) antenna can be a great compromise. But before you consider whether to buy an OTA antenna, you'll want to know what channels are available in your area and what type of antenna you'll need to draw them in. This TV signal locator from will let you know what signals are available from you or your giftee's address, and from there let you determine whether you should be getting an indoor or outdoor antenna.

An OTA antenna can be hooked up straight to a TV in your house to watch live TV. A couple of the other items on this list require a OTA antenna — HDHomeRun Connect and TiVo Roamio. If either of those boxes tickles your fancy, you'll need one to draw in the signal. Depending on what channels are available in your area, you'll need either an indoor or outdoor digital antenna. The antenna we've recommended here, the HD Frequency Cable Cutter Antenna, is designed for urban areas, and can be set up indoors or outdoors. Again, the channels you'll get will be dependant on a number of variables, so the price of this antenna makes it great for testing purposes.

See at Amazon

HDHomeRun Connect

The HDHomeRun Connect is a HDTV broadcast tuner that, working in conjunction with an OTA antenna, lets you draw in the available HDTV channels broadcasting in your area. Setup is easy — simply connect your HDHomeRun box to power, the antenna, and your router, then install the software on your computer. From there, you're able to watch live TV from the available channels shows on any DLNA-compatible device connected to your Wi-Fi network, whether that be a smart TV, a phone or tablet running the HDHomeRun DVR app.

But that's not all. What makes the HDHomeRun a real home run (I'm sorry) is its beta DVR compatibility with Plex. Anyone in the know knows that Plex is one of the absolute best media servers you can use, so if you know your friend or family member relies on Plex this exclusive integration with HDHomeRun receivers is certainly worth exploring.

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TiVo Roamio

TiVo's Roamio is certainly worth looking into if you're cutting a cord and considering an OTA antenna. The Roamio comes with 1TB of space to record all your favorite shows as well as built-in integration with Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu and more.

It's a TiVo, so you'll be able to pause and rewind TV live, as well as use SkipMode to skip over the commercials in your recorded content, or use QuickMode to watch your shows 33% faster with no audio distortion, meaning you can binge watch your favorite shows in less time.

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Once you get your first Chromecast, you quickly learn that you can never have too many Chromecasts. It's such a versatile little device that lets you stream Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu, YouTube, HBO Now… There's a ton of great content available for Chromecast.

This year, Google introduced the Chromecast Ultra, which supports 4K TVs if you already have one or are planning on upgrading. If not, the Chromecast from 2015 is still a completely capable little device, and you really can't beat the value here. And like I said, once you've got a Chromecast on one of your TV's, you're going to want to have one for every TV in the house.

See the Chromecast (2015) at Best Buy

See the Chromecast Ultra at Best Buy

Nvidia Shield

The NVIDIA Shield doesn't garner as much attention as it deserves — it's a sleek-looking box running on the Android TV platform, granting access to all the great content streaming and media options found in the Google Play Store, along with being a scrappy gaming console powered by a GeForce GTX graphics card.

It can stream Netflix and YouTube in 4K, and supports a number of great media server apps including Plex and Kodi. If you're only planning to use it for streaming purposes, you'll get 16GB of onboard storage for your media, along with a streamlined and fast UI so you can get right down to binge watching PLUS it doubles as a Cast target.

If you're also interested in what it can do for gaming, you'll be able to enjoy the latest and greatest Android games, along with the ability to stream popular PC games via a GeForce NOW subscription.

See at Amazon

Gift memberships to streaming services

Netflix. Amazon Prime. Hulu.

These are the services that are largely replacing cable TV for an ever-growing number of consumers. Whether or not your loved one already has one of these services, you can cover a few months of their favorite streaming service for a gift that keeps giving throughout the year.

Your best value is absolutely a year's worth of Amazon Prime. Not only do they get access to both Amazon's music and video services, they also get all the benefits of being an Amazon Prime including next-day delivery on a number of products.

Both Netflix and Amazon Prime offer electronic gift cards for their services, but you should also be able to find them at a most major retailers. Hulu currently doesn't offer electronic gift cards, but you should find physical Hulu gift cards at retailers such as Target, Best Buy, and Walmart.

Learn more at Amazon

Learn more at Netflix

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4 months ago

5 Portable Battery Pack Gifts Under $25


No one wants a dead phone, but for less than $25 you can make sure that doesn't happen again.

Cell phone batteries don't always last as long as our days do, and no one wants to be carrying around a dead phone or be tied to the wall to charge it up, right? Well, luckily you can charge your phone while you walk around, sit on the subway, have drinks with friends, or anywhere else you may be with ease. Portable batteries are a must-have these days since most phones have non-removable batteries, and they don't have to cost a fortune.

There are a bunch of great portable batteries out there, and here are some affordable ones to consider for less than $25.

Aukey mini 5000mAh

Your first thought about a portable battery is that you don't have the space to carry it around all day and don't want something big and bulky in your bag. Well, Aukey's 5000mAh power bank offers a nice small cylinder design that is shorter than a can of soda. You should be able to get up to two full charges out of the battery pack, so you can keep yourself powered up wherever you may be.

It has a single USB-A output, so you can bring your own charging cable, be it Micro-USB, USB-C, or even Lightning. You charge the battery itself with a Micro-USB cable, and it has built-in safeguards to protect against excessive currents, overheating, and overcharging. At $10, there is really no reason for everyone in your family not to have one of these.

See at Amazon

Kmashi 15000mAh

Depending on your usage habits or how many devices you are carrying around with you, you may need to have a large battery with you to be safe. Kmashi's 15000mAh portable battery should offer anywhere from three to five full charges, depending whether it is a phone or table that you are charging up. It has two USB outputs, so you can add the cable of your choice to charge what is in your hand.

The built-in LED lights will let you know how much power is left in the battery so you don't take a dead battery pack with you the following day. At under $15, this is the perfect option for anyone using more than one device during the day.

See at Amazon

Jackery 12000mAh

Looking for a happy medium between being small and having plenty of power to meet your needs? Jackery's 12000mAh portable battery is only just over 4 inches tall and 3 inches wide, so you should be able to easily keep this in your bag, jacket pocket, glove compartment or anywhere else you may find it useful. You'll have two USB outputs for charging your phone, tablet, action camera, or other electronics, and it charges through a Micro-USB port.

If you find yourself without power, or no flashlight around, the battery pack has a dual-LED flashlight built-in, so you can make sure you see where you are trying to go. Coming in at just over $20, it is a bit more expensive than some of the other options at this capacity, but the convenience of its size makes up for that.

See at Amazon

RAVPower 13400mAh

Some electronics need a higher output in order to avoid charging at a snail pace, and the RAVPower portable battery offers the highest output in the market. With 4.5A of output, the RAVPower 13400mAh power pack can charge two of your devices at the same time with ease. It utilizes exclusive iSmart technology which can automatically detect and deliver the optimal charging current for the device attached.

It has four LEDs to easily show you how much power remains in it, and thanks to its capacity you should be able to charge anywhere from three to five times depending on your device. Priced at just under $25, this is quite a value if you want a quicker charge while walking around.

See at Amazon

Anker Astro 5200mAh

If small is what you are looking for, Anker's Astro 5200mAh is a great option to look at. While only marginally larger in capacity than some of the others in this size, it offers exclusive PowerIQ technology to detect the best charging for your phone or tablet and then offer that output (up to 2A). This means that it will charge your device as quick as it can, but it doesn't support Qualcomm Quick Charge.

It is available in white, black, and red, so you can pick which one may be most visually appealing, or have one of each laying around to match your outfit. Coming in at just over $15, this is a great option to have around for yourself as well as grabbing a few for loved ones.

See at Amazon

Your favorite?

Do you have a favorite portable battery pack under $25 that isn't listed here? Be sure to drop a line in the comments with a link to the battery and why you like it so much!

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4 months ago

Twist crams most of the world into a single charging adapter


An all-in-one travel charger for your mobile tech.

Travelling to another country and realizing that single travel charger you brought isn't nearly enough for your phone and watch and tablet may be the ultimate First World Problem to some, but the truth is travelling with multiple international chargers quickly fills your travel bag. UK chargers are much larger than US chargers, for example, and the adapters don't help a ton.

Twist is an interesting new solution that is especially useful for anyone who travels between multiple power systems, but it's also not bad if all you want is a good 4-port USB charger.

The concept is fairly simple. You have a big white barrel capable of outputting 20W/4A across 4 USB ports, with a twisting mechanism in the center that allows you to switch between US, Europe, and UK charging pins. You can also tweak the US charging pins so they match the Australian format.

The only thing stopping me from using this every day is how big it is compared to a traditional US charging adapter, but it's absolutely earned a spot in my travel bag due to how light and simple it is.

For $40 on Amazon, you're getting what you pay for. This is a little more expensive than some of the manual 2-port adapters, which is to be expected. It's unlikely to be something you use every day, but as someone who travels with a lot of USB tech this is a welcomed way to save space in my bag.

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4 months ago

For less than $100, you can start taking 360-degree photos with LG 360 CAM


If you're interested in giving 360-degree photography a go, this deal on the LG 360 CAM will let you get started for just under $100.

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4 months ago

Ditch the wires with up to 66% off these Bluetooth headphones


Right now you can save up to 66% on a variety of SoundPeats Bluetooth headphones at Amazon, but only for today. The discounts range from the company's sport headphones right down to the truly wireless ones, so you won't want to miss out here. Whether you need to pick up some headphones to replace an older pair, or can't use your old ones in your new phone without a headphone jack, Bluetooth is the way to go these days.

If you need a new set of headphones, today is the day to buy a pair. This deal will end tonight, so be sure to act quickly and pick some up right now,

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4 months ago

Hands on with the new Mophie and Incipio Moto Mods for Moto Z


There are new Moto Mods on deck for the Moto Z family, and they're coming in the next couple of weeks.

While we've already seen the first — a 3,000mAh battery add-on from popular accessory maker Mophie — we can confirm that it is available now in the U.S., at Verizon, for $79.99. That's the same price as those from Incipio and Tumi, except with a 36% premium in battery capacity. It's also slightly thicker as a result: 0.35 inches compared to 0.27 inches.

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4 months ago

Essential Accessories For OnePlus 3 + OnePlus 3T

OnePlus 3 cases

Outfit your OnePlus 3 or 3T with these must-have accessories.

Whether you're a veteran OnePlus 3 owner, or you're just getting started with the brand new OnePlus 3T, you've got the same broad range of accessories to choose from. That's because although these two phones are different on the inside, they have many overlapping features, and exactly the same physical dimensions.

So let's dig in. Check out these all-important OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T that should be part of your arsenal.

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4 months ago

This $6 car charger will charge your phone nearly four times faster


Many people haven't even adopted Quick Charge 3.0 in their homes, let alone the car, but when it is just $6 why wouldn't you? That's right, RAVPower's Quick Charge 3.0 car charger is on sale at Amazon for just $6 when you use coupon code SHES5GA5. It has two USB outputs, only one of which will offer the quicker charging speeds, so you can get multiple devices charging at the same time.

Odds are this deal won't be around for long, so be sure to grab one right now. Remember, coupon code SHES5GA5 at checkout gets you the full savings.

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4 months ago

This $6 Aukey wall charger lets you charge 3 devices at once


Let's just get this out of the way: you can never have too many chargers for your gadgets. If you're looking to add another USB wall charger to your collection, now you can grab this solid 3-port charger from Aukey for just $6. All you have to do is use coupon code HN8L8AYI at checkout to score this savings.

Along with giving you one place to juice up three devices at once, this charger also packs a Quick Charge 2.0 port for your gadgets that support it. And if style is your concern, you can choose from either black or white versions. At $6, it's hard to resist splurging a bit of leftover Black Friday cash on this deal. Just remember to use coupon code HN8L8AYI to snag this discount!

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4 months ago

Don't miss out on these deals on Galaxy S7 cases by Ringke


Get these Ringke cases for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

Ringke is offering some decent discounts on cases for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. We've broken things down so it's easy for you to choose between the four different case styles offered and then pick your preferred color.

Because this is a limited quantity sale, the promo code will expire once the limited quantity has sold out. To make sure the promo code applies properly, make sure you select the option to have Ringke fulfil your shipment when going through checkout. It's the only way to get the promotional codes to work, and also get free shipping.

Galaxy S7





Galaxy S7 Edge Case





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4 months ago

Get your holiday shopping done early with this 20% discount at ShopAndroid


Before you know it the holidays will be here, and you'll be rushing around fighting off crowds trying to buy last minute gifts. Why not avoid all of that this year and save 20% on a variety of awesome accessories for your friends and family? We know it sounds more appealing, and you can start doing it right now.

That's right, ShopAndroid is currently offering 20% off accessories with the coupon code Shop16, so you can shop today from the comfort of your own home, and have your gifts delivered to you in just a few short days!

Whether you are in the market for a new case, battery pack or some cables for your phone, you'll want to check out our wide selection. From devices like the Galaxy S7 to the HTC 10 and even the Honor 8, we've got a ton of great accessories for you to sort through.

Remember, you'll need to use coupon code Shop16 once you've loaded your cart up with goodies in order to get the 20% savings. Now, get to shopping!

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4 months ago

Best Fitness Gifts


It used to be that a pair of running shoes and some clean workout clothes were all the fitness gear you needed.

These days, a beats-blasting playlist and a fitness tracker are as essential to a good workout as anything else. Whether you or someone you know is just starting out on their fitness journey, or they're seasoned athletes looking to take their training to the next level, here's our recommendations for the best fitness tech to enhance your workouts and help you hit your fitness goals.

Fitbit Charge 2

When it comes to fitness trackers, Fitbit still reigns supreme. They've become so ubiquitous, chances are everyone has a co-worker, family or friend obsessed with tracking their steps and other fitness stats on their wrist. If you're unfamiliar, Fitbits track steps taken, flights of stairs climbed, and calories burned throughout your day.

Fitbit's latest wrist accessory, the Charge 2, is their absolute best yet. First, there's the vertically-orientated OLED display, which you tap to cycle through the different statistics and modes. The Charge 2 features Fitbit's PurePulse continuous heart rate monitor, which lets you quickly check your current heart rate at any moment, and also features the convenience call, text and calendar notifications that you'd expect from wearable tech.

Built-in GPS is missing, but Connected GPS allows you to use your phone's GPS to map your outdoor runs when tethered to your phone via Bluetooth. The silicone strap is sweat resistant, but you'll want to make sure to clean and dry it after each workout. It's also not waterproof, so don't even think about swimming with it on.

See at Amazon

Moto 360 Sport

The Moto 360 Sport is a smartwatch that combines many of the functions people want in a fitness tracker with the style and added functionality that's included with Android Wear.

As the name implies, this is the sportier version of the second generation Moto 360. Differentiating it from the non-sport is the inclusion of built-in GPS (a nice feature that's even missing on the FitBit Charge 2) and a body wrapped silicone strap. These two features, along with the heart rate monitor, make the Moto 360 Sport ideal to wear during workouts. The Moto 360 Sport's built-in GPS means you can leave your phone at home and go for a run, while still being able to wirelessly listen to your music via Bluetooth headphones. And the silicone strap, while a magnet for lint and dust, is also sweatproof and easy enough to clean.

Above all else, you'll get a piece of wearable tech you'll feel comfortable wearing from the office to the gym, with all the usefulness that Android Wear offers.

See at Amazon

Withings Body Wi-Fi scale

Take complete control of your weight using the Withings WS-50, the smart scale that's designed to accurately measure your weight, BMI, heart rate, and even monitor the indoor air quality of your living space.

Allowing up to eight users on its personalized display, each person in your household can track their weight securely and monitor their goals using the Health Mate app (available for Android and iOS). As you weigh yourself each day, the WS-50 will display the weather and average temperature, giving you a heads up on how to dress before stepping outside and getting active. This smart scale is also compatible with a variety of other health apps including Google Fit, Apple Health, Runkeeper, LoseIt!, MyFitnessPal, and more.

See at Amazon

TuneBand Go armband

There are hundreds of armband smartphone cases out there for bringing your phone with you on a run or a workout. This is because manufacturers typically designed a bunch of different models to fit specific phone makes and sizes. This means you'll end up having to get a new armband when it's time to upgrade to a new device.

That is, unless you get a TuneBand Go. This armband offers universal compatibility, as its rubber hooks are adjustable to fit phones from 5 inches to 6.5 inches in size. It also accommodates cases, and it's actually recommended you use one if you're concerned about the clips making direct contact with your phone's display.

See at Amazon

NorthFace Thermoball Etip gloves

Winter is coming, which means it's time to haul out your cozy winter gear — lest you choose to stay indoors until spring. But you really ought to be heading outside and making the most of things, whether that means sledding, snowboarding or skiing, or simply walking through a winter wonderland.

If you want to enjoy the great outdoors — even when the temps are downright frigid — and still stay connected to your phone, you'll want to get a pair of touchscreen conductive gloves that are first and foremost warm and reliable. The North Face makes quality outerwear, and these gloves will keep your hands nice and toasty while still allowing you to use your phone's touchscreen via the conductive fibres in the fingers. The palms are also grippy, so that you don't accidentally drop your phone into a snowbank. Whoops!

These would make a great gift for pretty much anyone with a phone, and are available in styles for both men and women.

See at Amazon (men's)

See at Amazon (women's)

GoPro HERO5 Session

Getting active with technology doesn't always have to be about tracking steps or keeping your phone accessible. Sometimes you just want to head out there, strap an action cam on you and show the world how you have fun.

The GoPro HERO5 Session is a portable, rugged little 10MP camera that can shoot still, burst and time-lapse photos, as well as 4K video (also capable of shooting high-speed footage at 90fps in 1080p, and 120fps in 720p). It features voice activation as well as one-touch controls, and can be mounted pretty much anywhere, so you can just tap and go out and record all of your outdoor adventures. Whether you know a cyclist who's talked about wanting to document their daily commutes, or a budding action sports superstar looking record epic footage, the GoPro HERO5 Session is a gift choice that they'll cherish. Do note that they will also need a microSD card.

See at GoPro

Jaybird X3 Sport

An ideal pair of workout headphones are going to be wireless, sweatproof, and comfortable while still delivering solid sound quality and adequate battery life.

Jaybird has been in the Bluetooth headphone space since 2007, and their latest pair, the Jaybird X3 Sport earbuds, are an ideal option for the runner or athlete in your life that always seems to be complaining about their headphone situation. The two earpieces are tethered together, with a three-button remote for controlling playback and volume, and each pair come with several silicone and foam tip options, along with fins that help keep them secure in ear no matter how intense your workout gets. The size is small and compact, and yet the batteries are capable of delivering you great sound quality for up to eight hours.

See at Best Buy

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5 months ago

Don't miss out on these sweet deals on cases


Save on cases for the latest Samsung phones, as well as some options for the Nexus 6.

It's the biggest day of deals of the year, and you're probably overwhelmed as it is. But we'd be remiss if we didn't pass along these coupon codes for deep discounts on a variety of cases.

Today's offers include cases for the Galaxy S7, S7 edge, S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+ and Note 5, as well as a couple cases for the Nexus 6 thrown in for good measure. To use these cases, you'll need to select the option to fulfill the order from the manufacturer, then simply add the coupon code during checkout to save up to $11. Supplies are limited, so act now!

Galaxy S7

 Galaxy S7 edge

Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6 edge

Galaxy Note 5

Galaxy S6 edge+

Nexus 6

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