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4 months ago

Xiaomi's $22 Bluetooth in-ear headphones are ideal for workouts


The latest product in Xiaomi's vast ecosystem is a Bluetooth headset designed for workouts. Dubbed the Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset, the in-ear headphones are IPX4 certified, making them splash (and sweat) resistant.

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4 months ago

Understanding memory card speeds and what works best for your phone


Buying an SD card shouldn't be difficult. Learn what those numbers all mean and how to pick what's best for you.

SD cards are a cheap way to provide extra storage for just about anything that can create or read a digital file. Most cameras use SD cards, as do audio players and recorders, digital photo frames, many laptops and a lot of phones. While we're going to focus on the how what and why of using them with an Android phone, the overall ideas are the same and you'll be just fine using this reference when buying an SD card for anything that can use one.

Buying an SD card can be a little frustrating. You need to find a reputable place to buy them if shopping online, you need to know which type you need and what the class rating means. It's OK not to know this stuff, and we're here to help you sort through it.

SD card form factors

Once you're sure your phone can use an SD card, you need to know just what type of card to buy. SD cards come in different physical sizes, have different read and write speeds and different storage sizes.

Phones use the smallest microSD card form factor.

For your Android phone, you're looking for the microSD form factor. SD cards come in three different sizes. An SD card is the biggest — a little larger than a postage stamp — and is used for things like stand-alone cameras. The Mini SD form factor is about half the size of a full SD card and they aren't very popular. Chances are you won't ever buy anything that needs a Mini SD card. The microSD card is about the size of your fingernail and the one we're looking for.

When you buy a Mini or microSD card you often get an adapter in the package. The smaller card slides into the adapter so it can fit into something that needs a full-sized card — like your computer — as well as something like your phone that needs a microSD card. This makes it pretty handy when transferring pictures or video from your phone to your computer.

SD card storage versions

There is a method to the madness of all those letters you see.

The next thing you need to know is the storage version. You can buy microSD cards, microSDHC cards, and microSDXC cards. A microSD card was designed to hold up to 2GB of information, though a few 4GB versions are available that work outside of the specifications. microSDHC cards (Secure Digital High Capacity) are designed to hold up to 32GB of data. microSDXC (Secure Digital eXtra Capacity) cards are designed to hold between 32GB and 2TB of data. It's important to know what version your phone can use. Most all modern phones — Android or otherwise — will be able to use a microSDHC card. Many newer phones are capable of using a microSDXC card.

There is no easy to see difference between a phone that can use a microSDXC card and one that can't. You'll need to consult the documentation that came with your phone or hop into the forums and ask other folks who have already found the answer. The versions are backward compatible (a microSDXC card slot can use a microSD or microSDHC card) but there is no forwards compatibility, and if your phone can't use a microSDXC card it won't ever work.

SD card speed classes

No card is going to be as fast as the listed maximum.

Finally, you need to understand the speed class ratings. There are currently five different speed classes (listed slowest to fastest) — DS (up to 12.5 MB/s), HS (up to 25 MB/s), UHS-I (up to 104 MB/s), UHS-II (up to 312 MB/s) and UHS-3 (over 312 MB/s). There are also speed "subclasses" and those are listed with a number. You'll usually see a 2,4 or 6 listed on a DS speed card. HS speed cards will have a 10 listed. UHS cards can also have a U1 to U3 rating.

These numbers are the highest speeds the card is capable of when reading data. No card is going to be as fast as the listed maximum. You'll often see an actual rated speed listed on the packaging along with the speed class rating.

Deciding what you need

Are you thoroughly confused yet? Don't be.

  • You need to know what size SD card you need. If you're buying for use in a phone, you need a microSD card.
  • You need to know what storage version your phone is compatible with. If in doubt, ask the folks who sold you the phone or others using the same phone in our forums.
  • The speed of the card you need depends on what you're going to do with it.

The first two items on the list above are pretty self-explanatory. The wrong size card isn't going to fit and anything you attach or insert into a phone needs to be compatible. The speed you're looking for isn't too difficult to suss out, either.

  • The faster, the better. You'll never run into a situation where an SD card is too fast. A UHS card isn't needed to listen to stored music or stream video you have saved, but it won't hurt anything to use it. Faster SD cards will more future-proof if you decide to shoot a lot of videos, especially in 4K.
  • Never buy a card slower than Class 10. Class 10 cards are a great compromise between price and performance. They are plenty fast enough to transfer music or pictures to a computer (or the other direction), are fast enough if your phone camera has a burst mode, and are even fast enough to store Android application data. Your phone is probably capable of copying bits and bytes faster than the 25 MB/s when doing these things, but it's not going to be able to process that data fast enough to see a noticeable difference.
  • If you shoot 4K videos, the card is never fast enough. See item one in this list.

4K video has a need for speed.

Your phone needs to be able to copy video data to the storage as fast as it can. It copies this information from the camera a lot faster than it would if it were a regular data file. There is a noticeable difference between a few minutes of 4K video shot using a Class 10 card and the same video shot when using a UHS speed class card. Video can look blurry or fuzzy, audio can be out of sync or you can even see some skipped frames. Once you see it side by side you can't unsee it, and I'll save you the trouble and tell you up front that to shoot any HD video you need a UHS speed class card. Of course, shooting video directly to the phone's internal storage is always better than straight to an SD card.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 makes for a great example here, so we're going to use it. Remember, your phone may support different speed classes.

The Galaxy S7 supports microSDXC cards using the UHS-I speed bus. UHS-II cards will work in the Galaxy S7, but the extra speed is not supported — there are two extra points of contact that are not present on the S7's card reader. To take pictures, store music or video on the card or to add some application data, any UHS-I card would work and may even be overkill. The thing to consider with the Galaxy S7 is that it has a really good camera that can take 4K videos. If you're going to shoot 4K videos, you need a UHS-I class U1 card or better. If you use anything slower, you'll see a difference in quality.

The bottom line: A faster SD card is always better

This is especially important if you're going to be shooting HD or UHD video because you need to be able to write the raw data stream to the storage as fast as you can.

Using a fast card to do "normal" things like store files or copy pictures to a computer doesn't hurt anything. It makes no sense to ever buy anything slower than an HS speed Class 10 card.

If you'd rather not know all this industry talk and just want to buy an SD card and move on, here's the skinny. Find out what version microSD card your phone supports, and buy a good brand name card from someone you can trust (there are a lot of slow cards with the wrong label being sold at places like eBay) that's as fast as you can find and you'll be fine.

More: The best microSD cards for Android

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4 months ago

Essential Accessories for Moto Z

Essential accessories for the Moto Z

What are the best accessories for the Moto Z?

The Moto Z is a great phone, but it's even better with perfectly-paired accessories. Here are the add-ons you need to know about.

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4 months ago

Best Ultra Thin Cases for Google Pixel


What are the best ultra-thin cases for the Google Pixel?

The Google Pixel is a brand new, sleek and stylish phone, so having a big bulky case on it might not be the most ideal thing for those who want to keep the minimalist beauty of the device while still showing it off (and keeping it protected!)

There are plenty of cases to pick from when it come to customizing your Pixel, but with so many options available, which one should you go with? Here are our choices we think you should consider while picking out the best ultra-thin case for your Google Pixel!

Pixel Case by Google

Keep your Pixel protected and secure without the weight and inconvenience with the Pixel Case by Google.

Designed and built with a silicone exterior to provide extra shock absorption from high falls, the Pixel Case by Google comes finished with a high-quality microfibre interior for additional protection. Simply slide on the flexible, yet perfectly-fitting case, and your Pixel is ready to go!

Unlike some minimalist cases that only come clear or in basic colors, Google's case comes in a number of bright, fun shades to match your sense of style, including grey, blue, green, coral, and peach.

See at the Google Store

DGtle Anti-Scratch case

With an anti-scratch guarantee and a sleek, ultra-thin design, the DGtle case is another ideal partner for your Pixel if you're looking for a case that isn't bulky or cumbersome!

Made from a durable TPU material to protect your Pixel against any outside trauma or force, and designed to be firm, yet flexible, this non-slip DGtle case is a smart minimalist option to consider as you hunt for the perfect case.

The case fits snugly to your Pixel to protect it, and comes in a clear style, or you can also pick and choose from frosted purple, pink, mint, blue, gray, and so many others!

See at Amazon

Spigen Liquid Crystal case

Protect your Pixel in true minimalist style with the Liquid Crystal case from Spigen.

If you're looking for a truly ultra-thin case, Spigen has you covered with the Liquid Crystal. The case is made from a clear TPU material and is extremely flexible and lightweight. With some clear cases, smudges and dirt can easily gather on the back of your phone, but Spigen's inner-dot pattern prevents any grime from muddying up the look of your Pixel.

While the Liquid Crystal only comes in one color (clear), and might look like a bit of a flimsy case, it's actually voted one of the best Pixel ultra-thin cases out there, so check it out if you're looking for a reliable option!

See at Amazon

Bear Motion Ultra Slim case

Snap, secure, and go with the Bear Motion Ultra Slim case for your Pixel!

With full-access to all ports and buttons, the Bear Motion case is a great accessory to partner with your Pixel. While it's not as protective as other cases on this list, it's super-slim design is perfect for minimalists who are looking for a simple, stylish look and feel.

This lightweight case will protect your Pixel from small scratches and bumps and comes in five different color choices, including bright red, black, navy blue, gray, and forest green.

See at Amazon

Maxboost Liquid Skin case

Designed with a durable, flexible material to protect your Pixel from drops and scratches, the Maxboost Liquid Skin case is an ultra-thin option that only adds a mere 1.2mm to the bulk of your phone!

Paired with an anti-scratch coating, full-access to all buttons and ports, and a snug fit, the MaxBoost Liquid Skin case is a great choice to consider for your Pixel. The case is designed from a strengthened material to add additional protection to your phone, too.

The Liquid Skin case also comes with a lifetime warranty, just in case.

See at Amazon

What's your pick?

Is there a minimalist, ultra-thin Pixel case that you simply cannot get enough of? Have you found the perfect combination of simplicity and protection? Style and functionality?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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4 months ago

Zeraph Flo review: A smart thermometer worth keeping in your bag


Is the convenience of a smart thermometer worth the price?

Smart thermometers may seem like something you don't need to spend the extra money on, but they can be pretty handy when done right. Unlike traditional thermometers, the Flo is quite versatile which makes it even more useful. From the ability to quickly measure someone's temperature without shoving something in their mouth to being able to tell the temperature of water or other objects all with the same device, you'll likely find multiple uses for it.

Sure, you can pick up a regular thermometer for like $10 at the drug store, so spending $50 on a "smart" one may seem a bit ridiculous to some, but it can be worth it for a variety of reasons.

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4 months ago

Score two iClever dual USB travel chargers for the price of one!


Right now you can get two iClever dual USB travel chargers for the price of one with coupon code DEALTOP1. This deal scores you two chargers, one black and one white, for just $11, and each of them has 2 USB ports to plug in whichever cables you need to charge your gadgets. The lightweight and compact charger is a perfect addition to your travel bag or purse so that you are never without a way to charge your phone or tablet.

To get the free one, you will need to add both the white version and then the black version to your cart and use coupon code DEALTOP1 to get both chargers for just $11. You will need to add one of each color, and you'll notice that the black one becomes free. If you need some extra wall chargers to have around, you won't want to miss out on this deal.

See at Amazon

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4 months ago

OnePlus 'Gear' now on sale until Nov 4 at 6:00 a.m. ET


Get your bags and t-shirts to go with your OnePlus phone.

Right on schedule, OnePlus has opened up the "Gear" section of its online store for a limited time to start selling some of the lifestyle products it has been selling in China for some time. This is simply a testing of the waters from OnePlus as the sale is only on for a mere 24 hours, so if you're at all interested in these bags and t-shirts you'll want to check out the store right away.

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4 months ago

OnePlus gets into the schwag game, starts selling bags and t-shirts Nov 3


Never Settle for a backpack that doesn't match your phone.

Update: The OnePlus Gear store is now open, with all of the products on sale until Nov 4 at 6:00 a.m. ET.

Original story: OnePlus is known for its phones and accessories, but now the company is expanding its offering of lifestyle products outside of China with the launch of "OnePlus Gear." Though it isn't yet bringing a full suite of gear to the rest of the world, the new portion of its online store will launch November 3 with bags and t-shirts previously only available at its pop-up shops.

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4 months ago

Daydream View will be available in stores starting Nov 10

Daydream View

Pixel owners, get your VR on in just over a week's time.

Google has dropped launch details on its official blog for Daydream View, the first headset certified for its virtual reality platform. Owners of Daydream-certified phones — of which Google's Pixels are so far the only ones — can pick up the fabric-clad goggles from November 10.

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4 months ago

Don't miss these awesome deals on Kmashi's portable battery packs!


Right now you can score some sweet savings on Kmashi's portable battery packs at Amazon with a coupon code. For as little as $9 you can grab a 10000mAh power bank to charge your favorite gadgets while on the go without tethering yourself to a wall. The batteries are rather small and high capacity, with both 10000mAh and 15000mAh units available. Both have two USB outputs to charge multiple devices at the same time if needed, and recharge via microUSB.

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4 months ago

Best Heavy Duty Cases for Google Pixel


What are the best rugged cases for the Google Pixel?

The Google Pixel is quite possibly the best phone of 2016. It's a beautifully designed phone (and rather expensive to boot). If you've got one, you'll want to make sure you keep it protected.

And therein lies the problem with any new phone — should you forgo a case and risk scratches and scuffs or keep it looking brand new with a rugged case? If you fall into the latter category, we've got some great options for you and your new phone.

Note: These are cases designed for the 5-inch Pixel, not the larger Pixel XL.

Spigen Rugged Armor

We trust the cases Spigen makes, and you should too. Spigen's durable Rugged Armor cases are typically among the best heavy duty cases you can buy for your phone. For their Pixel case, Spigen has gone an extra step in incorporating some of the unique design elements of the Pixel right into the case.

Along with the tough TPU providing edge-to-edge protection of scratches and scuffs and military-grade drop protection in the corners, the back of the case around the fingerprint scanner is designed to look like the iconic glass sheet on the top third of the Pixel. That way people in the know will recognize you're using a Pixel even when you've got it covered in a case. This is the only one-piece case on this list, so if you'd prefer the added protection of a two-piece design keep reading.

For protection that's stylin', Spigen's got what you need.

See at Amazon

OtterBox Commuter

OtterBox is another trusted name in phone cases, and their Commuter case for the Pixel is equal parts rugged and stylish.

This two-piece case features a rubber slipcover and a polycarbonate shell to offer superior protection for both drops and scratches. On the back, the case features a smart, ergonomically-designed channel to help your finger quickly find the fingerprint scanner.

Amazon provides your best deal on this case, but as of writing it is currently out of stock. If you're not patient enough to wait, you should be able to get one right away from OtterBox .

See at Amazon

YOUMAKER Rugged Belt Clip

If protection is your top priority, this option from YOUMAKER offers layers of full-body protection along with an included belt clip if that's your style.

With a thick TPU shell on the back, and a hard polycarbonate front plate featuring a built-in screen protector, this case is as rugged as they come. Clipped into the belt clip, your phone is fully protected from everything, making this a great option if you work on your feet and need the phone to be accessible and protected. Precise cutouts keep all the ports and buttons accessible, and the big loop around the fingerprint scanner makes it quick to find without looking. It's a great option for those looking for quality protection and features at a reasonable price.

See at Amazon

Wellci Hybrid Dual Layer Armor

Sometimes the best way to prevent your phone from suffering drop damage is to make it harder to drop. The first thing you'll notice about this case from Wellci is the pattern on the back of the polycarbonate shell, which helps to make this one of the grippier heavy duty cases you can get for your Pixel.

The shell works with the TPU slipcover to provide impact resistance and protection against scratches and scuffs. It's also the cheapest case on this list, making it a great frugal option if you're still looking for quality protection for your new Pixel.

See at Amazon

Lifeproof FRE

One of the glaring features omitted from the Pixel's design was waterproofing. Considering the latest iPhone and Samsung devices have included it, some were a little disappointed Google didn't match those specs with the Pixel.

A guide to waterproofing your Pixel

If the threat of water ruining your phone is a major concern for you, you'll want to get a Lifeproof case. Their cases are some of the best you can get if you're willing to spend top dollar to keep your phone protected. Currently, the Lifeproof FRE is not yet available for the Pixel, but you can learn about it and sign up for an email alert when it's ready to ship.

Learn more at Lifeproof

Protection or style: What do you prioritize?

Are you the type to buy a case as soon as you get a new phone? Or do you prefer to show it off in it's full splendor? Let us know in the comments!

Google Pixel + Pixel XL

Google Store Verizon

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4 months ago

Grab this compact waterproof Bluetooth speaker for $11 right now!


Update: This deal is back, but only for the black version of the speaker this time! Be sure to act quickly if you are interested.

Right now, Vtin is offering its waterproof Bluetooth speaker for just $11 with coupon code 2WKKIATD at Amazon, a savings of $9. Whether you are looking for a speaker to take on the boat, near the pool or even in the shower, this is worth considering. It's powerful 5W driver will offer high-quality audio, and with its 800mAh battery you should get around 8 hours of playback per charge.

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5 months ago

MrMobile reviews the Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2


What if I told you there was a Bluetooth headset with killer battery life, built by the same people who made the headsets for NASA's Apollo program? And what if I told you that this headset costs much less than the Bose QC35 I love so much?

I'm telling you now. The Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 wireless headset is here, and it's on store shelves for a starting price of $199. That puts it in roughly the same territory as that Bose monster and the FIIL Diva Pro I reviewed last month – but at a much more accessible price point.

Find out if the sacrifices in size and build quality are worth the trade-off in MrMobile's BackBeat Pro 2 review!

Get social with MrMobile!

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5 months ago

How to recycle or donate your old Android phone


Experts suggest that 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed of worldwide every year. We need to make sure we're doing what we can to help manage it all.

How many phones are you in your house right now? I'm not just talking about the one(s) in your pocket, I'm talking about the ones stuffed in drawers, under other obsolete pieces of electronics that will likely never get looked at again until you wake up one morning determined to clean, and stuff everything in the garbage. Your house may benefit from a good electronics purge every once in a while, but unless these devices are exposed of properly, they usually end up in landfills, wasting the potential to recycle the rare metals and other components responsibly.

Here's how to do just that: recycle your old Android phones responsibly.

Get all your stuff

Recycling a phone should be treated the same way reselling one is — don't leave anything personal behind.

Turn the phone on one last time and give it a good once-over. Make sure you're signed out of any accounts, have uninstalled all the things you've accumulated since you first got it and make sure things like pictures and music are taken off the phone (and backed up safely somewhere!). Take care to make sure any on-device address book entries are erased and any credentials you need to log in have been removed.

Never get rid of a phone without clearing your data from it.

Pull out your SIM card and any SD cards you might be using. If you're recycling an Android phone, we recommend a factory reset and wipe once you're sure nothing is left stored on the phone.You should also let things restart and skip through the setup process so you can double check that everything is gone.

We're not trying to imply that anyone at a recycling center is eager to dig through your phone, but you should always protect your privacy.

Sorting it all

You'll want to separate the electronics from the rest of the stuff. The box, the papers that came with it and the incidental stuff you've accumulated and will never use again needs to be gone over so it can go into the proper recycle bin.

Papers, cardboard boxes, and plastic or rubber phone cases can go with your normal household recyclables. The charger, any cables and the phone itself need set aside unless you have a pickup for discarded electronics. You should leave the back of the phone on if it's removable, and there's no need to pull off any skins or screen protectors. Use your judgment for other accessories, and a good rule of thumb is that if it needs power from a battery or a cord, it needs to go in the same bin as the phone itself.

Where to take the rest

Not everyone has easy access to a recycling center and some private centers will charge you when they take your stuff. Don't be discouraged if this describes your situation and be tempted to just toss the whole kit and kaboodle into the trash with the rest of your household waste. Some of the stuff inside a phone — especially the battery — is pretty nasty and is not something we want to be buried in a landfill. Do you want roving bands of mutant super ants? Because that's how you get roving bands of mutant super ants.

Recycling your phone is easy and it does make a difference.

There are plenty of places that want your old phone. Besides all that nasty battery stuff there are also a number of internal materials worth money to the right person. Aluminum. Copper. Gold. All of these fetch a good amount of cash if you have enough of it. You won't find enough in one old phone to make it worth the time to retrieve it, but there are people and companies who collect enough old things to make it worthwhile for them. You don't even need to look for those folks because they have bins at places you probably already visit.

Chances are the place you buy phones, like your carrier, will also take old ones back. They don't want to have something with their name on it responsible for those super ants, and many of them have ongoing relationships with electronics recycling companies. Best Buy is another place that you can drop off an old phone, and you'll find a bin right at the entrance. And if you purchase by mail you can ask for a prepaid bag to send your recyclable phone back in. Samsung has its own electronics recycling program, for both its own products and others.

If all else fails, ask the people who pick up your recycle bins.

Canadians can donate their devices at most carrier stores, or at drop-off locations hosted by Recycle My Cell across the country.

If your phone still works

If you want to recycle your phone because it no longer works, the above directions are the right way to do it. But if your phone is still functional, just not desirable, there are plenty of ways to donate it to the right cause.

In the U.S., organizations like Cell Phones for Soldiers and Verizon's HelpLine are wonderful ways to donate old devices, either for people to use, or for them to sell to raise money on their own.

We've only got one planet. Until we figure out a way to pack it all up and fly to some place better we all need to do everything we can to keep it clean and super ant free. Taking five minutes to sort out a phone and charger from your everyday refuse is easy and finding some place to take it isn't difficult, either.

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5 months ago

Cheap Chromecast Speakers: Best Under $35


Just because you want a great sounding speaker doesn't mean you have to spend more than you did on your Chromecast Audio.

Chromecast Audio provides us with an easy way to stream media from our mobile devices to our favorite speakers, whether they feature Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or neither. We've selected five of the best portable speakers that go great with this audio accessory and cost no more than the Chromecast Audio itself. Keep one in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom — these speakers will give you the superior sound you crave without breaking the bank.

Update January 2017: These speakers still represent our top picks for budget-wise Chromecast Audio fans.

DKnight Magicbox Portable Speaker

This portable speaker has earned its place at the top of our list. As one of the highest rated speakers on Amazon, the DKnight Magicbox rocks your favorite tunes over its impressive sounding dual 6W acoustic drivers. There are plenty of buttons on top to manage your music if you wish to use them, and the 3.5mm auxiliary input for your Chromecast Audio is found on the side along with the power button, microUSB charging port, and a microSD card slot for turning the Magicbox into a standalone MP3 player. Take your pick of black, red, blue, or gray for a very reasonable price, usually starting around $27.

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SoundPal F3 Portable Speaker

Providing rich bass and impressive volume levels is the SoundPal F3 Speaker which packs two 7.5W drivers along with a couple passive radiators. On a full charge this portable speaker will supply you with up to 12 hours of your favorite tunes while hooked up to your Chromecast Audio. A built-in mic allows you to manage your calls over the speaker, if that's your thing, and the 3.5mm aux-in on the side is easily accessible for connecting your Chromecast Audio. You can snag this miniature beast for only $29.99.

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Cambridge Soundworks OontZ Angle 3

While the Chromecast Audio may not be waterproof, the OontZ Angle 3 from Cambridge SoundWorks certainly is. This 5-inch speaker speaker has an IPX5 rating, making it completely splashproof for any setting. Inside is a long lasting 2200mAh battery that provides up to 15 hours of music through its dual drivers for a total of 10W of stereo sound. The OontZ Angle 3 sounds great on every level — mids, highs, and even bass are clear thanks to the passive subwoofer design. If you're after a speaker that's built for a tougher environment, this is a great option for you.

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AYL Portable Mini Speaker

For something a bit more compact, but surprisingly loud, the AYL portable mini speaker is definitely one to check out. The 3W speaker on top provides quality sound that jams for up to 10 hours on a full charge. The unique design of this speaker makes it ideal for travel, quickly collapsing into a smaller size when needed. There's even a built-in 3.5mm headphone cable on the bottom for hooking up your Chromecast Audio, along with an extension cable if you need a little extra length. Priced around $15, you can't go wrong with this mini speaker.

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Anker Classic Portable Speaker

Anker's Classic Portable Speaker, a box design that uses a single 2-inch, 4W driver and bass port to deliver its amazing quality sound. Powering the unit is a 2100mAh Li-ion battery that will keep the music going for up to 20 hours. The built-in mic allows you to use the Anker Classic as a speakerphone, but for keeping things simple just plug in your Chromecast Audio to the 3.5mm port on the side and enjoy what this crafty speaker has to offer. Included is a longer auxiliary cable, travel pouch, microUSB charging cable, and an 18-month warranty. You can grab one in black, blue, or white for around $35.

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$34.99 on Amazon

VTIN Cuber

If you're looking for a speaker to use with Chromecast audio that is ultra portable, check out the VTIN Cuber.

With an IP67 rating, this small square speaker is made to withstand the elements, which is great if you every want to use your Chromecast beside the pool or when your outside grilling.

Believe it or not, this tiny thing actually has a pretty solid battery life, giving you up to 8 hours of listening time. It comes with a strap you can attach to make it even easier to carry, and if you want to venture away from your Chromecast you can always use it with standard Bluetooth.

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What speakers are you using with Chromecast Audio?

Those are our top picks for an affordable speaker to use with the new Chromecast Audio. What speakers you're currently using or looking into getting for your new audio accessory? Sound off in the comments!

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