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Top 5 OtterBox-style cases for Samsung Galaxy S6


When regular skins and hard cases just won't cut it, we look to the hardcore covers to keep our Galaxy S6 safe from impending doom

Whether you have a plan for protecting your Samsung Galaxy S6 or not, it's always a good idea to weigh your options before pulling out your wallet. There are a number of OtterBox-style cases for the Galaxy S6 already available, but which ones are truly worth the investment?

We've selected a handful of rugged cases for the Galaxy S6 that have proven themselves with previous devices in withstanding against the rigors of an outdoor lifestyle and a strenuous work environment. Jump past the break to get the complete rundown and let us know some of your personal favorites.

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1 day ago

Hands-on: Amzer Double Layer Hybrid Case for the HTC One M9

HTC One M9 Amzer Hybrid Case

Good protection adds a kickstand to make better use of the screen and those speakers.

Here's a quick look at the Amzer Hybrid Case for the HTC One M9. It's got a soft silicone underlayer that fits up against your phone and protects the back, sides top and bottom while still giving full access to the ports and buttons. And on top of that goes a rigid plastic shell for the more serious protection.

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2 days ago

Planning ahead: HTC One M9 cases


We've narrowed down our top cases for the HTC One M9 that should serve well in shielding against damage

With all the buzz around the HTC One M9, we're just sitting here, thinking ahead about how best to protect the device. Skins, hard cases, side pouches, hybrids — we're not biased. But we are taking our selections into serious consideration before hitting the streets with a brand new device.

Jump past the break and check out which cases for HTC One M9 made the list.

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3 days ago

This is pretty much the last way we'd ever charge our phone


Neck pillows with batteries. Is nothing sacred anymore? (And were all the renders newer than the HTC Desire taken?)

Behold, the PowerUp Pillow. Currently going for a $25 pledge on Kickstarter.

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4 days ago

Quick Look: Spigen Case Wallet S for Galaxy S6


Is Spigen's new wallet case for Galaxy S6 the right case for you? We dig a little deeper to see its pros and cons.

Unlike any other cases for the Galaxy S6, wallet covers have a unique appeal and unmatched functionality. Sure, everyone has their own preference for protecting their device, but having the flexibility to store the essentials of your wallet inside a phone case has its benefits and not surprisingly, its drawbacks.

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5 days ago

Top 5 accessories for HTC One M9


It's time to start considering what HTC One M9 accessories will best suit you and your lifestyle.

Pairing your HTC One M9 with accessories that enhance your overall experience is important in more ways than one. You never want to be restricted by battery life, storage space or constantly worry about dropping your device. We get that.

Whether it's a case, backup battery or quick charger — we're here to guide your decision in the right direction. This brief list of our top accessories for the HTC One M9 will bring you up to speed on what's available and what's popular. Jump past the break to get started.

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5 days ago

Notti and Dotti light up a room with notifications and music


Notti and Dotti, two new smart lights from WITTI, are now available worldwide. When connected to your Android device or iPhone, the lights can provide notification alerts, respond to music, and more.

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6 days ago

Amazon Fire TV Stick makes its way to the UK for £35 [Update: Germany and Austria, too]


Priced at £35, Amazon's HDMI dongle is all set to take on the Chromecast in the UK.

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6 days ago

The HTC Re camera: An AC editor roundtable

HTC Re camera

Here's what we think about HTC's RE camera now that we've used it a bit.

When HTC announced the RE camera in the fall of 2014, plenty of people were curious. HTC is branching out and building "lifestyle" products (their words, not mine) and started with an accessory that was odd-looking, yet intriguing. It didn't look like a handheld camera (or even a GoPro), but it had a 16-megapixel wide-angle lens and a promise of being able to take great pictures. We all had to try it.

Fast forward a few months, now that we all have had a while to give the RE camera a real-life workout, and it's time we gave our long-term impression about the handheld camera that looks like an asthma inhaler.

Strap in and have a read.

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1 week ago

ShopAndroid.com ahora en español!


ShopAndroid.com está ahora disponible en idioma español.

Desde el 2008 ShopAndroid.com ha sido la tienda más popular para los usuarios de teléfonos Android, ofreciendo una amplia variedad de productos, un rápido envío, las mejores marcas, y ayuda por expertos. Como respuesta a los requerimientos de nuestros clientes y visitantes latinos y con la visión de expandir nuestra red de comercio electrónico, nos complace anunciarles que ShopAndroid está disponible en español.

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1 week ago

Wireless charging, in plain English

Qi transmitter coil

Wireless charging isn't magic, just convenient.

Wireless charging, like the Qi charging many Android phones use, isn't new technology. My Panasonic electric razor used it many years ago, and most of us have seen toothbrushes that charge wirelessly in a cradle. And of course, we can't forget Palm and the way they brought wireless charging (though a different standard) to the masses with the Touchstone. Now that size, cost and efficiency constraints have all eased up a little, putting wireless charging in something like your Android phone or watch makes perfect sense.

We get more than a few questions about wireless charging and how it works, so let's take a few minutes and talk about the basics — what it is, how it works and why you would want it in your next Android purchase.

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1 week ago

Samsung details colorful accessories for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge


Samsung will let you customize your Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge to your heart's content with a range of accessories tailored for the devices.

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1 week ago

iRig 2 mobile guitar interface launches with better sound, more flexibility


IK Multimedia has announced that iRig 2, their followup to their successful guitar interface for mobile devices, is now shipping.

iRig 2 aims to provide better sound quality and increased flexibility over its predecessor. The interface still plugs into the headphone jack on your Android device, letting you send your guitar's signals to compatible apps.

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1 week ago

HTC puts even more fun into its M8 and M9 Dot View Cases


HTC in the past few days has released a few new Android apps ahead of the global release of the HTC One M9, and it's updated a number of its current apps for it and the HTC One M8 as well. Leading the way is the addition of three new features for the Dot View Case.

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1 week ago

Xiaomi starts selling accessories through its official website in India


Xiaomi has commenced sales of accessories through its official Mi.com website in India.

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