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Seidio LEDGER Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S6


Perfect for storing a card or two for everyday use, the LEDGER Case feels as good as it looks — offering more than one way to enjoy media.

We've seen the the S-View Case for the Galaxy S6 up-close, but the storage and kickstand options of Seidio's LEDGER Case were too enticing to not give a trial run. What we didn't expect, however, was a disadvantage that could render this particular cover useless for many Galaxy S6 owners.

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3 hours ago

Sport serious screen protection with Tech Armor's Ballistic Glass for HTC One M9


Taking the next step in quality screen protection is Tech Armor's Ballistic Glass — keeping your HTC One M9's display safe from both scratches and nasty impacts.

If you're after a tempered glass screen protector for your HTC One M9 that does it all, look no further. With the Ballistic Glass Protector you retain outstanding clarity after application, along with incredible durability against common abrasives such as keys and dirt. Installation is a cinch, and you can't go wrong with Tech Armor's lifetime warranty. Read on for the complete deets, as well as a handy installation video.

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22 hours ago

Google Carboard gets a huge update with new hardware and software


Google's simple VR experience has expanded to new devices, with new software and purposes.

As impressive as it is for Google to announce that over one million Cardboard viewers have been folded and activated around the world, you can't get far in a conversation about this inexpensive little box without hearing about the lack of support for many devices. Google has updated the Cardboard design to support larger devices like the Nexus 6, but has also updated the software to include iOS support. Perhaps more significant, the Cardboard team has announced a new classroom initiative called Expeditions, with software to help kids go on virtual field trips anywhere in the world.

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23 hours ago

Project Brillo is Google's operating system for the Internet of Things


Google has annoucned Project Brillo, their operating system for the Internet of Things.

Google has introduced Project Brillo, their operating system for the Internet of Things (IoT). Brillo is derived from Android, but is scrubbed down to the barest level so that it will run on many devices without a large footprint.

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2 days ago

Xiaomi to officially launch the Mi Store on June 1 for the UK, Germany, US, and France


Xiaomi is now ready to officially launch its Mi Store in the US, UK, Germany, and France beginning on June 1.

After what appears to be a successful test in of their store in the US, UK, Germany, and France, Xiaomi is ready to launch its Mi Store officially on June 1. The company will start off with various accessories in stock, such as battery packs, headphones, and its rather cheap fitness band.

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2 days ago

Stroll scratch free with Tech Armor's easy-install HD screen protectors for Galaxy S6

Tech Armor HD Clear Screen Protectors

A newb-friendly application and quality display protection that doesn't turn your display grainy. We approve.

There are numerous screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S6 available across the web, offering different levels of protection and installation techniques. Tech Armor's HD Clear protectors, however, keep the beautiful resolution of your display while shielding from common enemies like keys, dirt, and other abrasive elements. Best of all, you get 3 protectors in each package, saving the extras for when it's time to replace one. Hit the break to check out what's included along with a quick and easy installation video.

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3 days ago

Aukey's Dual-USB Turbo Car Charger rocks Quick Charge 2.0 in a small size


Accelerating the charging experience on the go is Aukey's Dual-USB Turbo Car Charger — a pocket-sized companion you'll want for every commute.

Whether you're playing taxi, carpooling, or riding solo, having enough chargers in the car makes everyone's life much simpler. For the sake of getting the fastest charge possible, you'll want something that puts out more juice than your run-of-the-mill charger. Aukey has packed this little bugger with Quick Charge 2.0 along with a spare USB port for second device — leaving plenty of room for other things besides your charger.

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4 days ago

A quick look at Spigen's Slim Armor Case for Galaxy S6 edge


Utilizing dual-layers and a flush-folding kickstand, the Slim Armor Case from Spigen makes protection look good with the Galaxy S6 edge.

We're all about keeping things slim, especially when it comes to cases for the Galaxy S6 edge. With this form-fitting hybrid, you not only get protection against minor impacts, but also an enhanced grip that never gets hung up in your pockets. Take a peek of how it looks on the S6 edge, along with some pros and cons we've found after extensive use.

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4 days ago

Save up to 84 percent on Kingston MicroSD cards at Amazon for today only


You can save big on Kingston microSD cards today at Amazon, with prices for the storage add-ons cut back as much as 84 percent.

Amazon frequently has big sales on Flash storage cards and today the retailer has cut back the prices on Kingston microSD cards by as much as 84 percent.

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5 days ago

Quick look: The LG G4 official extra battery kit


Your LG G4 has a removable battery, and this kit helps you make the most of it.

Say what you want about Quick Charge or wireless charging, for many power users and frequent travelers, nothing beats the instant 100-percent refill delivered by a removable battery. The LG G4 is one of the few high-end phones still offering this feature, and to fully take advantage of it you'll want LG's extra battery kit.

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6 days ago

Amazon Echo adds TMZ, NPR and more news sources to its Flash Briefing feature


The Amazon Echo connected speaker can now offer news from more sources thanks to an update for its Flash Briefing feature.

Amazon continues to add new features to its Amazon Echo connected speaker. Today, the company emailed owners of the device informing them that the Flash Briefing option now has more news sources to choose from.

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6 days ago

LG promotion scores you a free G4 battery, charger, and microSD card in the US


LG is offering a great deal to customers who end up making the LG G4 their next phone. For a limited time the company will be offering a package that both doubles the battery life and storage of the new device.

Unfortunately the new promotion is only good for US customers, but it scores them a spare battery, battery charging cradle, and a 32GB microSD card, for the low price of free. Customers who purchase the LG G4 from any authorized seller, such as Best Buy, Amazon, carrier locations, or LG's own site, will be able to redeem this offer.

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1 week ago

Seidio Spring-Clip Holster for Samsung Galaxy S6

Seidio Spring Clip Holster

Holsters never seem to make much of an impression these days, but with the right clip, they can make accessing your device quick and convenient.

If you're already using your Samsung Galaxy S6 without a case, then Seidio's Spring-Clip Holster might be an ideal go-to solution for protecting your display from scratches while providing an easier way of answering a call, text or email. It doesn't hide your device behind layers or kickstands — it lets it all hang out.

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1 week ago

Red, white and blue sale: Save 20% on Android accessories!

In honor of the brave men and women who gave their lives for our country, we're offering 20% off all Android accessories at ShopAndroid.

Starting today until Tuesday, May 26, you can pick up a new case, quick charger, screen protector or wireless charger for your Android device and enjoy a 20% savings by using coupon code: RWB2015 at checkout. There's an extensive selection of Android accessories to choose from, along with a convenient 60-day return policy and free shipping on all orders over $50 in the US and Canada.

Save big on accessories for the latest devices including the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge, HTC One M9 and LG G4. Haven't upgraded just yet? No problem — we're fully stocked on accessories for favorites like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4 and many more!

Take your time, browse, and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

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1 week ago

Skrillex and Google bring the 'wub-wub' to your phone with custom cases


Google has teamed up with electronic artist Skrillex to launch the first in a series of "Edition" cases for certain phones.

Now on sale in the Google Store, the "Skrillex Live Case" is available in three different designs for Google's own Nexus 6 and Nexus 5, along with a trio of Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5, and Galaxy Note 4.

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