3 years ago

HTC announces new versions of the Wildfire, Desire and Incredible


HTC has announced three new smartphones that will ship with HTC Sense; they are all upgrades of phones already in the market.

The Desire S will sport a 3.7-inch WVGA display, 1GHz Snapdragon processor and rear and front-facing cameras. 

The Incredible S will boast a 4-inch WVGA Super LCD display, a rear 8MP a front-facing camera. 

The Wildfire S will have a 3.2-inch HVGA display with a 5MP camera. 

These devices will be available in the European and Asian markets in Q2. No specific dates or prices at this time. Stay tuned for more info on all three of these devices. Full press release and pics after the break. 

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3 years ago

HTC ChaCha and Salsa announced, dedicated Facebook button included


Well, it looks like those HTC Facebook rumors were true after all. HTC has announced the HTC ChaCha and the HTC Salsa. These two oddly named devices will support a dedicated one-touch Facebook button on the front of each phone and will rock Android 2.3.3 under their hoods.

The ChaCha will dance its way around with a 2.6-inch display, and a full QWERTY keyboard to boot. The other phone, the HTC Salsa, will rock a full 3.4-inch display. And that's pretty much it, that's all we know so far. The new Facebook support seems to be a glorified modification of the new HTC Sense. We're betting that this is not the true "Facebook Phone" that has been long rumored since Erick Tseng left Google for Facebook Mobile. More info in the press release after the break.

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3 years ago

HTC announces the HTC Flyer, a 7-inch tablet with tablet-specific HTC Sense


HTC has announced their entrance to the tablet space this morning with the 7-inch HTC Flyer, with an all-new HTC Sense redesigned specifically for tablets. In addition, HTC has announced HTC Watch, a new video service and HTC Scribe, digital ink technology.

The Flyer has a 7-inch screen with a solid, aluminum body. HTC claims it weighs as little as a 'paperback book', which is vague but promising. It will also sport a 1.5GHz processor that will combine with HSPA+ technologies.

The newly redesigned HTC Sense is specific for tablets and will feature a 'gorgeous 3D homescreen'. 

Along with the Flyer, HTC also unveiled it's Scribe technology, which allows users to use digital ink innovations in such functions as notes, contracts and drawing pictures.

HTC is also making a giant leap in the cloud-based video game space with their new gaming service provided by OnLive. It will allow users to transmit the service to their TVs or let them play on the tablet itself. A few titles already announced thus far are Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, NBA 2K11 and Lego Harry Potter. 

The Flyer will ship in Q2 with Android 2.4 (Gingerbread), with Honeycomb coming later. The new tablet will be heavily built on the new HTC Sense technology, which has been specifically designed for tablets. Stay tuned for more exciting info from Spain! Full press release after the break. 

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3 years ago

Delta Air Lines releases official Android app


Delta Air Lines has released their official Android app, which aims to make travelling easier by making many of their services accessible on the go.

With the Delta app, users can now check in for flights, download boarding passes, check their flight's status, check their SkyMiles balance, see current weather conditions and more. 

For those passengers frustrated at the lack of a dedicated mobile app for Delta Air Lines, the wait is over. Please find links to the app after the break. [Twitter] Thanks Jason!

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3 years ago

HTC Revolver - A Honeycomb phone destined for AT&T?!


As we prepare to head on in to the HTC event today, we wouldn't be off to a great start if there wasn't some last minute rumors popping up. No, we're not talking about those Facebook phones here. We're talking about the HTC Revolver which has been suggested to be a Honeycomb loving phone that is headed to AT&T. Of course, the fact it's a phone running Honeycomb has us wondering about the legitimacy of it all.

Spec wise the information suggests a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, a 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen, 16GB of on-board storage, and 1GB of memory with an 8 megapixel camera on the back and an 3 megapixel camera on the front. As much as we'd like to see how Honeycomb would run on a device like this, we'll have to wait for the HTC announcements later today. [Engadget]

*Update* - As expected, nothing to see here. just some Tom Foolery.

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3 years ago

Mobile World Congress Podcast - Day 1


Audio-only stream below

Day 1 of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is a wrap! Listen in to this cross-platform podcast as we discuss the Windows Phone 7 news, LG's Optimus 3D and Optimus Pad, some Acer hardware and more!

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3 years ago

Mobile World Congress 2011 - Day 1 Roundup


We're only one day into Mobile World Congress 2011 and to say that Android has thus far played a big part is a little bit of an understatement. Android has played a huge part and we're glad to be here covering it for you all at home. This is just the beginning. We'll have plenty more coming your way soon. Until then check out what you may have missed: 

Any particular announcement you all enjoyed out there? Something you were hoping would get announced and did or -- for that matter did not? Either way sound off in the comments folks and let us know what you thought the good, the bad and the just plain ugly were from today. Stay tuned for more from MWC2011. 

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3 years ago

Kinoma Play for Android coming soon - Sign up for the beta today!


If you've been making use of a smartphone long before they were even called smartphones then the name Kinoma should be rather familiar to you. If not, now is a great time to get to know them and what they offer. Made popular on Palm OS, Symbian and Windows Mobile, Kinoma Play is now making its way to Android with their newly announced beta media player and platform services.

Having recently been acquired by Marvell, Kinoma is hard at work. Aside from the Android Beta they also have a new SDK coming for developers and OEM's that allows them to integrate Kinoma into their content and services. The full press release is available after the break but if you're wanting to get in on the Android Beta you'll have to head on over to the Kinoma website for the full details. You can also check out their announcement post in our forums. [Kinoma]

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3 years ago

Official Weather Channel app gets big update



The official Weather Channel app for Android has been updated to version 3.0, adding a host of new features to help you stay one step ahead of your local atmospheric phenomena.

Additions include voice search and type-ahead for location entry, a new swipeable navigation bar, extra video content and a "hybrid" units setup for British and Canadian users. There's also three new homescreen widgets included in the update.

A warning to Android 2.3 users, though - we tried to get this app working on several devices running Gingerbread, but it seems to have compatibility issues on the latest version of Android, resulting in crashes at startup. We've successfully tested it on Froyo, however, so Android 1.6 to 2.2 users should be just fine.

Join us after the jump for QR codes and Market links.

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3 years ago

Qualcomm announces next generation Snapdragon chips



Chip-maker Qualcomm has announced its next generation Snapdragon chipsets, including a beastly quad-core part by the name of APQ8064 which will run at up to 2.5 GHz. APQ8064 is based on Qualcomm's new 28nm "Krait" micro-architecture, and also includes an Adreno 320 quad-core GPU.

The manufacturer says APQ8064 chipsets will deliver up to 12 times the CPU performance of the original Snapdragon and up to 15 times the GPU performance of the original Adreno, while reducing power consumption. Qualcomm likens the performance of the APQ8064's Adreno 320 to that of the current generation of games consoles. This extra horsepower will allow the chipset to power higher-resolution displays and handle 3D playback and recording, and Qualcomm will be targeting it at next-generation mobile devices.

Other new chipsets include the single-core MSM8930 and the dual-core MSM8960. The MSM8930 includes an integrated LTE modem and will be aimed at mainstream smartphones, while its dual-core sibling will appear in "multi-tasking smartphones and tablets".

Qualcomm says samples of MSM8930 and APQ8064 chipsets will be available in early 2012, while samples of the dual-core MSM8960 will emerge in the second quarter of this year. [PRNewswire]

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