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HTC Salsa and ChaCha under glass [MWC]


 One Facebook phone isn't cool. You know what's cool? Two HTC phones that aren't technically "Facebook phones" in the sense that everybody means but instead have a special Facebook button on like a beauty mark on their lower-right chins. 

Or something. The ChaCha looks like the more interesting phone to us, sporting a full QWERTY keyboard and a small 2.6 inch screen that makes it look like a very well-designed successor to the very-well-designed HTC Snap. The slightly angled design also looks good and we're warming up to the 4-way arrow keys they decided to include on that keyboard - text selection will probably need all the help it can get at that screen size.

There's also the HTC Salsa, which is a small slate device with a 3.4 inch screen. It's honestly a pretty unassuming device, but sometimes small sizes (and presumably small prices) can equal big successes. We'll see.

Back to that Facebook button. It's context-aware, so if you're looking at something on your phone that you can share, it will glow. Photos, web pages, music, location - all can be shared. It will launch a special Facebook app and finally work with Facebook messaging too - HTC says it's all part of an entirely new 'Sense experience,' but we can't quite say how it'll work because, as you noticed in the title, HTC has these little guys under glass and no-touching allowed.

Go on and take a gander at a few more shots after the break.

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3 years ago

UK carriers announce availability of new HTC devices



Several major UK carriers have already chimed in with official tweets detailing when HTC's latest batch of Android smartphones will be launching on their networks.

According to the carriers' official Twitter accounts, Three and O2 will be getting the HTC Desire S. Orange and Vodafone will both be carrying the Desire S, Wildfire S and ChaCha when they're released in the second quarter of the year.

So far the only network to confirm that it'll be ranging the HTC Flyer tablet is Three, though the carrier made no mention of any exclusivity deal in its press release.

T-Mobile has yet to announce anything, though given the phones' widespread availability on other networks we'd fully expect them to carry at least one of them. In sort-of-related news, O2 has also confirmed today that it'll be carrying LG's Optimus 3D when it launches later in the year. [O2 on Twitter, ThreeUK on Twitter, conorfromorange on Twitter, VodafoneUK on Twitter, Three Media Centre]

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3 years ago

Huawei officially announces the IDEOS X3 smartphone and the IDEOS S7 Slim tablet


Huawei has officially announced two new Android devices -- the IDEOS X3 smartphone and the IDEOS S7 Slim tablet.  Neither device was a big secret, but Huawei held their press conference at MWC today and made them both official.

The IDEOS X3 is an entry level phone, with a 3.2 inch HVGA display, a 3.2 MP camera, running Android 2.3.  It's also touted as the thinnest 3.2 inch device on the market, but no dimensions were given.  Expect the device in the spring of 2011, with an initial launch on Softbank Mobile in Japan.

The IDEOS S7 Slim is a 7 inch tablet with a 480 x 800 pixel resolution, running Froyo.  Not much is known and full specs haven't been released, but when we saw it at IFA 2010 (see our hands on) we saw 256 MB of RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU.

We'll reserve any judgment without some more hands-on time, but these both look like devices geared towards the budget minded consumer.  And that's never a bad thing.  The full press release, and a picture of the IDEOS S7 Slim is after the break.

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3 years ago

HTC Incredible S Hands-On [MWC] Updated with video



Your loyal HTC Droid Incredible just got itself a nice little spec bump here at Mobile World Congress 2011. The HTC Incredible S now packs a 4-inch, WVGA Super LCD display, rear 8-mp camera with HD capabilities flanked by two LED flashes, a front-facing camera, 1GHz Qualcomm processor, and 768mb of RAM, all powered by a 1450mAh battery. One clever bit they added: when you rotate the phone, the capacitive buttons (which are just a display anyway) also rotate. Add in the new Sense experience on top of Android 2.3.2 and, yeah, like we said, it's a totally respectable bump.

They hardware we grabbed onto at the booth was pre-production but felt like an Incredible: big, solid, and not shy about adding a little thickness to get that contoured back. Pricing, availability - unknown. What we do know is that you can get some photos after the break and video is uploading.

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3 years ago

HTC posts videos of the HTC Salsa, Desire S, Wildfire S and Flyer


As the HTC announcements are still on-going on, HTC has slowly been pushing videos to their Youtube account for everyone to get a better look at their upcoming devices. Currently posted you will find the HTC Salsa, Desire S , Wildfire S and the Flyer all featured in their own videos. The HTC Salsa is of course above, you'll find the Desire S, Wildfire S and Flyer  right after the break. [YouTube]

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3 years ago

Android 2.4 shows up at MWC


News, theories, and phones supposedly running Android 2.4 have been kicking around for a while now, and we're seeing it mentioned again today from HTC.  Word is that 2.4 is still Gingerbread, and we assume that it's the version with backwards support of some Honeycomb features for phones.  We're live at HTC press event now, and hopefully we'll hear some more details.  We'll keep you updated.

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3 years ago

HTC at Mobile World Congress Liveblog!


We're up and at 'em and at HTC's press event at Teatre Lliure in Barcelona. You've already seen the press releases, now join us after the break for the latest from the Mobile World Congress!

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3 years ago

HTC announces new versions of the Wildfire, Desire and Incredible


HTC has announced three new smartphones that will ship with HTC Sense; they are all upgrades of phones already in the market.

The Desire S will sport a 3.7-inch WVGA display, 1GHz Snapdragon processor and rear and front-facing cameras. 

The Incredible S will boast a 4-inch WVGA Super LCD display, a rear 8MP a front-facing camera. 

The Wildfire S will have a 3.2-inch HVGA display with a 5MP camera. 

These devices will be available in the European and Asian markets in Q2. No specific dates or prices at this time. Stay tuned for more info on all three of these devices. Full press release and pics after the break. 

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3 years ago

HTC ChaCha and Salsa announced, dedicated Facebook button included


Well, it looks like those HTC Facebook rumors were true after all. HTC has announced the HTC ChaCha and the HTC Salsa. These two oddly named devices will support a dedicated one-touch Facebook button on the front of each phone and will rock Android 2.3.3 under their hoods.

The ChaCha will dance its way around with a 2.6-inch display, and a full QWERTY keyboard to boot. The other phone, the HTC Salsa, will rock a full 3.4-inch display. And that's pretty much it, that's all we know so far. The new Facebook support seems to be a glorified modification of the new HTC Sense. We're betting that this is not the true "Facebook Phone" that has been long rumored since Erick Tseng left Google for Facebook Mobile. More info in the press release after the break.

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3 years ago

HTC announces the HTC Flyer, a 7-inch tablet with tablet-specific HTC Sense


HTC has announced their entrance to the tablet space this morning with the 7-inch HTC Flyer, with an all-new HTC Sense redesigned specifically for tablets. In addition, HTC has announced HTC Watch, a new video service and HTC Scribe, digital ink technology.

The Flyer has a 7-inch screen with a solid, aluminum body. HTC claims it weighs as little as a 'paperback book', which is vague but promising. It will also sport a 1.5GHz processor that will combine with HSPA+ technologies.

The newly redesigned HTC Sense is specific for tablets and will feature a 'gorgeous 3D homescreen'. 

Along with the Flyer, HTC also unveiled it's Scribe technology, which allows users to use digital ink innovations in such functions as notes, contracts and drawing pictures.

HTC is also making a giant leap in the cloud-based video game space with their new gaming service provided by OnLive. It will allow users to transmit the service to their TVs or let them play on the tablet itself. A few titles already announced thus far are Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, NBA 2K11 and Lego Harry Potter. 

The Flyer will ship in Q2 with Android 2.4 (Gingerbread), with Honeycomb coming later. The new tablet will be heavily built on the new HTC Sense technology, which has been specifically designed for tablets. Stay tuned for more exciting info from Spain! Full press release after the break. 

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