8 hours ago

Amazon's Fire Phone gets the teardown treatment


It looks like iFixIt had gotten their hands on Amazon's Fire Phone, and the outfit subjected the phone to its usual teardown treatment. Opening the phone would activate a tab that reveals that the phone has been opened, thus signaling to Amazon that your warranty is void if you attempt this at home.

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12 hours ago

Yahoo Aviate review

Aviate for Android

Aviate is a popular launcher acquired by Yahoo earlier in its development, and through a short closed beta, it's become a very mature option for those looking for a polished overall Android experience.

The main gist of it is that Aviate builds collections of your apps based on different types of activities. You can, of course, tweak those collections manually as well, and Aviate can offer suggestions to fill in collections (though this is really just a form of advertising rather than intelligent suggestions). Aviate figures out where you are and what time of day it is, and serves up relevant collections in custom-built interfaces called Spaces so you can better handle those activities. For example, if you plug in your headphones, it offers you quick access to media controls and your favorite music apps. Hit the road, and you'll be offered shortcuts to navigation home and to the office. It's a great idea on paper, but let's see how it pans out.

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12 hours ago

Amazon posts $126 million loss despite sales growth and new services


For its second quarter earnings for the 2014 fiscal year, Amazon is promoting its growth in sales as well as new products and services, but despite the positive outlook the web retailer's earnings paint a different picture. Amazon saw losses widen to $126 million for the quarter, which is quite the jump from a $7 million loss from a year prior.

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12 hours ago

Google's $1 billion play for Twitch reportedly finalized


Google's YouTube was rumored to be in the process of buying video game streamer Twitch for over $1 billion a few months ago. That deal has allegedly closed and Google will be buying Twitch for $1 billion.

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13 hours ago

The Moto 360 will display information just like everything else

Moto 360

Square, round — it's all the same to Android Wear

While LG and Samsung have already offered up everything we need to know about how Android Wear functions and what kind of features we can expect from future devices — at least until Google changes things, which certainly will happen in some respect — the unique shape of the Moto 360 still leaves some room for discussion. The round design is undeniably beautiful, as we know from our brief time with it, and we know that it certainly looks and feels like a significantly higher-quality device than the current Android Wear offerings.

But what exactly does that round design give or take away? It turns out you don't really gain or lose anything, but a handful of subtle differences could push you further into the yes category for a Moto 360.

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14 hours ago

Official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game hits Play Store


Just in time for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, an official action game has just gone live in the Google Play Store. Players pick one of the four classic turtles, and use specific swipes and taps to lay the beat-down against Shredder's minions in a number of different ways.

Tapping the screen when an enemy is about to attack launches a counter, while upward swipes send baddies into the air, and horizontal ones deliver devastating attacks.

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14 hours ago

Samsung shows off Galaxy S5 HDR camera performance from 'Sunrise to Sunset'


In a short film titled Sunrise to Sunset, Samsung is highlighting the strength of the Galaxy S5's camera, in particular shooting videos in HDR mode. Shot in Trieste, Italy, the video shows that Samsung was able to pull out great colors and details in some pretty hard shots, like those with dark shadows lit by a bright background, a great function of the HDR mode.

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14 hours ago

Leaked Samsung Gear VR Manager software reveals dock to connect Galaxy phones


It appears that Samsung's rumored Google Glass competitor, the Gear VR, would come with a companion software that resides on your Galaxy smartphone to allow you to connect and pair your phone to the head-worn connected glasses. The latest leaks show that Samsung is creating a software dubbed Gear VR Manager that would allow the Gear VR to pair and connect to your Samsung-made smartphone.

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14 hours ago

Madefire finally brings its digital comic book reader and store to Android


Madefire, a company that sells digital comics from DC, IDW, Dark Horse and other publishers, has finally released an app for Android devices via Google Play that could serve to give Amazon's ComiXology app a run for its money.

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15 hours ago

OneNote arrives on Kindle Fire and Fire Phone


Rocking a Kindle Fire or will you soon have a Fire phone? Then you're going to want to check out the new OneNote app that Microsoft just released. OneNote is Microsoft's cloud-based note-taking application and service that syncs your notes across every device you own. It's now available for free in the Amazon Appstore for Android.

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