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Motorola Atrix now available in the UK



Motorola's dual-core Atrix has launched in the UK, exclusively on the Orange network for the time being. Orange is offering the Atrix for free on 24-month contracts of £35 per month, which includes 600 minutes, unlimited SMS, 50 MMS and a 750MB data allowance.

Cheaper contracts are available, and you can expect to pay between £50 and £200 for the phone itself if you opt for one of these. Orange is also offering the Motorola's "Lapdock" alongside the Atrix, though this'll set you back a slightly eye-watering £299.99 (~$500).

To find out whether the Atrix (and Lapdock) is worth your hard-earned cash, be sure to check out our review of the Atrix 4G, AT&T's HSPA+ version of the phone.

Source: The Orange Shop

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The top Android airline apps


Whether you're always on the go, or are just an occasional traveler, having the correct application on your device can change the whole experience of the travel. Keeping up to date with real time flight information, maps of the airport, and even weather of the city you are traveling to are features that are found in various airline applications in the Android market. Let's hit the jump to check out some of the various airline applications from around the world.

United States airlinesEuropean airlines | Asian airlines

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Android Quick App: Death Worm


I don't game often on my EVO, but when I do, I want it to be epic. Sure, there's games like Dungeon Defenders, but sometimes that just doesn't hit the sweet spot. Not enough of that Dune feeling, I suppose.

Fortunately, the aptly-named Death Worm remedies that. With 45 levels, three different types of gameplay, an entire myriad of enemies, and HD support, I feel like I picked a real winner here. Plus, the whole Dune thing helped.

Join me after the break and I'll take you through the finer points of being a gigantic, nigh-unstoppable worm that destroys everything in its path.

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HTC Desire HD mini review (Three network)



You might think it's a strange time to be considering an HTC Desire HD for your next phone. The Sensation, HTC’s next big thing, is looming on the horizon. And newer, shinier phones from a variety of manufacturers may tempt you away from a device that’s been on the market (in Europe, at least) since the back end of 2010. But despite this, the Desire HD still offers a compelling feature set and specifications that compare favorably to many newer Android smartphones.

We’ve spent the past couple of weeks getting to know the Three UK-branded version of the Desire HD, which is available for free on contracts starting at £30 per month. Join us after the jump to find out more about the device in our snack-size mini-review.

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Viber brings free VoIP to Android


Viber, the popular VoIP app previously available only to iPhone users, will begin rolling out its beta version for Android this week. Viber allows users to make phone calls over 3G and WiFi connections (no word yet on 4G support) to other Viber users. The app also supports free text messaging through its interface. With a free Viber account you'll have "unlimited" calling and texting to any fellow Viber subscriber on either Android or iPhone. (The service does use data instead of voice, so Viber is only as "unlimited" as your data plan.)

Viber says that it has added features unique to Android, including a full call screen, pop-up text message notifications, integration with your phone's call and messaging logs, and the ability to set Viber as your default dialer. Remember, the app is still in beta, so hit the source link to sign up on Viber's website to receive an invitation to download.

Source: Viber

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Samsung's got another event this month


Updated on 5/16: This one's been postponed. You'll know more when we do.

Another Samsung event? OK, twist our arms. We're in. But with Sammy teaming up with AT&T this week in New York, whatever will we see in three weeks?

More info: Rumored devices forum

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Benchmarking the LG Optimus 2X and the T-Mobile G2X -- stock vs. skinned


I'll preface this by saying I don't fall into the benchmark trap.  They're too easy to manipulate (all of them), and numbers don't mean as much to me as real-life usage.  That doesn't mean they are useless though, they can give an idea of what to expect when watching them being ran on a phone you've never used, and in a case like this where the hardware is identical, Quadrant is a very good indicator of how software affects performance.  Or doesn't affect it.

On the left is the T-Mobile G2X, and on the right is the LG Optimus 2X.  Two phones with the same specs, but very different software.  Both phones have a Tegra 2 at 1GHz, 512 MB of RAM, and possibly the best LCD displays you've ever seen.  The hardware is identical, but that's where the similarity ends.  The G2X runs stock Froyo, while the Optimus 2X runs a very skinned version of Froyo.  While using these two, I'm not seeing any performance difference, so I decided to let the benchmark be the judge.  Watch the video, and dissect the scores, after the break.

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Gingerbread OTA updates for HTC Desire HD and Incredible S rolling out



Over-the-air updates to Android 2.3 Gingerbread are now available for the HTC Desire HD and Incredible S, according to a new post on HTC's European support site. Owners of both devices should head over to Settings -> About Phone -> System Software Updates to grab this latest update to Android and HTC Sense. If you have a Desire HD, you should be updated to firmware version 2.36.405.5. On the Incredible S you'll get version 2.12.405.7.

There are reports on multiple forums that these updates are indeed rolling out to the masses, so if you don't see it right away then hold tight -- it should be with you before too long.

Remember, as ever, that if your phone is carrier-branded (which is usually the case if you bought it at a subsidized price), then you'll need to wait for your network to approve this update before it's pushed out to you.

Source: HTC Europe; via: Engadget

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HTC Sensation available to pre-order from Vodafone UK for May 19 delivery


Vodafone UK is now listing the HTC Sensation for pre-order on its website, along with its first firm information on pricing and availability. Pre-order right now and Voda will "aim" to have the dual-core device shipped to you for May 19. That's not quite a promise, but at least it's a little more specific than the previous "mid-May" release window.

As far as prices go, Vodafone will give you a free Sensation on 24-month contracts of £35 per month or more. 12 and 18-month contracts are also available, though you can expect to pay a little more up-front (up to £200, in fact) if you opt for a cheaper or shorter contract.

Vodafone has a short head-start on the other major UK networks, which will begin offering the HTC Sensation sometime next month. We recently got to play with the Sensation at HTC's UK Roadshow, so be sure to check out our hands-on coverage to find out more.

Source: Vodafone UK

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Anybody else get a Droid Charge early?


Read our Droid Charge initial review

It's the feel-good story of the year. Boy calls Target. Target has Droid Charge. Boy drives to Target, buys Droid Charge, but it won't activate. Target/Radio Shack dude does a little magic, and the Droid Charge is up and running.

And that's just one of many stories floating around the Android Central Forums -- the greatest Android Forums around, by the way.

We still don't know exactly when the Droid Charge will officially go on sale -- a Tuesday re-launch following last week's postponement due to an LTE outage seems to have fallen through. But handfuls of you are getting them. And that sort of thing makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.

Source: Android Forums

Droid Charge SpecsDroid Charge ForumsDroid Charge Accessories

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