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Ten years of Google awesomeness as a publicly traded company

Google stock

Mountain View has been a prime example of the long-term play

Google went public 10 years ago today. I remember it well because, at the time, I was working as an equity analyst covering the technology hardware sector on Bay Street in Toronto. When IPOs happen, the investment bankers typically are the ones who set the offer price. Google used a Dutch auction, which was controversial and meant buyers were to bid on the number of shares they'd like to buy and what price they'd be willing to pay.

Google's IPO was not deemed highly successful at the time. The Nasdaq was suffering from weakness, the first-day pop of Google shares was less dramatic than people hoped for, and it was commonly written that Google was massively overpriced.

Ten years later I think this serves as fantastic evidence of the importance of long-term thinking. Investing, to me, is not about trading for today, this week, this quarter or even this year. It's about looking at an industry dealing with huge change and buying companies with a leadership position in creating the change. Oh … and holding onto the stock for a long, long time.

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22 hours ago

BioLite Portable Grill and KettlePot review - cook food and charge your phone

BioLite stove and grill

The BioLite Campstove has been around for a little while, offering the gadget-obssessed a way of keeping their toys alive when out in the wilderness. The whole affair uses a wood-burning stove paired with a thermoelectric generator that trickle charges a single device over USB. A smart design and built-in fan helps keep the fire stoked.

This summer I got to try out two cooking attachments for the stove: the KettlePot and the Portable Grill. If you think you can squeeze in one more camping trip before the summer wraps up, you'll want to check them out.

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23 hours ago

Budget app Simple adds instant money transfer


Simple has released a major update for its finance app for Android devices, including an all new interface and a few new features to help people manage their money.

In addition, the app now allows users to send money to other Simple customers for the first time on mobile via Simple Instant.

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23 hours ago

Retrica review


Filter fanatics will enjoy this simple app, but serious photographers will have to look elsewhere

There are plenty of ways to put funky retro filters on your photos, but many focus on tweaking after the fact rather than doing it on the fly. Retrica is one camera app that's picked up a sizable following for offering a huge set of neat and artistic filters that are applied to the viewfinder live as you're taking photos, and letting you quickly share them out to any service you choose.

Working with photos this way creates a different dynamic than snapping a picture and laboring over filters and tweaks later, but for some people the live filters of Retrica will offer a more spontaneous and fun experience. Read along for our full review of Retrica, another choice in a full stable of camera apps on Android.

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23 hours ago

Google Sheets gets Excel-friendly while Drive adds Activity Stream


Google Drive and Google Sheets for Android got some decent feature additions recently. Google Drive now lets users view changes made to files and folders from the details panel, along with a few new file management functions from the same pane.

You can also change view, comment, or edit permissions from the mobile app now. Meanwhile Google Sheets now allows users to open, edit, and save Microsoft Excel files. You can also view charts, insert formulas, and use find/replace throughout your spreadsheets.

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23 hours ago

OneNote app for Android updated with full tablet support and more


Microsoft has released a major update for its OneNote note taking app for Android devices in the Google Play Store, offering tablet owners a full and native experience for the first time, along with other features.

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1 day ago

Verizon-exclusive HTC One M8 with Windows Phone is official

HTC One M8 with Windows Phone

As was widely rumored in recent weeks, HTC and Verizon Wireless have today unveiled the HTC One M8 with Windows Phone 8.1. This new flavor of M8 has Microsoft's mobile OS running the show, with the same specs and all-metal chassis we know from the original Android HTC One M8, and it'll be carried exclusively by Verizon. That means you've got a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 801 processor inside, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a microSD slot, 2,600mAh battery and UltraPxel rear camera, backed up by HTC's depth-sensing Duo Camera. To sweeten the deal Microsoft's also throwing in 15GB of free OneDrive cloud storage.

This one's a Verizon exclusive, and it'll be available Aug. 20 for $99 on contract.

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1 day ago

How to upload your own file to Google Play Books

Google Play Books upload hero

Google Play Books gives power to the people to upload their own books

One feature I'm discovering on Google Play Books that I really enjoy is that I get to upload my own files, which I can then read within the Google Play Books app. Just keep in mind that the files should be of the PDF and/or EPUB varieties. The files you upload should also be DRM-free. DRMs are things that allow sellers to control what you do with their product to some extent. You can get DRM-free files from different sources, like Project Gutenberg.

Google Play Books actually makes a pretty decent eReader. One thing I think makes it pretty solid is it syncs notes, highlights, the place you leave off and more across all the devices on which you use Play Books. The syncing takes place with your Google account.

Let's talk about how to get these files uploaded. In this case, I just saw The Giver and I'd really like to check out the book and see how the book and the movie compare to each other. Join me on my journey as I upload a PDF.

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1 day ago

Sharp's stunning new Aquos Crystal with almost no bezel is heading to Sprint for $239


Sharp just yesterday unveiled their Sharp Aquos Crystal smartphone with stunningly-slim bezels, and today we're getting official confirmation that the phone is coming to US carrier Sprint and its prepaid Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile brands. We don't yet have an official release date for the phone, though we do now at least have pricing: $239.99, off contract.

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1 day ago

Contest winners: a OnePlus One, Patriot charger or battery, and Lloyd hats!


Whether you were looking for a non-spammy and non-sexist contest to enter to win a brand new OnePlus One, or you needed a new Lloyd hat to cover your head, Android Central was the place to be last week. We had contests, and now we have winners! Let's find out who they are.

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