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Verizon Giving Away Free Droid Battery Doors



We guess Verizon finally realized their original method of fixing the faulty Motorola Droid battery cover wasn't going to cut it. After all, it was just a band-aid! This time around, they're actually offering new Droid battery covers to fix the issue, hopefully this set locks in better than what came with our Droids. It's currently out of stock, but hopefully they'll re-stock it soon since the battery cover has been the biggest design flaw in an otherwise wonderfully styled phone.

So who put in their order in time? We know a lot of you from the forums have!

big thanks to zandroid in our forums!

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4 years ago

Best of Smartphone Experts, 3 Jan 2010

4 years ago

Sprint HTC Hero FAQ, Nexus One, Facebook, HTC Droid Eris touchscreen


From the Forums is a great way for you, our readers, to see the hottest topics being discussed. But you must be a registered member and becoming a member is a simple process. So if you have not already already done so, head on over and register now!

  • If you picked up a Sprint HTC Hero this holiday season and want to learn more about it, look no further than the Hero FAQ that one of our moderators, 8notime, has started. You will find a ton of useful information.
  • Lately all of the buzz has been surrounding a particular HTC device, so why not join in on the good conversation going on in the HTC Nexus One forum.
  • Lets face it, the Android Facebook application leaves a lot to be desired. The big question seems to be when will we get a much improved Facebook application?
  • After the last HTC Droid Eris update some of our forum members reported some touchscreen issues, if you have been one of these unlucky few feel free to chime in on the conversation.

See you on the forums!

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4 years ago

And Yes, Nexus One Gets Reviewed



The oh so lucky guys at the Nexus One Blog got their hands on the Nexus One and one-upped the other hands-on that came out today with a full review. They go through the Nexus One in full detail and come out pretty darn impressed at the device. To summarize:

  • The display screen on this phone is simply incredible. There has yet to be any device out on the market to date that looks as crisp and clear as the Nexus One.
  • Responsiveness to touch on the screen is definitely on par with the iPhone. There are no delays when touching apps and moving from screen to screen.
  • Photos and video are just average, and very similar to all of the rest of HTC’s devices in the market as well as the Motorola Droid.
  • The phones speed is simply amazing. Navigating through the phone, installing applications, and surfing the web is blazingly fast.

It looks like everyone that has actually gone hands-on with the Nexus One has walked away mighty impressed with the device. It's looking like a foregone conclusion that this will be the Android phone to get once released. We can't wait to get our own grubby hands and prying eyes on it!

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4 years ago

Nexus One gets another hands-on


Guess this really makes the Nexus One from Google as unofficially official as something can get: Engadget has a device in hand (more so than even Gizmodo did) and is giving it the what-for, along with a hands-on video. The long and the short: It's fast, it's sleek, it feels good in the hand, but it's not revolutionary for an Android device, though it gives the Motorola Droid a run for its money.

And the specs are as we've seen thus far: a 3.7-inch 480x800 display, 512MB RAM/512MB ROM, 4GB microSD card, animated wallpapers and the like. The apps drawer has given way to a sort of Rolodex of apps, which is a nice change, and there's a bit of a card metaphor going on. (Don't tell our friends at PreCentral.)

Needless to say, we'll be seeing lots more of the Nexus One before the expected Jan. 5 launch. Stay tuned. [Engadget]

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4 years ago

Unsubstantiated rumor says another Nexus One may come with AT&T 3G



File this under "Don't know ... Could be ... Who knows ... Take with a grain of salt ... Maybe ..." and any other number of qualifiers, but the Boy Genius Report says it's heard that there may be a second unlocked version of the Nexus One, and that it would sport support for AT&T's 3G (that's the 850 and 1900 MHz bands, if you're playing at home). That's it for now. Could just be rampant speculation, could be more. We'll find out something in three days.

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4 years ago

Beta ROM moving along nicely for Android 2.1 on CDMA Heroes



For those of you with CDMA HTC Heroes who don't mind a bit of hackery, some cooked ROMs are in the works to bring Android 2.1 to your phones.

From XDA Developers member flipzmode come the above screen shots (and more after the break), which have been based off of another 2.1 project at HTCPedia. This is highly unofficial, of course, and still in beta, so there are some bugs. Notably not working are the camera, visual voicemail, multitouch and the light sensor. But this is one that's worth keeping an eye one. (Thanks, Keith!)

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4 years ago

Moto Droid Calgary/Devour seen in silver, trades D-pad for optical sensor


Well hows about that. There's the Motorola Calgary/Droid Devour, all dressed up in silver. And while the keyboard doesn't quite look as sexy (and usable) as you might find on the HTC Touch Pro 2, it's definitely bigger than that's on the current Droid. And by now you've noticed the lack of a D-pad, which looks like it's given way for an optical trackpad like the BlackBerry Bold 9700 (which we've found easy to use). That's an improvement, in our humble opinion. But after the extremely disappointing keyboard on the original Droid, we're going to want to take this one for a ride before even beginning to pass judgment.

Other new rumored specs: a 1420mAh battery, WiFi and GPS (natch), and it won't be a world phone.

Whatcha think, folks? An improvement?

[Via Boy Genius Report]

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4 years ago

Dell Mini turned into giant Dell Mini 3i


Sure, there's that Dell Mini 3i Android phone floating around out there. But let's face it: It's a little small. Now this is more like it. This guy took a Dell Inspiron Mini 10.1-inch netbook, hacked it to pieces and turned it into a giant Mini 3i phone, complete with Android. In a word: Awesome. Peep the video of how it was done after the break. [Shanzai via Gizmodo]

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4 years ago

And so begins the Year of the Robot



No top-10 lists. No retrospectives. No countdowns. Just a "Here's to the new year," and prepare for the Android onslaught in the months to come. Have a good one, and be safe, everybody.

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