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NVIDIA Shield Tablet LTE hands-on and impressions

NVIDIA Shield Tablet LTE

Take a great tablet and add more storage and LTE for just $100 — it's a solid value

Between different colors, storage sizes and mobile data options, you can easily get lost in a SKU-a-polooza when buying a tablet. NVIDIA is thankfully offering just two models of the new Shield Tablet — one with 16GB of storage, and another with 32GB and an LTE radio inside. I've had the lucky opportunity to use the latter version after reviewing the original fully, and have compiled some of my thoughts on using one of the better tablets of 2014, now with mobile data inside.

Thankfully there's not a whole lot to write home about when it comes to using the Shield Tablet LTE when compared to the original version — you're getting the same experience now as you would with the Wifi model, but with a bit more mobility this time around. Having LTE on board does afford you some freedom and open up the possibilities of what you can do with your tablet, though, and I found it to be quite a nice experience. Read along to see our impressions of the NVIDIA Shield Tablet LTE.

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Scotland's Edinburgh airport will be the first in the UK to trial Google Glass


People who walk around Scotland's Edinburgh airport may see a lot more people wearing Google Glass on their heads. That's because the airport's customer service reps have begun a trial of the wearable device to see if it will help them give better answers to travelers.

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The wait is over, Spotify finally launches in Canada!


After providing access to those who were interested in testing things out back in July, Spotify has today announced the popular music streaming service is now available in Canada! The patient wait for Spotify to arrive is now over and music fans across the country are now able to sit back and chill out to those ol' classic playlists.

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eBay to spin off PayPal into separate public company in 2015


eBay will spin off its online payment division PayPal into its own separate, and publicly traded, company sometime in the second half of 2015. eBay claims that keeping PayPal around beyond 2015 "clearly becomes less advantageous to each business strategically and competitively."

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Intel announces new Basis Peak fitness tracker with heart rate monitor


Basis has today announced a new fitness tracker called Peak. The company, owned by Intel, aims to have this new wearable available for purchase in the US from November. The Peak itself emphasizes on health and fitness, sporting numerous features including the ability to keep track of steps, calories, heart rate, skin temperature and more. If you've yet to see a wearable to purchase, Intel's attempt may well fit the bill.

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Hub by Premier Inn is a new smart hotel controlled by your connected smartphone


Not to be mistaken as leaked photos from the set of the new Stars Wars movie, Hub by Premier Inn is a new hotel opening in London later this year. Futuristic rooms at the hotel will be available from November and will contain enough connected gadgetry to excite anyone with a smartphone or tablet. The company has released an app for iOS and Android in preparation of the London Hub opening, which will be able to control everything from lights to booking and food ordering.

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NTT Docomo brings Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy S5 Active and Galaxy Tab S 8.4 to Japan


Japanese carrier NTT Docomo has announced its winter lineup of devices, which include the Galaxy S5 Active, Galaxy Note Edge and the Galaxy Tab S 8.4. The inclusion of the rugged Galaxy S5 Active makes it the first time the device is available outside of North American markets.

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Lenovo 'product engineer' Ashton Kutcher returns to get feedback from tablet users


About a year ago, actor Ashton Kutcher helped Lenovo launch its Android-based Yoga tablets as their spokesperson, but under the title of the company's newest "product engineer". Now Kutcher has returned to the Lenovo fold in a series of videos that serve as a teaser for an upcoming tablet launch.

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16 hours ago

Motorola updates FM Radio app with Bluetooth audio playback, interface changes


Motorola has updated its FM Radio app for Moto E and Moto Gs to include Bluetooth audio playback and a few visual refreshes. The app, which is only available for these Motorola devices that have an FM tuner inside, is pretty bare bones but gets the job done and is now just a little bit better as well. The first big change is the inclusion of Bluetooth audio support, which will let you stream your FM tunes out to a connected wireless speaker or pair of headphones.

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This week's sidebar poll: Did you preorder a Galaxy Note 4?

Galaxy Note 4

Take my money

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release is mere weeks away, and we expect plenty of folks will soon be holding one of their own once we see it on shelves. But some of us already know we have to have one, and have jumped on the preorder bus. It's always fun to try and gauge the popularity of any device based on preorder numbers, so we're going to join in.

Hit the poll below, and let us know which way you're going — preorder or no preorder. We'll take a look at the numbers come Friday.

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Be sure to catch Phil on the Tech Informist podcast


In case you missed it, the fine folks over at the Tech Informist had our very own Phil Nickinson as a guest on their weekly show earlier. Be sure to check it out and grab a look at an hour or so of talk about Android, and all things tech as hosts JJ Hammond and Kevin Harvell, and of course Phil, pass on a little knowledge and commentary.

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Modified version of Android L to allow Project Ara to support hot-swappable modules


Google's modular Project Ara smartphone is due to launch in 2015 with a special version of the Android L operating system. Along with that news, Google's Paul Eremenko also announced that we should see hot-swappable components so you can swap the camera modules, for example, without having to power off the phone.

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Have a 2013 Moto X that still doesn't have Android 4.4.4? Check now!


If you were one of the remaining owners of an unlocked 2013 Moto X who didn't yet have Android 4.4.4, now would be a good time to check it. Looks like more folks — including us — are finally getting that latest point increase. The (aging) official changelog still states "Android 4.4.4, KitKat, is the latest release of the Android platform and includes enhanced security updates to OpenSSL," and the T-Mobile specific changelog isn't updated.

Anyhoo, we're finally updated. Enjoy.

More: Moto X 2013 forums; Thanks, Jason, Graham and Drew!

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23 hours ago

Google Play dev console adds field for developers' physical addresses


Google today revised the announcement in the Developer Console telling us all that starting tomorrow, Sept. 30, physical addresses will be required. Those addresses will be available on the app detail page in Google Play. The field appears to be live in the dev console, and you can add an address now.

Here's the deal:

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1 day ago

Get a new Samsung phone? Here are six things to turn off


When it comes to the sheer number of features offered, Samsung's TouchWiz is pretty much unmatched. If you can imagine it, chances are it's a feature on the latest Samsung phones like the Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy Alpha. Many of these features are useful, but there's some stuff enabled out of the box that you might want to selectively turn off.

Read on to see which six features we find ourselves killing off when we start using a new Samsung phone.

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