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Samsung Gear S coming to AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile for fall launch


Following up on its reveal in late August, Samsung has now announced that its upcoming Tizen-based smartwatch, the Gear S, will go on sale later this fall at the top four US wireless carriers. That's Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, in case you are keeping score at home.

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1 hour ago

Whatcha doing tonight? Give our app a go!


Kick your feet up. Take a load off. Pour a glass of something, preferably cool and refreshing. Or maybe just a tad warm, seeing as how for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere it's the first day of fall.

And then while you're at it, take a minute and give the official Android Central app a try!

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Deal of the Day: Puregear DualTek Extreme Shock Case for LG G3

The DualTek Case combines durable plastic and silicone materials in shock absorbing layers to provide you with ultimate protection you won't find in your average phone case. Each corner isolates vibrations when drops occur, ensuring your LG G3 is always safe against impacts.

The Puregear DualTek Extreme Shock Case is available for just $17.95; 49% off today only. Backed by our 60-day return policy and fast shipping!


3 hours ago

Update makes Expensify even more indispensable for expense tracking


A good update today for those of you who use Expensify to keep the bean counters at bay. Receipt scanning just got even easier, with a couple nice additions for those who tend to procrastinate. (We don't know anyone around here like that. Nope.)

Here's the deal:

  • Rapid Fire Mode-for the procrastinating gunslinger. Snap tons of receipts fast. Enable w/ corner camera button.
  • Easily add pics from Gallery.
  • Exiting SmartScan takes you to Expense List.
  • And a fix for the flash for those who shoot receipts at night.

Get the update at the link above.

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5 hours ago

Chairman Eric Schmidt dishes the dirt on Google in new tell-all book


Ever wonder what really happens behind the scenes at Google and how the Internet search giant operates? Google Executive Chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt along with former SVP of Products Jonathan Rosenberg will give you the inside scoop on the internal workings of Google in How Google Works, a book that's also available as an e-book in the Play store.

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5 hours ago

How to clear your Google Play Store search and apps history


For whatever reason, from time to time you're probably going to want to clear out your search and/or your apps history from the Google Play Store. It doesn't take long for you to create a pretty sizeable list and it can quickly get out of control. Fortunately, like so many other things, Google makes it incredibly simple to clear things out.

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6 hours ago

Inside the new Moto app, home to most of the cool Moto X features

Moto app on the Moto X 2014

All of your favorite features are back on the Moto X, this time housed in a single app

On one level, not too much has changed in the 2014, insofar as the software is concerned. You still have the hotword voice actions, you still have the peeking notifications, and Motorola Assist is still on board, with its bevy of cool features.

New with the 2014 Moto X is that they've all been moved under a single umbrella app, simply called "Moto."

Let's take a quick walk around the new space to get our bearings.

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6 hours ago

Samsung to focus on health, wearables, VR and more at upcoming Developer Conference


Samsung's ramping up for its second Develper Conference in San Francisco this November, and has just released the tent pole topics that will be focused on November 11th to 13th. Smart health, wearables, virtual reality, mobile and smart home are the big focuses this year, and it's all about connecting developers with folks at Samsung and other companies who have focused on these areas to come up with even more great ideas.

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7 hours ago

Protect aliens against human invasion in Anomaly Defenders


Anomaly Defenders is a tower defense game that will have you play the role of alien defender to protect the world against human counterattacks. As the final installment of the Anomaly series, Anomaly Defender is available today through the Google Play store for $3.99 with 8 upgradeable towers and special functions.

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7 hours ago

HTC Desire 510 now on sale at Boost Mobile for $99.99


As promised a few weeks ago, Boost Mobile is now selling the white version of the HTC Desire 510 in its retail stores for the price of $99.99 without a contract.

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9 hours ago

How much will a Galaxy Note 4 cost off-contract?


Galaxy Notes have never been cheap phones, and the Galaxy Note 4 is no exception. While buying the phone on-contract can soften the blow (or at least spread the misery out), for many, that's not an option. Maybe you have to buy unlocked to keep that precious unlimited data plan. Maybe you just don't like And besides, you don't have to sell your wireless soul for two years to get the Note 4, you can buy off-contract. You'll be spending a pretty penny, but it's a pretty phone, and a pretty useful one at that. So, here's what the newest phablet will run you on each of the major American carriers (T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint).

  • We'll start with Verizon, mostly because they'll be the cheapest for the Note 4 off-contract. Big Red will sell you an off-contract Note 4 for $699.
  • Next is Sprint, which is offering it at $720 dollars off-contract for its users.
  • T-Mobile is offering the Galaxy Note 4 at $750 to all users, since there is not carrier subsidy.
  • And AT&T will be happy to sell you a Galaxy Note 4 at a $825, without a contract but with all of AT&T's bloatware.

There you have it. Go forth and claim your Note 4, wherever it may be.

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11 hours ago

Samsung reportedly will end sales of its Chromebooks in Europe


A new report quotes a Samsung spokesperson as saying the company plans to stop selling its laptops, including its Chromebooks, in the European markets.

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11 hours ago

HTC Scribble drawing app doodles its way onto Google Play Store


HTC has released HTC Scribble for the HTC One M8 in the Google Play Store. Scribble was originally available on last years HTC One Max. Scribble lets you capture your thoughts by creating and editing notes and drawing sketches. You can also add photos and animated GIFs. You can create several types of notes by choosing from a number of HTC's templates.

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11 hours ago

HP Chromebox review

HP Chromebox

It's not going to be your main machine, but the HP Chromebox could be a simple and inexpensive choice for the right person

Chromebooks may be the talk of the town when it comes to Google's Chrome OS, but the tiny desktop-class machines called Chromeboxes have carved out their own niche as well. While they're primarily focused on education and business applications as video Hangouts machines, Chromeboxes are a great go-to choice for a cheap computer just like their laptop-style counterparts.

Several different manufacturers are in on the Chromebox game, but the most affordable model right now is the HP Chromebox starting at just $159. It's not as easy to pick up and get to computing right away as a Chromebook is considering you'll need to add your own screen and in some cases peripherals, but for a few specific use cases a Chromebox may be just the right tool for the job. Read along for our full impressions and review of the HP Chromebox.

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12 hours ago

Verizon's Droid Turbo struts its stuff in new leaked photos


Even as Motorola starts shipping the Moto X, the company is rumored to be preparing a new Droid smartphone for release soon. Today, alleged images of the back side of this new Droid Turbo were posted on the HellomotoHK Facebook page.

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