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Pac-Man Monsters quests onto Android

Pac-Man Monsters quests onto Android EVGA Tegra Note 7

The world’s first gaming star Pac-Man sure gets around. He’s appeared in arcade games, racing games, platformers, an adventure game, and more than a few puzzlers.  Now Pac-Man is back in another puzzle game called Pac-Man Monsters from Japanese publisher GREE and Namco Bandai. It’s free to play with in-app purchases.

Pac-Man Monsters isn’t just a puzzle game. It’s actually a puzzle RPG with monster collecting elements – sort of like a mixture of Pac-Man with Puzzle Quest and Pokémon. With great graphics, a fun puzzle mechanic, and lots to do and collect, Pac-Man Monsters is a surprisingly compelling experience on Android.

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55 min ago

Sony Lifelog app update expands compatibility to non-Xperia devices


Just a few short weeks after debuting in Google Play for Sony devices, the Sony Lifelog app is now available for non-Xperia phones running KitKat. The app, which lets you monitor activity using your phone and the new Sony Smartband, was updated today in the Play Store with no associated changelog but after investigation seems to install just fine on many devices running the latest version of Android. The app also includes one small tweak in the settings that lets you set a "stride length" and "running stride length" to better estimate your exercise.

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Deal of the Day: Ballistic Shell Gel (SG) Series Case for LG G Flex

The Shell Gel (SG) Case from Ballistic utilizes multiple layers of protection that shields against some of the worst drops your device may encounter. Both the inner gel and textured plastic shell exterior work together to leave access to all the important ports and buttons of the device.

The Ballistic Shell Gel (SG) Case is available for just $21.95, 37% off today only. Backed by our 60-day return policy and fast shipping.

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Amazon posts Q1 sales of $19.74 billion, operating income of $146 million


Retail and digital content giant Amazon has just posted its Q1 2014 earnings, showing strong growth in sales, a sizable dip in operating income but a rise in net income year-over-year. Sales rose 23 percent from last year to $19.74 billion in the quarter, leading to operating cash flow increases of 26 percent to $5.35 billion. In the end that led to a drop in operating income for the quarter by 19 percent to just $146 million. Net income was just $108 million, but that's an increase over $82 million in Q1 2013.

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The most evil game we've played this week


Combine Flappy Bird and Threes (the iOS game that's been cloned a thousand times on iOS and Android but came to us as 2048), and this is what you get. Pure, unadulterated evil. And we love it.

Download: Flappy48

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Apple and Google settle with employees over antitrust no-hire case


The giants of Silicon Valley have bowed to their employees and settled an antitrust case brought against them over back-room deals to not hire from each other. The settlement, first reported by Reuters, brings to an end a legal battle that could have cost Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe billions of dollars and dragged them publicly into court. The terms of the deal were no disclosed.

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Hulu's app for Android now controls Hulu on your Xbox One and PlayStation


Building on its Chromecast remote control support, Hulu Plus will now let you control video playback on your Xbox One, PS3 or PS4 from your Android device. Once your Hulu Plus app is updated on your console of choice, you'll notice that it will show up under the "cast" button menu just like a Chromecast, giving you more choices to watch your Hulu Plus content on the big screen.

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Using the Motion Launch gestures on the HTC One M8


By popular request from a few folks in the office, here's a quick look at how the Motion Launch gestures work on the HTC One M8. You'll see some helpful pop-ups for this when you first use the phone. If you want to turn the gestures off, go to Settings>Display and gestures>Motion Launch gestures.

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Developers: take this survey, and get a chance to win a free Samsung Galaxy S5!


Hey developers! If you have ten minutes to spare today and happen to want a new smartphone (who doesn't?), then we have something for you: The Developer Economics Survey. Brought to you by our friends at Vision Mobile, this quick survey focuses on developer questions around the things that are important to developers: platforms, frameworks, customers, and more.

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Vic Gundotra, head of Google+, is leaving Google


Vic Gundotra, the Google SVP of Engineering that brought Google+ to the world, is leaving the company. Gundotra took to his creation to publicly announce his departure in a post title "And Then". He thanked the Google leadership for their support over his 8 year tenure, as well as the Google+ team that he led:

I'm also forever in debt to the Google+ team. This is a group of people who built social at Google against the skepticism of so many. The growth of active users is staggering, and speaks to the work of this team. But it doesn't tell you what kind of people they are. They are invincible dreamers. I love them. And I will miss them dearly.

He also said that he is "excited about what's next. But this isn't the day to talk about that." It seems he has something lined up, but what exactly, we're not sure.

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