3 years ago

Silent update brings Froyo features to Eclair Android Market


We've got reports coming in that users with some Milestones, Vibrants and Fascinates running Android version 2.1-update 1 are seeing a silent update to the Android Market (version 2007 -- an update from version 1714), and it brings some of the features (including the widget) from Froyo along with.  On the other hand, we've got a  Fascinate in our hands that doesn't have any of those changes in its Market.  After some digging around we're pretty sure that something's going on, so we're enlisting you guys to help get to the bottom of it.  Head into the forums and let's compare, shall we? [Android Central Forums] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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3 years ago

Find Adobe AIR Android apps with AppBrain

3 years ago

T-Mobile Galaxy Tab pricing revealed, $399 with a contract, $649 without


Pricing for T-Mobile's version of the Galaxy Tab (check out our hands-on) has been revealed through a leaked slide deck, allowing us to see one of the only things still not known about the device.  According to the shot, the Galaxy Tab will be $399 with a 2-year contract after a $50 rebate. For those who don't want to be tied down for two years, the off-contract price is $649.

Still no word on availability yet, but expect to see it soon.  And we don't know how the data situation will work. Will we be paying more? Pulling from an existing data plan? Inquiring minds want to know, folks. (TmoNews)

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3 years ago

Leaked e-mail points to successful Froyo testing on the Samsung Galaxy S


We've got little doubt that Froyo is just around the corner for the Samsung Galaxy S phones. It's been promised by Samsung since Day 1, and we recently saw a leaked Froyo ROM for the AT&T Captivate. Now comes this letter posted in the Android Central Forums, which purportedly comes from within Samsung. Our Korean's a little rusty, but we're told it basically says that testing has been completed, and the Korean binaries will be released this week (no idea if that's this week, last week or whenever).

The letter was posted in our Verizon Fascinate forums, but we're not reading too much into that. The individual carriers will release their udpates if and when they're ready. But this sure points to things moving forward. If any Korean-literate folks want to clear things up, definitely do so at the source link. [Android Central Forums]


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3 years ago

Use your computer keyboard to type on your Android device


We have previously seen Bluetooth keyboards paired with rooted devices, and all of that fun hackery, but this time we have a very simple, straightforward solution that can be used on a stock Android device. Share Keyboard is an application that will allow users to use their computer keyboard to type notes, emails, or any other messages for their Android device right from their computer.

The way this works is after a user sets Share Keyboard as their input method, they are then given a URL at the bottom of the screen, which they visit from a computer. After visiting this from a computer they are then able to type, and watch it all appear on their Android screen after they have finished typing and clicked the send to phone. Additionally, if you found yourself in the middle of an e-mail that got longer then expected, you can pull the text from the phone, sync it to the website, finish the message and sync back to the phone for easy sending. For those who want an easy solution, without the need for root and flashing custom ROM's on your device, this application is definitely a great way to achieve easy typing on your Android device. [Android Zoom via Android Central Forums]

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3 years ago

Softbank Mobile (Japan) to sell Desire HD in Nov; Froyo update for Desire changes


Two pieces of news for any readers in the land of the rising sun -- Softbank Mobile announced that they will be selling the Desire HD in mid November, with reservations being taken starting Oct 15; and the Froyo rollout for the original Desire has been halted for devices with OLED screens. 

Last week we reported that users running the HTC Desire on Softbank would soon be seeing some Froyo lovin', and that still stands -- as long as they're sporting a version of the Desire with the TFT LCD display.  While there's no details about exactly why the OLED version was halted, the LCD version is scheduled to roll out as planned starting today.

It's hard to find anything more exciting than a Froyo update, but the news that the Desire HD will be launching just might do it.  We've seen it for Europe, and on Vodaphone specifically, but so far all we've heard or seen for those of us in the states is T-Mobile's MyTouch HD version.  Wouldn't this be a beast on AT&T?  [Softbank Mobile (Japanese)]  Thanks Christopher!

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3 years ago

Android Central Editors' app picks for Oct. 8, 2010


It's that time again folks, when we share a few of our finds over the past week. So have a look at what some of your favorite Android geeks are using, and hopefully we can narrow the choices down for you just a little bit.

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3 years ago

Details about the Android Market new country rollout


Googler Tim Bray has posted more details about the Android Market rollout to new countries on the Android Developers blog.  As always, it's an excellent read chock full of tips and instructions for developers, there's a bit of information for the end user we want to pass along to everyone about setting up your Android phone to take advantage of the new Market.  If you've had paid applications all along, you're good to go but if you're in one of the new countries (Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, and Taiwan) you'll want to pay attention to the following:

For users to make a purchase of paid apps in these countries, they must have the latest Android Market client, which we have started to make available as a self-update and should reach all users within the next few days. This is a silent update; users will not see a notification and will not be prompted to do anything. If you want to accelerate the self-update process, launch Android Market, navigate back to the Home screen, and after 5-10 minutes, relaunch it.

If you haven't already received the clien update, give it a try and enjoy the complete version of the Market! [Android Developers Blog]

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3 years ago

Yahoo to bring video chat to Android


Last month when we brought you news of the new 1GHz myTouch, buried in the press release was a mention of a new Yahoo app with a feature we're all very excited about --video chat. Some of the substantial advantages this app has over other video chat applications (including those on other operating systems, ahem, iOS) are:

  • Not restricted to Wi-Fi
  • Large user base
  • Cross-platform capabilities; can be used between Android, Mac and PC

Unfortunately, along with the benefit of it not being restricted to Wi-Fi (its exclusion from the cross-platform list should have been another good hint,) comes the news everyone expected: the app will not be available for iOS users. Good thing we’re with Android, right? [via Reuters]

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