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CoveritLive app now available in the Android Market


If you've ever tuned into any of our live blogging events here then you'll no doubt know that we use CoveritLive to make the magic happen for them and while the tools given to us by CoveritLive work quite well, it's certainly not a one man operation running a live blog.

That said, the new CoveritLive is now available in the Android Market and for anyone who needs to be bouncing from one press event to the other, this app packs a lot of features to help control any live blogs you may be running in those times. With it you can:

  • Create, launch and run live events
  • Publish live commentary
  • Approve and moderate Reader comments
  • Publish Photos, Audio and Video in real-time
  • Share event link and embed code
  • Place events into Standby Mode
  • End live events
  • View live event listings

As it is, the app isn't without some flaws -- as Phil found out and was deeply saddened by, it doesn't work in landscape mode which limits its use on tablets where it would be most beneficial with a keyboard.

The other isn't really a flaw within the app, rather concept of it -- it of course uses data that relies on a wireless signal, something that is often scarce at press events so don't go firing all your other bloggers thinking you can manage the task on your own now. Have a blog and need to control some live event? Jump on past the break for the download link -- it's free and won't cost you anything but time. [@PaulOBrien]

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3 years ago

Orange UK reveals Atrix pricing and availability



British carrier Orange has revealed when you'll be able to get hold of a shiny, network-subsidized Motorola Atrix, and for how much. Orange expects to begin stocking the device in "early May", which would pit it against two other high-profile dual-core Android phones -- HTC's Sensation and Samsung's Galaxy S II.

As far as pricing goes, Orange will offer the Atrix for free on 24-month contracts of £35 per month, which include 600 minutes, 750 MB data, unlimited texts and 50 MMS. Orange will be selling a "work and play kit", which includes a mouse, keyboard, multimedia dock and remote control for £50.  Motorola's "Lapdock" will be available for £299.99, but Orange says it'll offer subsidized prices on "selected tariffs".

Customers who do decide to pony up the extra cash for the Lapdock will also be offered Orange's new "Panther Extra 60" plan, which includes 3,000 minutes, 1GB data allowance, unlimited texts and unlimited tethering via the Lapdock at an undisclosed price point.

If you're wondering whether the Atrix is worth your money, you can check out our review of its HSPA+-toting American cousin, the Atrix 4G. [Orange Blog]

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3 years ago

Verizon to add LTE in 'a mess of new cities and towns' this Thursday


So, you really want that new HTC Thunderbolt everyone is talking about, right? But, you're lacking one key element: 4G LTE coverage. Well, my friend, don't be discouraged. Verizon Wireless tweeted this morning that they will be launching LTE in "a mess of new cities and towns" this Thursday. This is good news for all you people that have been waiting for that lightening speed all those commercials have been showing off. This is also great news for all you current Thunderbolt owners. More LTE means less signal searching -- and that makes for a happy battery.

Back in January, Verizon announced that they would have LTE in 140 markets by the end of 2011. Click here to see that list. As for Thursday, we don't exactly what "mess of new cities and towns" they're talking about, but as soon as we find out we'll let you guys know. [Twitter]

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3 years ago

First Samsung Galaxy S II commercial


The Samsung Galaxy S was probably the phone of 2010 for much of the world. And Samsung is gearing up for the launch of its successor, the Galaxy S 2, in a big way and has seen fit to upload its first commercial for your viewing pleasure. We would recommend not trying the acts shown in the video at home as technology and water rarely play nice. [YouTube]

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3 years ago

Angry Birds Easter now available


Fire up the Android Market, folks, because Angry Birds Easter -- the latest seasonal edition of the ingenious Angry Birds Seasons -- is now available in the Android Market.

It's the same Angry Birds you've come to know and love, with a loose Easter theme tied in, so far as bunnies and eggs are concerned. Fling some Angry Birds, break some stuff, kill some pigs, free some eggs. We've got download links after the break.

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3 years ago

First look at the OGT Tablet -- the world's thinnest Android tablet


Ask any analyst, technophile, or blogger -- this summer we expect a plethora of Android tablets.  Some will be good, some not so much, but the OGT Tablet is something we're going to be keeping our eye on.  Not only do they bill it as "the world's thinnest Android tablet" at a trim 7 mm and only 550 grams in weight, it has some very interesting specs.  Besides the 1 GHz processor (unknown make at this time) and the 16 GB and 32 GB flavors, the OGT tablet comes with a working microSD card slot out of the box and the industry's first true color display at a whopping 188 ppi (pixels per inch).  That's more than the Xoom's 152 ppi, and a lot more than the iPad's 132 ppi.  Add in a 5MP rear camera and a 3MP front-facing cam, and both a 3G and Wifi only model, and this one already stands out from the crowd.

Or at least it promises to. Will the OGT Tablet be one of the summer's winners?  We'll have to wait and see.  In the meantime, hit the break to see a short clip of it in the flesh.  [OGT Mobile]

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3 years ago

The Week in Android News

3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, booted and with Honeycomb (video)


Youtube link for mobile viewing

Some of you might remember our last look at the revamped Galaxy Tab 10.1, but our first impressions were a bit limited, as Sammy kept their biggest tablet behind bars (well, a box, actually).

Times have changed, though, and Samsung has loosened up a bit, allowing the Tab 10.1 to get a full hands-on as well as a side-by-side comparison with the iPad 2.

Everything is in Vietnamese (except for Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" in the background), but if you listen closely, you can pick out a choice word here and there. At any rate, check out the video and enjoy! Thanks, Kevin! [via the Android Central Forums]

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3 years ago

ROM Manager 4.0 now available on Android Market



The ClockworkMod team has released version 4.0 of ROM Manager, the popular custom ROM flashing app for rooted phones. The update brings a visual refresh in the form of new icons, along with the ability to rate and comment on ROMs and some behind-the-scenes changes. Writing on his personal blog, ClockworkMod's Koushik Dutta says he's "really proud" of the new ROM Manager, and hints that "even bigger things" may be on the way for the project, including a website.

Join us after the jump for the Market link and QR code. [KoushikDutta.com]

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