5 years ago

Google G0 Android Phone Concept is Drool Worthy



Before you get excited, the Google G0 isn't a real Android phone. It's not coming out anytime soon and heck, it'll probably never be built. But boy is it one sexy device.

Taiwanese designer Tryi Yeh came up with this Android Phone concept and aside from its beautiful design, it has some pretty interesting features. Though it's billed as a slider-type device, the slide function only reveals a camera on one end and four customizable multi-functional buttons on the face--a pretty neat idea. Also drool worthy: the end-to-end touchscreen.

Sorry for showing these pictures to you guys since you may never look at your T-Mobile G1 the same ever again but man, what we would do to get a real production unit of this G0..

More pictures of the Google G0 Phone Concept after the jump!

[via thedesignblog]

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5 years ago

Wikipedia Mobile Site Gets Official for Android Browser



Wikipedia is definitely one of our most frequented websites on the Android Browser. It's such a satisfying feeling when you can answer your own question in one quick search. And though we had to chug along the full site for quite some time, Wikipedia is now optimized for viewing on the Android browser (and iPhone, Pre, and Kindle). This new mobile Wikipedia site will make it immensely faster, easier, and even more useful.

Point your Android browsers to Wikipedia and you should be re-directed to the new mobile site of Wikipedia. Or you can head there directly HERE

[via lifehacker]

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5 years ago

Samsung Galaxy I7500 Coming to O2 UK in August



The Samsung Galaxy I7500 will be available to all you fine folks across the pond in August. O2 will be the lucky carrier for the United Kingdom, who'll carry the honor of releasing the first Android phone not made by HTC. The Samsung Galaxy was once the apple of our eye, but we can't help but feel the shine of it has been rubbed away after seeing the Hero and hearing reports of upcoming Motorola Android devices.

However, if we pay no mind to future Android devices, the Samsung Galaxy on paper is definitely the best of the current Android offerings. Multi-touch, 5 megapixel camera with flash, 8 GB of internal storage, 3.5 mm headphone jack, all housed in a sleek and thin design. We definitely see a winner here.

So Germany has the Galaxy, the UK will have it in August...when is it coming to the US?


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5 years ago

Nokia Denies Working on Android Phones



The interwebs were ablaze when The Guardian cited 'industry insiders' saying that Nokia, the world's largest phone manufacturer, was making an Android device to be introduced in September. The logic was understandable: though Nokia was the #1 phone manufacturer, they've been losing market share since smartphones have become more popular. Competitors like the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android have been slowly chipping away at their lead and it may be only a matter of time before Nokia is overtaken. A Nokia built, Android powered device could potentially prevent that.

Our friend Matthew Miller of NokiaExperts weighed in on these Nokia to Android rumors saying:

A Nokia Android device could have some very compelling specs and given the reputation of Nokia phones in regards to phone calls, media capture, and battery life I would be first in line to buy a Nokia Android unit

And though the prospect of a Nokia and Android union is exciting and makes some sense, it doesn't seem to add up or fit Nokia's current plans. Nokia phones run Symbian, another smartphone OS that Nokia has pledged their allegiance (and cash) to--to jump ship would be a complete shift in strategy that could prove unnecessary and too risky. But all this speculation is much ado about nothing as Nokia (predictably) squashes these rumors before they get out of hand, stating:

"There is no truth to this story whatsoever," a statement from the company read. "It is a well known fact that Symbian is our platform of choice for smartphones."

So though it looks like Nokia has nothing Android-related in the works, it certainly won't stop Nokia and Android fans from continuing to hope. We'd love to see if Nokia can deliver a great experience on our lovely Android. What do you guys think?

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5 years ago

Archos Android Tablet Releasing in September



We've always been semi-interested in the Media Tablet space and our interest was obviously piqued when Archos was rumored to make an Android-powered tablet device. And though we haven't exactly heard about the tablet for some time, it's good to know that a September 15th launch for the Archos Android Media Tablet is looking more and more likely. The Tablet will run Android but will also include some custom-built Archos software on top.

The rumored specs:

  • 5-inch display
  • 800MHz TI OMAP 3440 processor
  • 500 GB 
  • 7.2 megabytes HSDPA
  • HD-playback
  • 10mm thick
  • 7 hours of Video Playback

The specs certainly make the Archos Android-powered tablet more compelling but will it be enough to convince consumers to take the plunge? Or is your regular ol' Android phone good enough?


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5 years ago

Rogers Drop Price of HTC Magic & HTC Dream to $99.99



The Revolution came to Rogers only a month ago, with the Canadian launch of both the HTC Dream and HTC Magic, and joining the Revolution now has already become more affordable--Rogers just announced that they'll be dropping the price of both the HTC Magic and HTC Dream to a mere $99.99 (new 3-year contract applies).

This is a wonderful price to jump to Android with but one can't help but wonder if it's related to the recent hype of the HTC Hero or even a direct response to the iPhone 3G's $99 pricing. Rogers would certainly love to push a wider portfolio of smartphones out rather than becoming dependent on just Blackberrys and iPhones. Whatever the reason, it's a great price point to "join the revolution"!


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5 years ago

Sony Ericsson 'Rachael' Android XPERIA Phone Leaked ?



Sony Ericsson has been relatively quiet regarding their development of Android Phones but we've known for quite some time that they've planned to release a high-end Android device in 2009. Our previous thought was that they'll continue to use the beautiful XPERIA line to release their first Android effort and it looks like it may be true. Internal documents gathered by Mobil have pointed that the phone above, the 'Rachael', will be the first Sony Ericsson device to run Android and boy does it look 'high-end'.

The specs, if true, are stunning: it's supposedly using the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor clocked at 1 GHz, has an 8 megapixel camera with auto-focus, 3.5 mm headphone jack, and 7.2 megabytes HSDPA. We're hoping that this is all true because it'll certainly make for one heck of an Android device. It's supposed to be announced later in the year, so we just might hold off on that myTouch 3G purchase...

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5 years ago

LG on Track to Make Android Phones



We already knew that LG was planning to bring multiple Android Phones to the market but it's always nice to hear a reminder. LG's President of Mobile Business Ahn Seung-kwon recently stated that they plan to overtake Samsung and become the #2 cellphone manufacturer in the world by 2012 (we're assuming Nokia is #1). In order to do this they'll release phones for both Android and Windows Mobile, a new 'Black label' series of phones which will directly compete with the iPhone, another Prada phone, and create an extreme premium brand.

We don't know about you guys, but in order to become the #2 cellphone manufacturer in the world, LG will certainly need more 'everyday' phones targeted for the mass market. A lot of those devices seem to be focused for the high-end. And that's where we guess Android fits in, to provide LG with affordable smartphones running a great (and free) desktop-class mobile OS. We fully expect more LG Android phones in the near future.

And oh LG, if you didn't know, Samsung already announced their first Android phone. What do you have?


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5 years ago

Motorola to Make Low-End Android Phones ?


We've been (im)patiently waiting for a Motorola Android Phone since Android was announced. And though we've had leaks and revelations, the (personally) much anticipated Motorola Android Phone has yet to be found. So what are they doing?

Business analysts are saying that Motorola is re-targeting their Android efforts for the low to middle-end of the smartphone market. This is saddening but incredibly sensible news, Motorola has to turn a profit in order to survive. The best way to do it may be to offer a highly affordable mass market smartphone.

Competing with the likes of the iPhone, Blackberry, and Pre could prove much too difficult especially for a company in rocky waters like Motorola. One huge failure could sink an entire company--not everyone can turn around their company with one device. Palm and the Pre are the exception not the rule.

And if you could get a free Motorola Android smartphone or at most, a $99 Android smartphone, wouldn't that be more compelling than all those dumbphones on the market? If you're competing against phones inferior to yours, isn't that 'guaranteed' victory? Makes sense to us. Granted, this is just business analyst-speak, it's sound advice. As sad as it is to see a company known to push the envelope, play it safe, it's the product of the times. Hopefully Motorola will address the speculation soon.

And if we're lucky, let's hope that the still hotly anticipated Motorola Calgary or Ironman is still on track for release. Don't take that away from us Moto! What do you guys think?

[via androidauthority]

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