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Easiest way to wipe your phone

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From the forums: New Epic 4G launch rumor


Another day, another rumored date for the Sprint Epic 4G. That rumored Aug. 11 date doesn't look like it's going to happen (we never thought that was right anyway), and we freely admit the whole Epic 4G-movie tie-in thing is a stretch. So let's move on to a new date, shall we?

Powrman811 in our forums brings word that Aug. 21 is a date we should look out for, writing "MY GO TO SPRINT PEOPLE told me that I can order my store inventory on August 16th and sell on the 21st." And he shows of the Epic 4G you see above as proof that, well, he's seen the Epic 4G. Of course, so have we, so take that however you like. But it is nice to have a new date to kick around, right?

As always, we'll believe it when we see it. But for now, hash it out in the forums. [Android Central Forums]

Update: And the posts have been deleted. Take that however you want.

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MixPanel: Providing real-time analytics for Android



The ability to see real-time, in depth data about user behavior in relation to applications is extremely useful; and that’s exactly what Mixpanel provides to its users. The company originally started off providing detailed analytics for web applications, but acutely saw that the future rests in the mobile space. Useful data analysis can help developers in a big way in order to see what's working and what's not with their application. 

They released their iPhone library 2 weeks ago, which has proven to be very successful. Now, they have a version for Android. I spoke with Jeremy Richardson, who is involved in Business Development at Mixpanel. He provided me with key information that users considering an analytics service like Mixpanel will want to know. More after the break.

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Android Quick App: Home Run Battle 3D



Here's a look at the free version of Home Run Battle 3D. This is the perfect game for me, because I can pick it up any time I want a quick release from boredom and then put it back down when it's time to get back to work. There are two game modes: matchup and arcade. In the free version you have to earn the right to play a multiplayer game (after your first free free matchup games) by actually being competent at the game and hitting a home run with a "gold ball." You can also earn gold balls by unlocking achievements. There are other "special" balls in the game, and I haven't quite figured out what they all do, but the ones I do know are:

  • Angel Ball: takes away 1 out
  • Gold Ball: you can spend it on matchup games and maybe other things in the accessory store
  • Multiplier Ball: I've seen 2x and 3x, and they double or triple your score
  • Ghost Ball: it goes invisible for a moment or two while it's on the way to the plate
  • Magic Ball: sends an "attack" ball to your matchup opponent
  • Iron Ball: sends an iron ball to your matchup opponent if you hit a home run with it, which only flies half the normal distance

So that's enough here. Take a look at the video after the break

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Droid 2 (finally) official, pre-sale starts tomorrow



It is finally official people: Verizon has announced the Droid 2 will be landing Aug. 12, that's this Thursday, as rumored. It will go on pre-sale via Verizon Wireless's website starting tomorrow and that insane R2-D2 version will be available sometime in September. Pricing will run you $200 with new (or upgrade) 2-year contract after a $100 mail-in-rebate debit card; no word yet on off-contract prices. As a quick recap (for the 2 of you who haven't been following the numerous leaks) the phone will come with Android 2.2 ("Froyo"), Flash 10.1, VZW's 3G mobile hotspot option (extra $$$ required) and 8GB of onboard storage paired with an 8GB preinstalled microSD card. Full press release after the break. [Verizon via BGR]

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Fix coming for Froyo audio issues


Google has verified that it is working to make changes so streaming audio services like Pandora and TuneWiki will no longer have poor quality while streaming over 3G.  You geeky and curious types can check out the code changes for the framework at Android's git repository.  No word on when to expect these changes, but Google has committed them into the Android source, so it shouldn't be too far off.  Of course, this is going to depend on everyone from the manufacturer, the carrier, and maybe even the night janitor at the Pentagon to approve and build the changes, and then to distribute them.

When the tip about this came in, I jumped over to Google's Android bug tracker page and started reading.  I was very curious, because I have no issues playing my music, either streaming or from my SD card.  What I found upsets me slightly, and I'm going to rant a bit after the break.  (Yes, I'm allowed to complain, too.) [Google Code via Android Central Forums]

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HTC Glacier benchmarks redux -- the GPU


The HTC Glacier shows it's face at GLBenchmark.com again, this time showing off its GPU scores.  Last week we saw a bunch of CPU scores from the Glacier, along with loads of fun speculation about the chipset -- even some Project Emerald got thrown in the mix.  Prepare yourself for some more :)

It seems that when you sit down and do some math, you end up with figures that fit the Qualcomm QSD8672 Snapdragon chip.  It's a third-generation Snapdragon, with a feature list that will knock your socks off:

  • Dual CPU up to 1.5 GHZ
  • 45 nm tech for low power draw and better performance
  • WSXGA (1440x900) screen support
  • 1080p recording and playback
  • HSPA+ (that's the 28Mbps kind) and CDMA Rev 0/A/B support
  • 80 million-triangles-per-second 3D graphics

Works for me, and I'll go on record saying that I do think we're looking at Project Emerald.  I'll leave the geniuses over at AlienBabelTech explain it fully, you can check it out at the source link.  I just want to say "do want" to whomever might be listening. [AlienBabelTech]

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Importing and Exporting contacts

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HP's Zeen eReader to run Android


In case we needed a visual demonstration of irony, HP's new eReader (dubbed the Zeen) will be running the Android OS.  While most details are unknown until the December 31 lifting of the FCC confidentiality agreement, we do know that the device will be running Android 2.1 with some sort of HP overlay, have a capacitive screen, SD card support, and have a "significant integration with the Barnes & Noble Nook bookstore and ecosystem."  Bundled with a "Zeus" printer (WebOS printer perhaps?) it will sell for $399.99.

Personally, I think Android is a better choice for an eReader, as it's easier to hide than WebOS.  But like everyone else who loves mobile computing tech, I'm still looking forward to a WebOS tablet.  Maybe next year. [Pre Central]

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Sprint giving away 10 Samsung Epic 4Gs (and did it give away the launch date?)


Our kingdom for a launch date for the Sprint Epic 4G, its contribution to the Samsung Galaxy S line. (See our hands-on with the Epic 4G) And while there's still nothing official, we've run across the following news in the Android Central Forums after a link was messaged to Sprint customers. And there's good news and bad news to go along with it.

"Going the Distance," an epic tale of adventure a romantic comedy with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long (the I'm a Mac guy), opens Aug. 27, and there's a contest to go along with it, with a grand prize of a 4-day, 3-night getaway and $1,000 spending money. Ten first-prize winners will receive an Epic 4G. (And we assume the grand-prize winner will, too?)

And that all likely means the phone won't actually be released before the movie. Or maybe at the same time. But it stands to reason the launch won't happen before then, right? Oh, and the contest ends at midnight Sept. 3, so toss that in the mix.

And add to the Evo 4G's tie-in to "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time," which opened in theaters May 28. The Evo then followed on June 4. So, yeah.

This may all be a bit of a stretch, but it makes sense, too. Feel free to throw your own conspiracy theories in the comments. [Going the Distance sweepstakes via Android Central Forums]

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