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T-Mobile's Speed Challenge bets you $1,000 that your iPhone is slow


T-Mobile is so confident in its HSPA+ network that it is willing to bet anyone in the Seattle area $1,000 that its Samsung Galaxy S 4G is faster than an iPhone (Verizon and AT&T, both). Bring your iPhone (any generation will do) into a participating Seattle-area T-Mobile store this weekend and play a good ol’ fashioned game of “best out of three,” in which you can pit your iPhone against the Galaxy S 4G. Using a “third party” speedtest app, T-Mobile will test its network against yours, and it is confident that it will reign supreme. If you happen to pull off an upset and beat T-Mobile at its game, the carrier will give you a cool $1K. If not, T-Mobile will give you $300 to trade in that slow iPhone for that blazing new Galaxy S 4G.

Participating locations are listed in the shot above. Check out the official press release detailing T-Mobile’s Speed Challenge at the source link, and if you’re in or around Seattle this weekend and still holding on to your iPhone, stop in and try your odds.

Source: T-Mobile

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3 years ago

Viewdle SocialCamera now available, uses facial recognition to automatically tag photos


The Viewdle SocialCamera, that nifty little facial recognition app we first saw back at CTIA, is now available for download. The concept is really cool and from what we saw back in March, it works like a charm. Simply take a photo with your camera and Viewdle will recognize the faces in the picture and automatically tag them for Facebook, Flickr, MMS, or e-mail.

Viewdle does need to learn the faces you frequently snap, but once you’ve told it who’s who, it delivers on its promise. Check out the demo above and grab the newly released beta version for free directly from Viewdle or in the Android Market. Download links are after the break.

Source: Viewdle

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3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Prevail available starting April 29, according to Boost site


If you've had a hankering for the new Samsung Galaxy Prevail on Boost Mobile but have been dying to know when you can get it (last we'd heard was "sometime in May") , Boost's website now says it'll be available starting April 29. That's this Friday, folks. The Galaxy Prevail is a mid-level phone, with specs as follows:

  • Android 2.2
  • 3.2-inch touchscreen
  • 2MP camera with video
  • GPS enabled
  • Bluetooth® capable
  • Wireless Web enabled
  • Speakerphone with voice-activated dialing
  • Telenav navigation, free and unlimited
  • Supports microSD™ cards up to 32GB (2GB card included)
  • Voice mail, caller ID, call waiting and three-way calling

So just a couple days more, apparently. While you wait, be sure to check out our hands-on and initial review of the Galaxy Prevail.

Source: Boost Mobile. Thanks, shmutt1980!

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3 years ago

Official Google Docs Android app is here!


It's finally here, folks. Google has released an official Google Docs Android application. Official and proper access to all of your Google Docs, in any of your Google accounts. Filter, search, star, rename, edit, read, upload new content from your phone, open docs directly in gmail -- it's all there.

But, wait, there's more. You can take a photo of a physical document with your phone's camera, and it scans it into a proper Google Doc. This. Is. Awesome. Download links are after the break, and hit the source for more info.

Source: Google Mobile Blog. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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3 years ago

Droid Incredible 2 retail box


Read our Droid Incredible 2 initial review

We got a plain white box with our Droid Incredible 2 review unit, but here's a good look at what you'll get when you get yours starting tomorrow. It's your basic Verizon retail box, that's for sure. And yours won't come with the Android Central watermark, though it'd be pretty cool if it did.

Thanks, ac666!

Droid Incredible 2 specsDroid Incredible 2 forumsDroid Incredible 2 accessories

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3 years ago

Defend the castle from invasion with Hero Princess


Youtube link for mobile viewing

Sometimes a video is just the best way to explain exactly what you can be looking forward to when purchasing a new game. That is exactly the case with Hero Princess, a fast-paced game in which you continually fight off a rather large collection of potential intruders in attempts to keep the castle safe. There are tons and tons of extra powers, and abilities that can be unlocked and used, and the graphics are nothing short of spectacular.

Hero Princess is only available in the Amazon Market currently, so that means most AT&T users, and International users are left out on this one, but if you have the ability to purchase this game, it is 99 cents well spent.

Source: Amazon Market

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3 years ago

Acer Iconia Smart hits the FCC


Back during Mobile World Congress we went hands-on with the Acer Iconia Smart and in the time since then, the FCC has also gone hands-on with the device. While we're pretty sure the Acer Iconia Smart will appeal to some out there -- we walked away convinced it wasn't going to be a device for everyone.

The specs are pretty easy to handle given that it comes with 1024 x 480 screen, 8MP camera on the back and a 1.3MP shooter on the front. Plus you also get Android 2.3 HDMI-out, DLNA and 720p video recording capability all wrapped up in the Acer Breeze UI powered by a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8255 processor and 512MB of RAM and ROM.

As it stands now, you can find the device still in the hands of the FCC complete with its user guide in tow. Eventually though, given the 850, 1900 and 2100MHz 3G frequencies on board -- we expect it to arrive on AT&T in the U.S. and Rogers in Canada.

Source: FCC; via: Engadget

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3 years ago

Pure News scrollable news widget now available


Adding to the series of Pure Widgets, Android developer Francois Deslandes has released Pure News to the Android Market after plenty of beta testing. Pure News is a scrollable widget that works in combination with many of the launchers that are available and allows for creation of a customizable, scrollable news widget through Google Reader. If you're also lucky enough to own a Motorola Xoom you'll find that Pure News is supported and all of the customizable options that are made for smaller devices will also run on the Xoom such as skinning, update options and cache operations.

One small caveat of the Pure News widget is that you have to enable scrollable widgets within whatever launcher it is that you are using. You should find those options under the settings area of your launcher of course but once enabled you'll be up and running. Android 3.0 can by pass this step though as 3.0 allows for scrollable widgets.

Sadly, no lite or trial version is available currently but you should certainly be able to see if it fits your needs within the refund time allotted. Jump on past the break for the download and to see it up and running on the Motorola Xoom.

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3 years ago

Yep, Verizon's having LTE problems today


When your LTE-capable phone is poking along at 1xRTT and your 3G-only phone is cruising right along ... yeah, Verizon's having network issues, folks. The good news is that if you're not on an HTC ThunderBolt, you're probably OK.

More in the ThunderBolt forums

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3 years ago

Motorola to have a new bootloader policy come late 2011


By now everyone with even the slightest interest in Android or smartphone tech knows that Motorola has been pretty pugnacious about locking and encrypting the bootloader on their Android phones.  There have been numerous community-driven calls for action to try to convince Motorola to change this policy, and it looks like the current one could be the straw that broke the camel's back.  Motorola has responded to Irwin Proud, a gentleman who started a Groubal complaint about the bootloader issue, with the following:

In terms of your question – we completely understand the operator requirement for security to the end user, and as well, want to support the developer communities desire to use these products as a development platform. It is our intention to enable the unlockable/relockable bootloader currently found on Motorola XOOM across our portfolio of devices starting in late 2011, where carriers and operators will allow it.

Don't break out the bubbly just yet though, the last bit there is pretty telling.  Carriers and operators aren't going to be chomping at the bit to sell unlocked developer phones, especially Verizon -- which happens to be the major player in the U.S. for Motorola and Android.  It's possible that it will see the value in this, but so far it has remained silent about the entire issue.  I also wouldn't be surprised if this policy is in effect for new phones only, and not applicable for the Atrix or upcoming Bionic.

But something is always better than nothing, and this may be the first step to a future where Motorola Android phones are friendly to developers.  We can only hope. [Ausdroid] Thanks everyone who sent this in!

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