3 years ago

B&N Nook app for Android updated with magazine support


Barnes and Noble have updated the Nook app for Android, giving high resolution devices (read: tablets) support for magazines as well as a few bug fixes for the HTC Thunderbolt and Android 3.x (Honeycomb) devices.  It works nicely, and the additions have been made without cluttering or changing the user-friendly interface that the Nook app is famous for.

Open the updated app, and in the "shop" section you'll have the entry for magazines, where you can subscribe, manage subscriptions, or just download a single issue.  The prices are competitive (A National Geographic subscription runs $1.99 monthly) and the format works great for reading.  You select and download your current issue, tap to open and simply browse through just as if you had a paper copy in your hands.  When you want to read an article, you simply tap a button in the upper right corner and a new window opens with all the content.  It's a great way to skim the content and focus on the pictures, and then go back and read the articles at your leisure. The app itself is free, and runs on Android 2.1 or higher.  We've got a few more pictures and the download link after the break.

Thanks, Max for the tip!

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3 years ago

Samsung and Nouvoyance to demonstrate 10.1-inch, 300dpi WQXGA displays


Just in case you've not noticed recently, display manufacturers have been working their butts off to mass produce high-quality display units for all of us technology hungry individuals. Samsung is no exception to that that, in fact Samsung is one of the leaders in display technologies and they're getting ready to show off the industry’s first 10.1-inch WQXGA (2560 x 1600) format PenTile RGBW tablet display.

“Samsung’s PenTile display technology is the only display technology that operates at 40 percent less power yet provides twice that of Full HD-viewing performance for consumers compared to legacy RGB stripe LCDs. There is no other commercial display technology on the market today that offers this high of a resolution and pixel density in a 10.1-inch size display,” said Dr. Sungtae Shin, Senior VP of Samsung Electronics. 

So what does all this mean to consumers? Basically -- we're going to be getting some seriously high quality displays in some of the upcoming tablets. Luckily for us, those displays will be lighter and 40 percent more power-efficient. Which, is a great thing -- that stuff leads to lighter, visually better and longer lasting tablets. Hit the break for the full press release and background info about  Samsung’s PenTile display technology.

Source: Business Wire
More: Nouvoyance, PenTile

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3 years ago

Netflix app ported to Droid X, Droid 2, and OG Droid


I know the Netflix app has been out for all of a few hours, but it looks like that's all it took for some of the hard-working developers at XDA to port it over to the Droid X, Droid 2, and OG Droid. Keep in mind all these phones are running either a leaked Gingerbread build or a custom ROM running Gingerbread, but it's still great to know that Netflix is available to more of the masses.

We were told this in regards to the Droid X:

Note for DX: I'm running the first GB leak, rooted, build 4.5.573 and it's working flawlessly. Some people on .588 are reporting it doesn't work, those on .591 and .595 seem to be having success.

If you're willing to take the plunge, the download is at the source link. Let us know how it works for you and thank a dev, while you're at it! Thanks, blakjakdavy!

Source: XDA Developers

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3 years ago

Gingerbread for unlocked UK Desire HD and Incredible S coming May 16, says HTC


Owners of unlocked HTC Desire HD's and Incredible S's in the UK can look forward to an official Gingerbread update next Monday, May 16, according to a Facebook post by HTC UK. The news follows some confusion over the timing of over-the-air updates to Android 2.3 for both devices -- HTC posted a update on its support site a couple of weeks ago stating the update was already live, but owners of unlocked British handsets have yet to receive it over-the-air.

Hopefully the wait should be over next Monday, though. Bare in mind, as usual, that the update will take a little longer to roll out to carrier-branded handsets.

Source: HTC UK on Facebook

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3 years ago

Netflix app initial hands-on and review


Yes, you did read that headline correctly. Netflix has finally come to Android -- well, select Android devices that is. Everyone's favorite loving movie app just hit Android Market for those rocking the HTC Incredible, HTC Nexus One, HTC EVO 4G, HTC G2, and the very glossy Samsung Nexus S. The long awaited app was suppose to be a timed exclusive for the LG Revolution, but it looks like that exclusivity fell apart. Instead we got a very limited launch of the app. According to Netflix, the app would have been released on more devices but they were having "playback support" issues. We're sure that the Android team at Netflix is hard at work to bring the movie streaming app to more devices.

The app is very, very simple in design -- and that's a good thing. Too much fancy could make a heavy video app chug, and we don't need or want that. In fact the app only sports four tabs up top. The four tabs are: Home, Genres, Search, and Queue. There are no settings to change video size, quality, or audio. Hopping in and out of the tabs seemed quite fluid. And our long queue loaded our television and movies quite fast, too.

When loading up Toy Story 3 over Wi-Fi, we had no issue with buffering. Just a few quick seconds and we were enjoying Pixar's classic animation. Skipping through the movie can easily be done by tapping the screen and movie the virtual slider that appears. Again, we saw minimal buffering when hopping around the movie.

The Netflix app is something a lot of people have been waiting for, and we are super excited it's finally here. For those of you that don't have access to it just yet, hang tight. As for now, watch our very quick hands-on.


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3 years ago

Adobe Flash 10.3 available in the Android Market



Adobe Flash 10.3 has been released into the wild, and is now available for download in the Android Market. This update bumps Flash up to version, and after sifting through the changelog, it’s safe to say the release is comprised mostly of bug fixes. Flash 10.3 is available for Froyo, Gingerbread, and Honeycomb 3.0 and 3.1 users, and you can grab it from the Market after the break. Hit the source link for the official changelog with a full list of fixes -- or the shortened version after the break is also available.

Source: Adobe


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3 years ago

Netflix finally releases their Android app, only available for select phones initially


Netflix is one of the few apps that the vast majority of Android users have been dying to have on their devices. Today Netflix released its first Android app, which will initially be available to a select number of phones. Those phones are:

  • HTC Incredible with 2.2+
  • HTC Nexus One with 2.2+
  • HTC EVO 4G with 2.2+
  • HTC G2 with 2.2+
  • Samsung Nexus S with 2.3+

The Netflix team wrote a blog post about the release, citing that this is only the first roll-out phase and the app is going to come to more devices soon:

The Market download will initially be available only on select phones that currently have the requisite playback support. We expect to quickly add to the number of phones that can download from Android Market as we work with ecosystem partners to expand playback support.

They also stated the delay for their app has been due to a lack of standard streaming playback capability that is causing them to test each device individually. They anticipate more support in the "coming months".

Congrats to those with the phones listed above as you now have Netflix in your pocket on your Android device. This is great news for the platform as a whole and shows that Netflix is committed to bringing their product to Android. Find the Market link after the break.

Source: Netflix

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3 years ago

Samsung offering $50 rebate for all TELUS Galaxy S Fascinate 4G buyers


Planning on picking up a Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G from TELUS in Canada? If so, Samsung wants to give you some money back off of the purchase cost. TELUS today, made the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G available for $99 on a 3-year contract, $429 on a 2-year contract and $479 on a 1-year contract and there is no limits on the actual rebate terms, even if you choose the no-contract price of $529. Just fill in the info, wait 6-8 weeks and you'll have save yourself $50. Thanks for sending this in, Clay!

Source: Samsung; TELUS

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3 years ago

Thunderbolt update available in rooted form


This morning’s Thunderbolt update might have left a lot of rooted users scratching their heads as to whether or not to take the plunge, but fear not: you haven’t been left behind. That rooted update we saw last month over at XDA is the same build number we are seeing OTA today, and brings with it all the benefits and none of the unrooting. Again, we recommend all rooted users steer clear of the update being pushed to your handset and instead grab the rooted version at the source link. There, you’ll find the file and instructions on how to flash it to your Thunderbolt (s-off and through hboot, not recovery), all the while maintaining precious superuser status.

Source: XDA Forums

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3 years ago

Android 3.1 software update rolling out now for Motorola Xoom WiFi


When the Android 3.1 update was announced for the 3G enabled Motorola Xoom, some WiFi only Xoom owners were a little upset at having to wait, even if only a little bit. However, some actually received the update that day despite Motorola stating it would be happening in the coming weeks. And now, Motorola has announced that the Android 3.1 update is slowly being rolled out in phases. If you already received it -- awesome (and snag the manual download location)! If not, sit tight and take satisfaction in knowing it's coming sooner rather than later.

Source: @Motorola

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