29 min ago

Clash of Clans update summons Lava Hound and increases upgrade caps


A big update to hit freemium game Clash of Clans has gone live, introducing a new unit and increasing the maximum upgradeable level on many others. The Lava Hound is a new type of flying tank that can take the hits while other units move in for the kill.

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31 min ago

New Moto X TV commercials show off its camera and voice commands


Motorola has started pre-orders for the new version of the Moto X, and it's also kicked off its promotion campaign for the smartphone with a new series of TV commercials.

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Deal of the Day: Mobi Hard Shell Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Made from a durable polycarbonate, these Galaxy Note 3 hard cases are strong enough to withstand drops and thin enough to keep in your pocket. The case snaps together around your device leaving access to the screen, camera, ports and buttons.

The Mobi Hard Shell Case is available for just $4.95; 75% off today only. Comes in 6 different colors, too!


39 min ago

Show off your Moto Maker designs in the forums!


With today's pre-order-slash-release of the AT&T and unlocked "Pure" edition of the new Moto X 2014, we know that a lot of us are going to be making great looking designs for our new phones. So wood. Much leather.

The forums is a great place to share yours, as well as see what other like-minded people are doing. Even if you didn't order, feel free to get creative and show off your best looking Moto X 2014.

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1 hour ago

And so, the great Chromebook experiment begins

Asus Chromebook

Now that I'm in possession of my very first Chromebook I figure it's time that I sat down and actually tried to use it. Properly. IFA wasn't the time or place to start, neither was the following week that saw all hands on deck here at Mobile Nations for a little event out in Cupertino. But now that events are out of the way, I'm going to (largely) set aside my 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro that I cherish dearly and use the Asus Chromebook as much as I possibly can.

We love Chromebooks around here, but until now I've not personally taken the time out to actually sit down and try using one. It's especially odd considering how much of the working day is spent within Google Chrome, but for the past 8 years I've pretty much been all Mac, all of the time. But I'm excited to try something new, a different way of working, so it's going to be a fun little experiment.

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2 hours ago

Connectedly Show 04: Digital Knob - Smartwatch Super Show!


In this episode of the Connectedly Show, I was joined by Kevin, Phil, and Rene to talk all about smartwatches. We covered everything from the new Android Wear devices to the even newer Apple Watch and everything in between. More and more smartwatches are hitting the streets, and we're here to help you make sense of it all.

Can't get enough!? Be sure to check out our full smartwatch buyers guide here for everything you need to know about smartwatches.

Check out the episode in full, and drop a comment here with your thoughts. Who knows — we may just be back with another round to talk about smartwatches even more!

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3 hours ago

Accessibility features on the HTC One M8

HTC One M8 accessibilty

Accessibility is one of those areas of the settings menu that most of us gloss over, unless there's some specific setting we need to enable manually for a specific app, usually to allow devices like smartwatches to piggyback on notifications.

But for a good many folks out there, accessibility features allow for smartphones to be used more easily — or at all. Maybe you need bigger text. Or some audible readouts.

We're taking a look at the various built-in accessibility features on some of the most popular phones available. Today, we're looking at the HTC One M8.

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3 hours ago

Moto X 'Pure Edition' plays fine with T-Mobile and AT&T LTE

Moto X backs

Good news, everyone! If you're looking to go the carrier-free, "Pure Edition" route with your new Moto X, Motorola says it'll work on both T-Mobile and AT&T LTE bands. (Last year's unlocked model was more TMo-friendly.)

The bad news? Motorola's website is still getting hammered.

Commiserate in our Moto X forums if you'd like.

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3 hours ago

Microsoft's new Bluetooth keyboard plays nice with Android, iOS, and Windows


Microsoft has announced a new compact Bluetooth keyboard with a dedicated switch to jump between Android, iOS, and Windows modes. Doing so will make sure the keyboard's home key does what it's supposed to when connected to your device.

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3 hours ago

OneNote adds support for Android Wear to take notes on your wrist


Microsoft's note taking software OneNote is the latest to join the Android Wear family, thanks to a newly released app that will allow owners of those smartwatches to ditctate notes.

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3 hours ago

Google Play Newsstand paid content expands in India and Europe


Google's expanded the availability of paid content in Google Play Newsstand to four new countries. Joining the ranks of the privileged few that have the option to pay for premium Newsstand content are India, the Netherlands, Russia, and Spain.

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4 hours ago

Moto X, Moto Hint and Turbo Charger preorders start NOW!

Moto X

A quick reminder, folks, that the Moto X, Moto Hint and Turbo Charger are available for preorder this morning, starting at noon EDT. Additionally, the Moto 360 is back in stock. Chances are very good Motorola's website will start to creak under the pressure.

Good luck, everyone!

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4 hours ago

Twitch, Disney, and others add Chromecast support to their apps


Twitch.tv, three Disney apps, iHeartRadio, and DramaFever have all been updated so you can beam great programs from your Android device to the big screen over Chromecast.

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5 hours ago

HTC Desire 510 hitting Sprint for free Sept. 19, Boost and Virgin next week


Following an announcement a few weeks ago, we've got release dates for the HTC Desire 510 on Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile. Sprint is getting it on September 19 for $0 down on contract ($199.99 without a contract) or $8.34 monthly on Easy Pay. Boost will have the Desire 510 starting September 22 for $99.99. Virgin Mobile will have theirs out a day after on the 23rd. for $99.99.

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5 hours ago

What is Google TalkBack?

Google Talk Back

Google's TalkBack service is a great way for the vision-impaired to use all of Android's features

Most of us take being able to see everything on our high-resolution Androids for granted. We peep at pixels, discuss the merits of display technology to death, and even tend to turn our nose up at devices that don't have the ultra-high-res "true" HD screens some of today's flagships offer. But that's not the case for the large segment of us who have impaired vision.

Folks who have a hard time seeing the overload of information that a modern smartphone has to offer will need some assistance, and Google provides a really comprehensive set of tools in TalkBack. TalkBack is an Accessibility Service that helps vision-impaired users interact with, and enjoy, their devices. It uses spoken word, vibration and other audible feedback to let you know what's on your screen, what you're touching, and what you can do with it.

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