OK, boys and girls. We're in the home stretch now. Just four Chromecasts remaining on our desk, and one of them can be yours today.

We're declaring this "No-hoop Hump Day." To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post. We'll collect 'em through midnight PDT (anything after that won't count) and pick a winner in the morning.

And congrats to the winners of the first two days —  Ben in Utah and Ray in Houston! Your Chromecasts are on their way!


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Chromecast-a-day: And then there were four


Hope I get chosen so I can transform my Older Samsung TV to a smart TV.

Might be picking up a Nexus 7 soon, so this would be pretty sweet to go along with it!

I need one here so that life can be more enjoyable!

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The danger of the past was that men became slaves. The danger of the future is that man may become robots.

Yes, please.

Id love one of these! If I don't win ill probably end up having to buy one lol..

Since I can't one of these in Germany yet it would be simply awesome to get a Chromecast from you guys - looking forward to it in the mail =)

Personally I love hoops. Jumping through them, sitting in them, even just looking at them on dull wednesdays. But i will take a chromecast despite it being completely un hoop-related. Thanks

I'm assuming that my non-selection as a winner the first three days was purely a mistake. Hey, I get it, everyone makes mistakes.

Today's my day to win though, right? RIGHT? :D

Pick me pick me ooh ohh me me me!

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Please! I hesitated to buy one that first day and now they can't be had anywhere. Thanks AC!

I have that Chromecast fever feeling.. Pick me, please!

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I am hopeful that one of these four is for me...I keep hearing a lot of positive reviews about Chromecast.

I am just excited to see if someone wins in the Asian region, though I don't mind if it's me.

Wouldn't mind one of these as guarantee it won't be available here in the near future.

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Hmm pick me please!

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Chromecast Watch. The mood is tense;I have been on some serious, serious giveaways but nothing quite like this.

Who loves wednesdays? a Horny Camel !!

My friends and I have a youtube series and would probably hump this small piece of hardware of excitement.

Cool beans! I have one on backorder on telling when that'll ship though, would love to get my hands on one soooer.


Would love to be able to stream to my TV in my room, don't have wi-fi connected to my tv or blueray player and I cut the cable cord long ago, so I can't watch House of Cards on it... Unless I had a Chromecast! :)

99 boxes of Chromecast on the wall... 99 boxes of Chromecast. Take one down and pass it around....

My comment won't post? Atleast not on my end... Did I break A.C?

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A Chromecast a day will keep the remote away :-)

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Yes please, seems i havent been successfully posting from the Android Central App....that can be the only reason i havent won yet ;)

Need this piece of technology master craft. I have not been in best of luck .. hope this one for me :)

I would love to have one of those but I dont know if you would ship to Canada

Sold out everywhere. Would love to get my hands on one.

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I can see one of those Chromecasts flying across the ocean landing in Portugal :)

I will run a mile, wash my mouth out with dish soap, kiss 5 total strangers, eat 100 hot dogs, run out on a mlb baseball field for a chromecast!!!

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