G’zOne Commando

The Casio G’zOne Commando hasn't been forgotten by Verizon, and should be seeing a software update shortly to address some bugs and patch up a bit on the security side. There's no mention of a version update, so we're pretty sure it will still be on Gingerbread, but bug fixes and the like are always welcome. The change log reads as such --

  • Speakerphone successfully turns off after a Push to Talk call is completed.
  • Improved device stability decreases power cycles during a Push to Talk call.
  • Mobile IM application has been removed from the device.
  • Desk Cradle application has been updated with the latest bug fixes.
  • Android partner security bulletin has been applied to the device. 

The new security patch is a great thing, and the removal of the Mobile IM app probably is, too. When nobody uses your "value-added" apps, it's time to strip them out. No word on when to expect this one, but if you're rocking the Mil-Spec G’zOne ( I love typing that name) be on the lookout. Hey Verizon -- Rezound next, please?

Source: Verizon (pdf)


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Casio G’zOne Commando getting a software update


"When nobody uses your 'value-added' apps, it's time to strip them out." Wish they'd figure that out about Blockbuster and VZ Navigator. (I know, I could just root.) In the meantime, I'll wait more or less patiently for an LTE "Commando." I came very close to getting it last year instead of the Thunderbolt.

As of build M100, the Commando is unrootable...

Good thing you didn't pick it up, otherwise you'd be stuck.

Mine also updated at 1536. The part that really angers me is I was on a conference call and the update disconnected my phone call and started the update. When I hit cancel it started updating. It took 40 minutes for the update to install. I'm so aggravated at this.