G’zOne Commando

The Casio G’zOne Commando hasn't been forgotten by Verizon, and should be seeing a software update shortly to address some bugs and patch up a bit on the security side. There's no mention of a version update, so we're pretty sure it will still be on Gingerbread, but bug fixes and the like are always welcome. The change log reads as such --

  • Speakerphone successfully turns off after a Push to Talk call is completed.
  • Improved device stability decreases power cycles during a Push to Talk call.
  • Mobile IM application has been removed from the device.
  • Desk Cradle application has been updated with the latest bug fixes.
  • Android partner security bulletin has been applied to the device. 

The new security patch is a great thing, and the removal of the Mobile IM app probably is, too. When nobody uses your "value-added" apps, it's time to strip them out. No word on when to expect this one, but if you're rocking the Mil-Spec G’zOne ( I love typing that name) be on the lookout. Hey Verizon -- Rezound next, please?

Source: Verizon (pdf)

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Unobtanium says:

"When nobody uses your 'value-added' apps, it's time to strip them out." Wish they'd figure that out about Blockbuster and VZ Navigator. (I know, I could just root.) In the meantime, I'll wait more or less patiently for an LTE "Commando." I came very close to getting it last year instead of the Thunderbolt.

Cat Hat Man says:

the blockbuster app is terrible, they always forget to rewind the dvd im streaming.

Androhead27 says:

Yes!!! ^^^

rdybala says:

As of build M100, the Commando is unrootable...

Good thing you didn't pick it up, otherwise you'd be stuck.

Mine just update at 336pm est 8/3

gristd says:

Mine also updated at 1536. The part that really angers me is I was on a conference call and the update disconnected my phone call and started the update. When I hit cancel it started updating. It took 40 minutes for the update to install. I'm so aggravated at this.