Samsung Galaxy S5

Save $170 over buying the phone and watch separately

We already knew that the Samsung Galaxy S5 would be coming to Rogers, but the carrier is sweetening the deal today by offering a steep discount on the Gear 2 Neo if you purchase the phone and wearable at the same time. If you agree to buy the Galaxy S5 on a two-year contract, you'll be able to pick up the Gear 2 Neo for just $49.99, a solid discount off of the $219.99 MSRP Rogers has listed.

The Galaxy S5 will set you back a cool $249.99 on-contract from the carrier, but if you're looking to pick up both of the latest gadgets at the same time the prices will work out in your favor. You can get your order of the Galaxy S5 lined up ahead of time with Rogers Reserve, and have it ready to go when the phone's available on April 11th.

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Buy a Galaxy S5 from Rogers, get a Gear 2 Neo for $49


Can someone tell me why Verizon couldn't do something like this for the Note 3 and Gear when they came out??? Is it because they only care about money and not doing anything to benefit the consumer???

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I wish AT&T did something like this when I got my Note 3 too. It's their loss though because I'll now get the Moto or LG smartwatch

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I'm still on the fence about smart watches but the Moto 360 looks bad ass. I'm also interested in what HTC has to offer.

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Yeah, moto 360 is the only smartwatch that gives me the slightest bit of interest.

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Every carrier in each country is different. You guys pay less then we do for the devices & accessories / smart watches.

Rogers has the exclusive rights to sell & carry the Galaxy Gear 2 Neo within Canada in all the carriers. So this is WHY they are doing this so that way they can draw more customers to them.

I guess that's true to some extent. But Verizon is one of the largest carriers here in the US. And alot of people have grandfathered unlimited data plans. So we're paying full retail for phones now to keep that data plan. So I just feel like the biggest carrier in the US could throw us some kind of bone. Half off a watch. Buy one get one free. Something.

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wow that is a great deal! I would have totally gotten that deal. If nothing else to have it while I wait for the moto 360!

+1 and I don't like the gear all that much

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

I would like to say something seeing as i am with Rogers.

Rogers is giving the customers that reserve the S5 $50 prepaid Suretap Mastercard. Suretap is basically the app that u can use your phone as a Visa / Mastercard & it works for CIBC.

Also Telus here in Canada has the S5 for $229.99 So anyone with Rogers can price match Telus price & get it for $229.99 on contract.

Meh, I dont care. I'd like to take this opportunity to once again display how much I dislike the galaxy line since the s2. They just get worse and worse! It's almost a game for me to analyze how with each new Galaxy version released, they become more toyish and cheap looking/feeling, increase the bloatware, shove more dumb useless features in one horrific excuse for a smartphone and last but not least pull further away from Google's recommended Android UI/UX. And with all this garbage, Samsung's Galaxy line continues to blindly succeed and stay the number 2 sold device behind Apple and straight garbage iOS. Goes to show how tech dumb our world has become. Yep, we live in a society of tech dumb sheep's who are so dumb they can't think for themselves and follow branding over quality of experience. Isheep just expanded! We have Galaxy sheep! I substituted Samsung because I still have a high remark for the Note and it's stance as a superb Graphics Design device. Baaaah sheep baaaaaaaah you mindless morons who think you're buying something special in the Galaxy s5 and have no clue that an educated mind will never buy these type of products, as they know what a true tech device is, and that is, one that offers the power and specs but leaves the choice to the user. The Galaxy s5 is only powerful by illusion. The dumb sheep confuse features, support, and market status for power, functionality, and usability every time! Little hint... The more "they" add for you, the less choice you have which translates to lack of funtions, power, and overall usability. But these sheep are too dumb to exploit a devices power for themselves anyways and that's why they continue to buy toys. I must practice acceptance I guess for this is the new way, even Microsoft has sold out, well, their "trying" to do something about it at least. Almost at a loss as being a programmer I have come to the realization that, this new society of tech morons has caused my favorite thing in the world to be forever altered, programming and devices together are moving to the cloud and you stupid dumb sheep are to be the death of beautiful native programming artwork and devices will slowly change into screens that won't even need on board cpu power as the cloud will do more and more of the thinking rendering an ugly universal state of bland technology that is limited to its functions completely and it is being proven right now as Samsung proves the general user is a tech dumb clown who chooses to give up their personal choice in trusting the OEM to make all the decisions for them. Here's a heart monitor and fingerprint scanner in place of something that could have given the device true real world power in technology. You mindless yogurt eating sheep ruined MY world. And I will forever hate each and every one of you dumb uneducated clowns who advocate such a useless pos device. Bring on the responses you mindless sheep, there's nothing you can say to justify buying the Galaxy s5 without proving your status as a tech moron. You bought a toy, PERIOD! It is against what Android reps and I was glad to see that Samsung factory that was producing the Galaxy s5 go up in flames. It was the tech gods I bet. You dumb f()cks and you're mindless support of such a shit device I hope you spontaneously combust into thin air so you can't reproduce such a dumb and irrelevant existence. Omg I feel so much better and I dont care who I offended. I hope someone responds to this so I can laugh. I hope you Galaxy sheep aren't dumb enough to pay any mind to my useless rant that only benefits myself knowing someone out there just wasted their time reading this. And if someone feels the same about this shit device, then maybe there is hope. I doubt it though, as android central is filled to the gills with less thans when it comes to true Android based education and/or understanding. Keep this forum around for the stories but could really care less what anyone that takes THIS forums makeup of Android consumers think, half of them own Apple products as well. By far the dumbest makeup of Android fans in the forum space and lol I AM apart of it so I guess I can't hate on that aspect. Going to bed, im tired

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no he needs a medic ( tech gods) come fuckin on man get a grip.

from my old note3 which i had to sell my soul for;)

No wonder you're tired. That was exhausting to read...

Now when you wake up to pee don't slip on your S4.

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OMG....... Someone has really lost it. Hope you have a good sleep, seems like you haven't slept for days.

Pssst, it's just a phone. If you get this worked up about something so insignificant you may need a break.

Rogers always has a scam. They offered a $50 Master Card credit on the phone if you "reserve" the S5 and 2000 "rewards" (Rogers points worth $20). Today I went to pick my phone and watch to be told I have wait for it to be shipped to the store. I have to wait until they call me! If I cancel, it'll cost me $70 more to get it today. The watch deal is "limited time and while supplies last. They'll probaby wait to call after they run out.