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Screen protectors aren't glamorous, but they still do a job when they're as good as this one


The screen protector is arguably the least glamorous phone accessory around but for some of us they're a real device saver. But no-one likes a thin, poorly applied, scratched up and even torn screen protector anymore than we like scratches on our screens. So, stump for something like this BodyGuardz tempered glass option for the Samsung Galaxy S5 that's easy to apply, doesn't suffer from enormous nasty air bubbles and is tough, tough, tough.

Let's take a look.

Since it's tempered glass this thing is thick. Remember that when you take it out of the box. It doesn't flex and you don't want to snap it in half. In the packaging you get a microfiber, a screen wipe, a suction cup and a squeegee to help you apply. The basic process involves removing the protective film, attaching the suction cup, lining it up and sticking it down. It covers the entire front of the phone with cutouts for the home button and for the earpiece up top.

If you're looking for heavy duty screen protection for your Galaxy S5, then this ScreenGuardz tempered glass protector is well worth a look. The only downside, it's a little expensive. To be expected given what it is, but it's going to look after that display pretty well. And anyway, touching your finger against glass is so much nicer than some plastic film, right?

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BodyGuardz ScreenGuardz Pure Premium Glass Screen Protector for the Samsung Galaxy S5


I might go this route with the Note 4. Cannot stand the plastic (either though a case or through a screen protector) so this is my next option.

I bought this tempered glass "anti-explosion" (lol) screen protector of ebay for ~$5 shipped and it's absolutely amazing. If anything it actually improved the feel and no negative effects on touch sensitivity. I'm sure "they" will make one for any popular phone. Other than the cutout for the light/proxy sensors you'd never know it's there. Perfectly clear and zero air bubbles. Just install in the bathroom after running the shower hot for a few minutes to ensure no dust particles.

I work for a company that sells cell phone accessories... Only 9.99 +s&h not brand name, but it's saved my s5 more than enough times...

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Where is the plug for the website...I would be interested if it is basically the same and made for the Note 4


Wow, I buy the cheap film ones off Amazon or eBay, usually around $5 for a 3 or 5 pack. It's not that hard to install them with no bends or bubbles. I'm sure these glass ones are marginally more protective, but I just couldn't bring myself to drop nearly $40 on one.

If you look on Amazon you also find glass ones for about the same price as plastic. I have one on my note its been on here for months and it's totally protected my screen and at that low price. I've got like two or three backups

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Got one for my HTC One m8. Got it from Verizon, so I'm sure I overpaid ($25) but it was late, I was hungry, and just too tired to quibble. Anyway, I love this thing, even more than my dot view case (which now doesn't work quite as well). No bubbles, touch sensitivity is great, colors are gorgeous, smooth as silk.

But I'll probably get the next one from Amazon! ;-)

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Serious: In an age of Gorilla Glass, is this still an issue? I haven't scratched a screen since my Treo 600, but I also don't keep anything in my pocket with my phone.

Sometimes people drop them on scratchy services, so being in the pocket is not always the only source of the screen being scratched. I know I dropped mine on the ground more than once and have scratched the regular screen before. Now I don't use a phone without a glass screen protector. But I get good quality ones that are only about $5 on Amazon and eBay. They work just as well as the overpriced ones and bubble free. I've had one on my Note now about 7 months with no issues. It's just glass. No need to pay the price of a good quality case (like UAG cases) for it. They are all manufactured in China and probably cost equivalence of about 2 pennies to mass produce 4 at a time. The only difference is you may have to wait 15 days to get it but when you can get three of them for less than the price of an average one, it's worth it. Least for me it is.

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No, the ones sold by VZW come off fairly easy leaving no adhesive residue. In fact, when my dad recently dropped his note 3, I carefully removed the tempered glass from mine and applied it to his. If you have accurate steady hands and are in a dust-free environment, it's simple to put the on. Not difficult to remove.

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I just bought a 9h nilkin branded glass screen protector for $10 bucks for my one + fits and looks great bought off eBay.

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If you do any outdoor activities, or if you don't have an office job, you will scratch your screen. I take my wife and kids to the lake or river several times a week, so I have to put a screen protector on as soon as I take a phone out of it's box. You can take a knife or a key to Gorilla Glass and not scratch it. But if you get a single piece of sand on your finger and touch the screen, it will look like you used a jack hammer on it. Hopefully sapphire will change this, seeing how it is harder than sand.

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This. I had my phone in my pocket years ago while driving down the OBX beach with the doors off my jeep. It caused a ton of swirly scratches from a few grains of sand and a little bit of movement. Gorilla Glass has a ways to go.

Spigen really let me down on a case for the Note 3, not sure that I would go there. I know I am a singular issue but I am bitter...

VZW sells them for $25 and the reps will install it. Kind of expensive but they certainty prevent breakage and scratching.

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Got mine from Verizon (less than $25 with my employer discount) and rep installed. Ended up dropping my S5 into metal leg of table about a month later, when I flipped phone over screen was shattered (or at least I thought it was) I removed the tempered glass and the screen on device was perfect, no scratches, no cracks. There was a dent in the side of the device so I know I hit it hard. I promptly drove to store and purchased another. Will not go without one ever again for any device I own, and recommend it to all my family and friends

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