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$250 price drop as Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo get ready to hit stores

With the official launch of the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo on the horizon, Bell Canada has cut the price of the original Galaxy Gear to $99.97 at its online store. No special strings to pull or promo codes to apply -— the price has simply been cut by $250 for the smartwatch. You'll even have your choice of black, ivory (white) or orange.

We saw Best Buy drop the price of the Galaxy Gear to $150 recently, but this drop to $99 is as low as we've seen it. If you're in Canada and want to give the Gear a shot, it may be worth a look from Bell.

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Bell Canada drops Galaxy Gear price to $99, available in 3 colors


I'm sure this would sell better if they made it available to other devices rather than just Samsung phones.

Nexus 5...enough said

Right now. ^^^^

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This article has been up for 15 minutes and nobody's made the comment that this is what it should have been priced from the start!
What is going on here? I'm scared

I hope Google's and Apple's rumored smart watches absolutely destroy Samsung's Gear 2.

As you say, there's no reason why Samsung should have priced the original Gear as high as they did with as limited functionality as it had.

This SHOULD have been the starting price, from the beginning.


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Even with limited compatibility for what you're getting. I think it could have commanded $150-$175 at launch. $300 was madness.
Edit : forgot about notifications being unsupported... Given functions at launch $100 is probably more fair...

Apple smart watch will be a big hit, sometimes we forget how many people actually have iproducts.

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Do you really think an Android watch will have a price point lower that $250? What's an apple watch gonna run, $600? Samsung is cheap compared to what's coming.

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The Gear 1 is a dead end. Made to get something out in the market quickly, but not destined to be a long term ecosystem. At $99 maybe it'd be an fun toy, but I'd buying at face value. This is all that it is. Not much more is going to come to it.

At $100, to be able to buy this and install NullROM on it to use with other Android watches is worth it at this price point. At $350 the pricing was insane. Dropping to $240 helped a bit, then $200 (at Telus in Canada and now Best Buy/Future Shop again in Canada helped even more) but at $100 to tinker with I find quite reasonable.

Right. At this price I don't need it to keep getting supported. As long as it works with cooked ROMS on any android phone I'm in.

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Which is why I've just come home after buying two Gears: one in Black for the GF and her Note 2 (thanks Best Buy Canada for price matching Bell Canada) and the other in Orange (thanks Bell Canada retail store). GF will use stock Gear ROM, I'll be using NullROM.

Xbox One or Galaxy Gear? Say it two more times...

Idea :
Playstation 4 and Galaxy Gear....

Problem solved.

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