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Earlier today we learned that Barnes & Noble and Samsung were teaming up for a tablet called the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook. It will be a Nook-branded tablet based off the 7-inch version of the Galaxy Tab 4. In an SEC filing, we've also just learned that Barnes & Noble will will purchase a minimum of one million tablets. That's a lot of tablets. We gleamed a few more details about the upcoming project as well, so read on past the break for more details.

A 8-K filing revealed additional details of the deal between Barnes & Noble and Samsung. In it, we learn that at least one million tablets will be purchased by Barnes & Noble, while Samsung will pony up an undisclosed amount of funding to help market the Nook-branded tablet.

The devices will be branded as 'Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK'. Barnes & Noble has not only selected to use the 7-inch version of the Galaxy Tab 4, but will also use the 10-inch version according to the SEC filing. Each size will come in two SKUs, one black and the other white. The 7-inch version will launch first, with the 10-inch tablet coming about sixty days later.

Barnes & Noble doesn't have to buy all million tablets at once. Instead it just has to buy at least 1,000,000 within the first twelve months after the launch.

Would anyone be interested in a Nook-branded Galaxy Tab 4? Sound off below.

Source: SEC, Via: GigaOM

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Barnes & Noble set to order at least one million Galaxy Tab 4 tablets from Samsung


A custom ROM that all but guarantees when the regular Tab 4 7.0 is updated, the B&N version will be orphaned. Oh, and a Nook app will probably be on there too.

If it's cheap, unlockable, and can be flashed back to Samsung stock, then it'd be worth considering. Otherwise get the regular version and download the Nook app from Google Play.

Not a chance I will get this. B&N has changed courses to many times and not allowed a decent store without side loading. When it's time for a new reader I will probably get a Kindle Fire.

Where have you been the last year or so? The newest Nooks had full Google Play support. No side loading necessary.

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I have tables in every room of my house! Battery life is top notch! But, they get a lot of scratches, so buy a table protector if you are planning on getting one of these.

I think this makes sense from a branding perspective (for Samsung). The galaxy tab 4 7.0 is an ideal size for an ereader and you don't need great performance out of an ereader either.

Maybe Barnes and noble can subsidize the device slightly? And in exchange they get to push you towards their store?
I personally would love an android tablet that was geared towards ereading but I don't want some closed off ecosystem (aka kindle).

Hopefully Google could come out with something good that promotes Google Play Books, cost an appropriate price for an ereader ($150 max) and focuses on screen quality battery life and small size (6.5-7" screen) but without bells and whistles that an ereader doesn't need (camera, bleeding edge processor, GPS etc)

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Hopefully it is not over $200, I can get one or two for gifts during the holidays.

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Did a bit of research the Tab 4 7 retails for $199, so I expect the price around there. That's tempting for Christmas gifts.

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Big fan of how B&N tailors software and hardware to the most comfortable reading experience, I'm definitely interested!

B&N is so far behind, they will need to have fantastic services and/or pricing to win back any market share. At least they pick a hardware partner that has great marketing.

Maybe they are doing exactly that...and I must admit, it is a brilliant stroke to do that. A huge footprint of stores in high-traffic areas with a well-heeled userbase. Samsung could do a lot worse. Between their BBuy mini-stores and this, it will only help Samsung's marketing juggernaut.

For me it will depend on pricing and the specs on it. Not going to pay 150.00 for junk I can get that now. Lots of memory to hold lots of books.

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I don't get it. I can go to Walmart and buy a Galaxy Tab 4 literally right now. What makes this device so special other than it having more bloatware and probably a crippled Android experience?

From my Moto X+1 running Android 5.0 in the world's worst dummy case

The fact that it isn't a Nexus?
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Sorry didn't see that you were talking feature, thought you just went with crippled android

When I say "crippled Android" I mean a Barnes and Noble interface, which it appears to have. Of course we don't know everything about it yet, but if B&N has their Nook tablet software on here, you're basically getting a dumbed-down version of Android, skin or no skin.

From my Moto X+1 running Android 5.0 in the world's worst dummy case

I have been using a NOOK and/or NOOK software on other devices for years and have a fairly substantial B&N electronic book library built up. So, it will depend on specs and price as to whether or not this will be of interest to me.

I owned the first gen Nook. I loved it. It was cool and quirky. Then I bought a tablet (Transformer Prime) thinking it would be great for reading ebooks. It wasnt. Its too heavy and even with the brighter screen, its still impossible to use it in direct sunlight. I brought it on a cruise and it wound up staying in the room after my first attempt to read on an outside deck. It does handle reading magazines very well but again, not in full sunlight. I used it on a train ride into the city. Got lots of looks from other passengers but it was so heavy after a few minutes I just gave up. I bought a Nook touch with glow light last year and I couldnt be happier. Crisp, clean text. Perfect screen size, not too heavy even with a case on it and the light makes it easy to read at night without having to position a gooseneck light over the screen. I was annoyed that half of the onboard storage was dedicated to Barnes and Noble only content but at least it had an expansion port. B&N buying into the Galaxy Tab for ereading simply doesnt compute. They should have stuck with one thing. A full size tablet is just not the right platform to read books on.

If you're reading Android Central, you're absolutely NOT the target market for this device. Nobody cares if you like it or not and Barnes & Noble doesn't want you to buy one. People who buy these devices are buying the convenience of being able to walk into a Barnes & Noble store to get help.

I'd consider it. If low-cost, this could be popular with college students since most university book stores are B&N.

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Great a 3rd rate tablet with a poor screen (the old Nook is 1440x900 243 ppi) vs the Samsung 1280x800 (216 ppi), only 8 gb of ram, what a step back, I would not get one for any price. My Nexus 7 2013 is 323 ppi and I have the Nook app on board along with Kindle and Google Play Books. Tell me why I would by one of these poor excuse for a tablet, when I could get something better that does not make my eyes bleed from low ppi? Thumbs way, way down for B&N on this idiocy.

I forgot to add the Samsung bloatware will leave 2-3 gb at max on an 8 gb tablet, and so you can load few books, and fewer apps. B&N only allows you to move movies to the SD card, and Samsungs have never played well with items on the SD cards. Really a dumb move at best.

Never played well with SD cards? Sorry but they are the only ones that do it right.
You do not know the specs on this either so it could be a much better tablet than the regular tab 4

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Well I was right, poor screen (216 ppi), and while no Samsung bloatware (claimed), it will still only have 4-5 gb of space on the 8 gb version, and at least on my daughters Nook, you run into the wall of space quickly since B&N will not let you store anything but movies on the SD card. I suspect that it will be priced at $149 for the 8 gb version, and $200 for the 16 gb (if there is one), too expensive for such a poor screen on something that is to be an e-reader. is the post where the resolution is displayed.