Ballistic Every1 Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4

The Ballistic Every1 Case turns the Samsung Galaxy S4 into something different. Something ... dangerous. OK, maybe not dangerous. But it certainly turns it into something that's a little less prone to danger.

The case comprises two parts: There's a front cover that includes a plastic protector for the display, and holes for the front-facing camera, speaker and various sensors. It fastens onto the back shell via some pretty sturdy grommets. You're going to want to mind the instructions on the inside of the box, and even then I needed a little extra help to pry them open. (And once fastened, I've had no concerns about them coming loose.)

There are cutouts for the secondary microphones, and flaps over the microUSB and 3.5mm ports. The front home button also is sealed in rubber, as are the power and volume buttons, but all are still perfectly functional.

The back of the phone is mostly a big, glossy piece of plastic. The black one we have here tends to show every fingerprint and even the smallest scratches. But it also shows you how thick the case is, with the exposed camera and speaker a few millimeters deep. (Again, they're exposed, so don't go dunking your phone in water with this case on.)

This also is where you'll find the plastic kickstand. It's not all that sturdy, so you can prop up the phone vertically, but it'll keep it standing horizontally without too much trouble. The screen protector is functional, but it does degrade the quality what you see on the screen a little bit. And there's a small gap between it and the glass. You get used to it, but it's still a little annoying.

The talking points include "engineered drop protection." And while certainly a case of this stature will offer up a bit of a cushion — it's got "air gap suspension springs" on the inside of the outer shell — we probably wouldn't go around dropping a perfectly good Galaxy S4 just for fun.

The Ballistic Every1 Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is available from in either black on black, or black and red.

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Ballistic Every1 Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4


Yahoo was really unattractive without the case but this brings it to a whole new level

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah that is just nasty. I'm sure it does the intended job but sure doesn't win any style points....

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 via Android Central App

I had an Otterbox Defender for my S4 and I had to remove the plastic screen protector cause it gave me bubbles to the sides and sometimes in the middle, not sure if it was a faulty one or what. When I removed the plastic I had to use little bits of clothe and cotton so I the screen was pushed to the frames.

I would never buy a fully case ever again but I liked how it felt and the extra weight :(

Depends on your needs, ie construction work. Foolish to pass judgment on such an easily remedied problem. All you had to do was touch the inner part of the screen protector to your shirt, or any type of clothing that would leave lint /dust on the inside of the screen protector, no more bubbles lol.

Right, I didn't say it was "dust bubbles", just suggested using the dust or lint from clothing as a quick fix. Works for my phones 3 + years now, just tried to offer a solution. Originally used talc powder but the former method is way more convenient.

This thing sounds like a print magnet POS.
Just buy a defender off eBay for 11 bucks. It's quality is proven.
BTW, there are no bubbles or spaces of any kind between the film and display using my S4 with the Otterbox Defender. I have 4 different cases in different colors and all fit like a glove.
Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy S4