Badland Bugdroid

One of the darkest and more interesting games we've played lately has got to be Badland, in which you fly around as a little furry (or is it pointy?) creature and attempt to create and rescue clones. (Just go with it.)

If you haven't played Badland, you've got to do so. We'll wait.

And with a recent update you can now play as a Bugdroid — that lovable Android robot mascot guy. 

Badland with Bugdroid

To enable it, you'll need to back out to the main menu — as in the main, main menu (there are a few), and hit the Bugdroid icon on the left-hand side. Do that, and you'll flapping along with those stubby little arms in no time.

There are a few other bugfixes and improvements in this update as well, including being able to see which levels you beat on the first try.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


Reader comments

Badland now lets you play as a Bugdroid!


This game's actually really fun. I think all the flappy bird people could be convinced it's a 10x better version (even tho it was out first).

Are you guys ever going to update your comment system? I don't even know when people reply...thanks.

I completely agree with u on the comment system... I read 3 android blogs daily to feed my love of android and I comment on the other 2, but never this one just because of the lack of reply notification and lack of up-voting / sorting by up-votes.

Yeah I love commenting on android police. Get some good discussions going. Here...I refresh a few times for maybe 15 minutes after I comment then never see it again...

Ah! Yeah, absolutely something that's supposed to be here. Had to wait for that back-end update we did a few weeks ago. Lemme check on that.

And we've got some really sweet notifications in the works beyond that.

But, no, we're not switching to Disqus. Ugh. :p

A reply from Phil :D I just saw the post about notifications. Thanks a lot dude. And come on disqus is so neat :S Maybe what you have coming is better :P