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Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic

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  • Vendor: Waze
  • Version: Varies with device
  • Price: Free

Waze is the community-based traffic and navigation app that was purchased by Google in June 2011. Because it's community-driven, you report things like traffic data and speed back to the company in real time, so they can aggregate all the data to help other people who may be headed your way. You can also manually report accidents, speed traps, or any other hazard you see on the road.

While you're driving, you will receive alerts about road hazards other folks have seen and reported, traffic information and even the lowest gas prices. Waze can even make it easy to let folks know you're stuck in traffic or are getting close to your destination.

Other features like calendar integration (navigate to a meeting with just one tap) make Waze a popular option. With a community-based application of any kind, popularity matters. Give Waze a try today.


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Waze now uses fewer taps to get you where you need to go

Waze, the popular nagivation app that's owned by Google, is rolling out a major update today on Android. Version 4.0 is designed to use fewer taps to access major features, and has added a new reporting panel. Here's the breakdown of what's new in Waze 4.0: Less Taps Needed: Less taps...
Waze unveils its Transport SDK for third-party integration

Waze partners with Lyft for driver directions, unveils new Transport SDK

Waze has announced a new Transport SDK that will allow partners to build-in features from Waze directly into their own apps. With the SDK, partners have access to Waze's crowd-sourced traffic data for more optimized routes, users of things like ride-sharing services, for instance, should see...

Google and Waze are testing new RideWith carpooling service in Israel

Google is experimenting with a new carpooling service, working with its mapping subsidiary Waze in a limited test. The company has confirmed that the service, called RideWith, will launch in Tel Aviv, Israel this week. While the service has similarities to features offered by other ride-...

Waze app will start displaying AMBER Alerts to help find missing children

The new feature for the social-themed navigation app should help with spreading the word about children who are either missing or have been abducted. The Waze app team is working with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children on the AMBER alert feature. The app's official blog...

Waze may already be installed on your next smartphone

[custom:mwc15]Google today announced that Waze will be an option as pre-installed software on Android smartphones. The move will provide OEM partners (and carriers) the opportunity to have the service already installed and ready to go for when consumers first switch on their new handsets....

Waze update lets you catalog local points of interest

Waze just picked up an update to version 3.9 that sees the addition of a new feature called Places, through which users will be able to add and edit information about local businesses, residences and other points of interest. Here's what you can do with Places: After navigating to a...

Waze for Android now syncs with your calendar

A quick heads up for you Waze users — the traffic-mapping app just unleashed an update that syncs up with your calendar. It's optional — so if you prefer not to use it you can turn it off in the advanced settings.  And update to the iPhone version is coming, Waze said. But for now, Android first...

Google Maps and Waze updated with crossover features

Maps gets Waze incident reports; Waze gets Google Search, Street View in map editor Following Google's acquisition of Waze back in June, we're starting to see the first signs of cross-pollination between Google's Maps and the collaborative navigation app. From today, Waze-reported incidents are...

Stock Talk: Google's purchase of Waze reminiscent of when it bought YouTube

The naysayers were wrong in 2006 — is this Google's latest genius move? The rumors turned into official news earlier this week. Google has acquired Waze, a social mapping and navigation company. Most industry pundits are aware of speculation that Apple and Facebook also were interested buyers....
Google Maps

Google closes acquisition of Waze

Google 'excited' about enhancing Google Maps with Waze data  The rumors were true -- Google has announced that it's closed its acquisition of Waze, the collaborative navigation and traffic app. In a post on its official blog, the company confirmed the buy-out, saying that it was "excited about...
Android Central

Waze updated with pick-up request and social features

The Waze navigation app has recently been updated with a whole bunch of new social features, ranging from seeing the ETA of your friends, location sharing, pick-up requests, and lots more. Here's the full changelog for Waze 3.5. See friends driving to your destination & everyone's ETA...

Waze unveils version 3.2, with waypoints, voice control, and real-time gas pricing

  Waze has taken the wraps off the latest version of their über-popular social navigation app, and there's some pretty cool new features thrown into the mix. For starters, you can now find the things you're looking for along the route your traveling with the new waypoints feature, where you can...



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Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic