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SwiftKey Keyboard

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Keyboards are a dime a dozen these days. But the one that keeps us coming back is SwiftKey. That's as much for its ease of use as its legendary prediction algorithms — its "Fluency Engine," which helps your phone seem to know what to type before you do.

Prediction was always SwiftKey's bread and butter — for years it was leaps and bounds better than Google's stock keyboard, or SwiftKey's arch rival, Swype. Today, it's picked up features made popular by its competitors — the "Flow" swiping method for typing, for one — added cloud sync so you never lose your customized predictions, and it's easier than ever to tie it in to your Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts, so SwiftKey can learn even more about what and how you type.

In 2014, SwiftKey shook things up again by becoming a free app, adding emoji, and offering up various themes, available via an in-app purchase.


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SwiftKey 4.3

SwiftKey 4.3 beta updated with bug fixes, more layouts

A quick heads-up for anyone using the beta version of SwiftKey 4.3 — an updated version is now available from beta.swiftkey.net. The new SwiftKey beta adds fixes various bugs — including issues when moving between layouts and problems causing the keyboard to jump around the screen ​—...

SwiftKey keyboard half-price for one day only

SwiftKey celebrates five years of Android phones with 50 percent off deal Popular third-party keyboard SwiftKey can be had for half the usual price today, in celebration of five years since the first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1, launched in the U.S. That means depending on your location, you...
SwiftKey 4.3

SwiftKey 4.3 beta debuts with new keyboard layouts, we go thumbs-on

New 'thumb,' 'compact' and undocked modes make it easier to type on larger screens The team behind popular third-party keyboard SwiftKey has announced a new version of the app today — SwiftKey 4.3. Dubbed "layouts for living," the new version of SwiftKey introduces a host of new layout options...
SwiftKey Cloud

SwiftKey 4.2 launches with cloud sync, 50 percent discount

SwiftKey Cloud goes official, now available on Google Play A month after the first public beta launched, popular keyboard replacement SwiftKey has pushed its new cloud-based features out through Google Play with the public launch of version 4.2 of its app.  SwiftKey 4.2 introduces cloud...
SwiftKey Cloud beta

SwiftKey Cloud beta updated with numerous fixes

Several known issues still on the list to be fixed in future updates. SwiftKey is pushing out an updated build of its latest beta product, "SwiftKey Cloud", that fixes many annoying issues with the initial release that have been reported by testers. Version makes several big...
SwiftKey Cloud

SwiftKey Cloud beta launched with sync, backup and trending phrases

New cloud-enabled SwiftKey keeps personalizations in sync and up-to-date SwiftKey has launched a new range of cloud-based features as part of its new version 4.2 beta. SwiftKey Cloud allows users to back up their personalizations and predictions to the cloud, and keep them in sync across...

Is Android about to lose the exclusive on a top-ranked keyboard to iOS?

If Apple opens up to third-party keyboards, it could allow the iPhone to borrow one of Android's top features With Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) kicking off next week in San Francisco, speculation is rampant that popular third-party keyboard makers on Android may be courted...

SwiftKey hits version 4.1.1 with important bug fixes

A few important fixes just a couple short weeks after a big 4.1 release Shortly after releasing version 4.1 of its keyboard that brought new themes and improvements, the bump to 4.1.1 today brings a few important fixes. First up, those of you with Samsung devices using the stock email app will...

SwiftKey keyboard updated to version 4.1 with new themes, bug fixes

Paid version also half-price for a limited time Popular keyboard replacement SwiftKey has hit version 4.1, and the new version is now rolling out through the Google Play Store. SwiftKey 4.1 adds three new themes -- dusk, pitch and regal -- and fixes a variety of bugs and other issues. Glitches...
SwiftKey Tilt

SwiftKey gets in on the April Fools' action with SwiftKey Tilt

"Whole-body typing experience" Not to be left out of the April 1 fun, popular keyboard app SwiftKey has today announced "SwiftKey Tilt," a new keyboard designed to offer a "whole-body typing experience." How's it work? Well, instead of typing with your thumb, simply guide a little pinball across...

SwiftKey update squashes a number of bugs, including HTC One fixes

SwiftKey, the popular third-party Android keyboard, this morning announced an update that will take care of a number of nagging issues. The update is now live in Google Play. The big news, probably, is that a number of issues regarding the HTC One have been resolved. So if you're picking up the...
Galaxy Note 2 Swiftkey

Samsung Galaxy S4 to have SwiftKey prediction software built-in

The newest Galaxy from Samsung is expected to have SwiftKey typing prediction built into the software, according to a source of The Wall Street Journal. The next word and sentence prediction from SwiftKey is a welcome addition to the software, but probably shouldn't come as any surprise. The...
SwiftKey 4

SwiftKey turns 4, brings 'flow' gesture typing to prime time

The folks at SwiftKey have made a hell of a good keyboard for Android phones and tablets. They've garnered numerous awards for it, from names like the GSMA, Fast Company, and our very own Editor's Choice awards for two years running. We're on record saying it's simply the best all around...
Android Central

SwiftKey Flow beta updated with fresh round of bug fixes

The SwiftKey Flow beta test continues with another release for phones and tablets today. Version includes a new round of bug fixes, including behavior fixes for the Google Chrome Beta, various crash fixes and a new Turkish layout. Here's the full changelog for your perusal -- Fixed...
SwiftKey Flow

SwiftKey Flow gets a new beta with more predictions, easier corrections

Swiftkey today unleashed a new version of its beta-only SwiftKey Flow keyboard. Corrections are easier, predictions are more prevalent -- and it's basically just more awesome.  Hit up the VIP forums to get your download on. We've got the full changelog after the break. Download: Swiftkey Flow...
Android Central

SwiftKey Flow beta updated with performance improvements, bug fixes

Four weeks on from the original SwiftKey Flow beta launch, a new version of the app is available. The new version of the trace-enabled keyboard features improved performance, as well as fixes for a number of bugs identified over the past month -- Flow-through-space autocommit: if you...
SwiftKey 3

SwiftKey 3.1 brings new theme, languages

We might be all about SwiftKey Flow these days, but it's still in beta, and SwiftKey 3 lives on in full release. Today the uber-popular Android keyboard been updated to SwiftKey 3.1. Here's what's new: New Berry theme New languages: Armenian, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Hindi, Hinglish, Irish,...
SwiftKey Flow

SwiftKey Flow now available – we go finger-on

It's been interesting to watch the continued evolution of Android keyboards. Google's didn't start getting decent until the last year or so, but it lacked the excellent prediction of SwiftKey or the trace input of Swype. SwiftKey could read your mind, but Swype had -- well, Swype. The latter half...
Android Central

'Flow through Space' video appears, offers a new look at SwiftKey Flow

SwiftKey has already announced their new Flow keyboard and started sending off word that beta invite emails will be imminent, but aside from the original video released, we've not seen a whole lot of it in action. That changes today. Pay particular attention to the space bar here. That appears to...
Android Central

SwiftKey aware of Android 4.2 upgrade issues

You might've read about this issue in Phil's latest column, or experienced it first-hand if you've upgraded to Android 4.2 on a device with SwiftKey installed. In any case, some SwiftKey users are finding that after upgrading to the latest version of Android on Nexus devices, the keyboard is...


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