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SwiftKey Keyboard

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Keyboards are a dime a dozen these days. But the one that keeps us coming back is SwiftKey. That's as much for its ease of use as its legendary prediction algorithms — its "Fluency Engine," which helps your phone seem to know what to type before you do.

Prediction was always SwiftKey's bread and butter — for years it was leaps and bounds better than Google's stock keyboard, or SwiftKey's arch rival, Swype. Today, it's picked up features made popular by its competitors — the "Flow" swiping method for typing, for one — added cloud sync so you never lose your customized predictions, and it's easier than ever to tie it in to your Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts, so SwiftKey can learn even more about what and how you type.

In 2014, SwiftKey shook things up again by becoming a free app, adding emoji, and offering up various themes, available via an in-app purchase.


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swiftkey material design

SwiftKey Android app joins the Material Design trend with two new themes

The Android version of the SwiftKey virtual keyboard now has two more themes to purchase that are inspired by the Material Design guidelines set up by Google for its new Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system. The two new themes are Material Dark and Material Light. In a blog post, SwiftKey...
swiftkey halloween

SwiftKey for Android adds two 'spooky' Halloween keyboard themes for sale

Android fans of the SwiftKey virtual keyboard can get into the "spirit" of the Halloween season with two new themes that are currently on sale in the in-app SwiftKey Store. The two themes are "Jack-O-Lantern", which has a pumpkin art style, and "Graveyard" which turns the keyboard into a final...
swiftkey pink

SwiftKey Android app gets pink with its latest theme pack

The popular SwiftKey keyboard app for Android is offering users a new option if they like more colorful ways of typing. Today, they can download the new Pink Pack which adds three new pink colored keyboard themes bundled with two previously released themes. The older themes in the pack are...
SwiftKey kicks off summer sale with new themes, price cuts

SwiftKey kicks off summer sale with new themes, price cuts

Third-party keyboard SwiftKey has been updated, adding new themes, as well as fixing bugs. Several exisiting themes for SwiftKey are also on sale for a limited time. Five new themes are available in the SwiftKey Store. They are Spotlight Purple, Edge Green, Pulse Yellow, Pulse Pink and Hazy...
SwiftKey 5

SwiftKey monthly users jump 54% after popular keyboard goes free

SwiftKey's move to drop the price tag of its keyboard offering in Google Play from $3.99 to free was a popular one among would-be users, and it turns out a good number went ahead and made the install after the price drop. Since going free back in June, SwiftKey has seen a 54 percent boost in...
SwiftKey 5 is free

SwiftKey 5 goes free, adds number row, emoji and paid themes

Those who already bought the keyboard will get 10 themes for free One of Android's top paid apps is now free. SwiftKey, long one of our favorite third-party keyboards, has dropped its $3.99 price for its fifth iteration — available today — and is throwing in a bunch of new features as well. And...

SwiftKey update brings Google+ and Evernote personalization to the masses

Swiftkey for Android is a neat way to make typing in data on your smartphone even more of a breeze. The app itself has just been updated, adding some sweet new functionality which was previously in the beta program. Should you have the stable version installed on your device, you’ll now be...
Swiftkey Flow Hard

Swiftkey Flow Hard brings swiping to the desktop keyboard and all its keys

Not satisfied with all the April 1 shenanigans from the U.S., how about some with a British flavor to wake up to? We're all familiar with SwiftKey, and this latest 'innovation' takes it from our Android devices to our desktop or laptop keyboards. Say hello to SwiftKey Flow Hard. Flow Hard...
SwiftKey beta

New SwiftKey beta adds Google+ and Evernote personalization

A new beta version of popular keyboard app SwiftKey has been released today, adding the ability to bring in personalization info from Google+ and Evernote. (That's in addition to the emoji support added to SwiftKey beta late last year.) The new SwiftKey beta also brings performance and...
SwiftKey Note

SwiftKey makes the leap to iOS with SwiftKey Note

No, your eyes do not deceive you. SwiftKey — long one of the favorite third-party keyboards on Android — has made the leap to iOS after teaming up with Evernote for SwiftKey Note. Don't worry, SwiftKey for Android isn't going anywhere. (Between you and me, they've got great stuff in the works.)...
SwiftKey beta

SwiftKey Beta updated with new emoji layout

Performance and memory issues also addressed SwiftKey has pushed a rather large update to their beta track today. Besides the under-the-hood changes that always come with any beta software, the emoji keyboard UI has been completely revamped, with gestures to switch tabs, a backspace bar, and...
Android Central

A better Android keyboard from SwiftKey #CESlive

'Imagine a world where you could type on a phone without it sucking' That pretty much describes what it's like to use SwiftKey. Join Cali and Phil as they spend a few minutes with Joe from SwiftKey, and they discuss SwiftKey's inception and where it's headed. From SwiftKey cloud, which keeps...
Clarion AX1.

Hands-on with the Clarion AX1 car stereo with SwiftKey

When your car stereo is an Android tablet, you need a good way to type on it Android is on everything here at CES. And while the Clarion AX1 doesn't break a lot of new ground insofar as head units running Android go, it does bring one new feature that we've yet to see in the car. The Clarion...

Swiftkey heads to automobiles as they partner with Clarion for smarter in-car technology

Swiftkey looks to improve the overall experience of in-car technology While many folks are used to using Swiftkey of their smartphones, the software maker's latest announcement could see you using their keyboard in your car as well. Swiftkey has announced they've teamed up with  in-car...

SwiftKey adds new 'ice' theme for the holidays

Snowfall from your keyboard presses, because you can The latest update to SwiftKey improves the installation process, but most importantly also brings a bit of holiday cheer with a new keyboard theme. After switching over to the new "Ice" theme, you'll be greeted by a deep blue background with...
SwiftKey 4.5

SwiftKey 4.5 beta brings emoji support and number row option

Keyboard adds over 500 emoji images, emoji prediction and optional number keys added in latest beta Popular Android keyboard app SwiftKey has rolled out a new beta version today with two frequently requested features. First up is emoji support, recently enabled in Google's own keyboard in the...
SwiftKey sale

SwiftKey keyboard 25 percent off in Thanksgiving sale

SwiftKey celebrates two years as top paid app on Google Play Popular keyboard app SwiftKey is now on sale at a reduced price in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. From today it's available for 25 percent off the usual price, knocking it down to $2.99 in the U.S. SwiftKey says its most recent...

SwiftKey updated for new numpad options, bugfixes

Careful if you're updating on Android 4.4 KitKat, though ... A quick heads up for those of you rocking SwiftKey — version 4.3.1 is now available. The big strokes for the changelog are bugfixes — the $ sign is back for non-English keyboards — and the option to put the numeric keypad on either the...
SwiftKey poll

Win a phone or tablet of your choice by completing SwiftKey's survey

SwiftKey, one of our favorite third-party keyboards for Android, has launched its latest annual user survey designed to find out what all phone and tablet owners want out of their devices. It's open to everyone, even if your device doesn't currently support SwiftKey, and to sweeten the deal...
SwiftKey 4.3

SwiftKey 4.3 exits beta, launches on Google Play as free update

50 percent off today in some countries Following the completion of the beta program, SwiftKey 4.3 has reached stable status and has launched as a free update on the Google Play Store. The latest version of the popular keyboard app introduces three new layouts to make typing easier on phones of...


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