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    • Vendor: BlackBerry Limited.
    • Version: Varies with device
    • Price: Free

    BlackBerry Messenger — BBM — is BlackBerry's proprietary messaging system that for months and months was rumored to finally break away from BlackBerry and hit other platforms. It ran in closed beta for some time on Android. BBM then leaked out shortly before it was to be officially released — and it took BlackBerry's servers down with it. That pushed back the official launch date while those problems were solved.

    When BBM finally made its official debut, it quickly gained millions and millions of users on Android. (Anyone who doesn't regularly use BBM, however, continued to lambaste the service.)

    BBM also has made its way onto iOS and Windows Phone.


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    What is an APN, and how do I change it?

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    Your public Google+ images might now show in Google Maps

    Your public Google+ images might now show in Google Maps

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    Don't want to create a Google+ profile for your new Gmail account? Now you don't have to

    Don't want to create a Google+ profile for your new Gmail account? Now you don't have to

    After introducing mandatory signups for Google+ with every new Gmail account back in 2012, Google has eased its stance, and will now let users choose whether they want to create a Google+ profile when they sign up for a new email address. The change, which went live early this month, gives users...
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    Weekly sidebar poll results: Leather or links?

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    Android Central 203: Moto Moto Moto!

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    Accessibility features on the LG G3

    LG's additions to Android's accessibility settings are notable and helpful Modern smartphones, like the LG G3, are built for everyone in mind. That means folks who get up every morning, strap on their FitBit and go for a run, as well as those who just need a bit of help holding something small...



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