500,000 members

We had a blast last week giving away prizes in honor of our 500,000th member here at Android Central.  It's you guys who make this such a great place to read a bit of news (and for us to write it) and hang out in the forums, and we love every chance we have to give a little bit back.  After five days of contests, it's finally time to announce the winners -- here they are!

Monday: Win a free case for the smartphone of your choice

  • tdosthp

Tuesday: Win a free Bluetooth headset of your choice

  • saltysteve

Wednesday: Win a spare battery for the smartphone of your choice

  • captmeach7
  • dcreed
  • Jaysus

Thursday: Win one of five Android Central T-shirts

  • droidify
  • IceDree
  • Photon4glover
  • Saneless
  • Suntan

Friday: Win an IOU for the next Nexus phone

  • digitalslacker

Congrats to one and all!  Be sure to check your email and get back with us to collect your prize.  Everyone keep your eyes peeled for the next big giveaway -- you never know when they're gonna show up.


Reader comments

Announcing the winners of the 500,000th member giveaways


congrats to all - especially Jaysus - the only name i recognize from the forums. too bad he just won a lousy extra battery.

This was my best chance at owning a Nexus device some time this year. I'm hoping Digital needs this more than I do. Congratulations to all, who won such amazing gifts. 500,000 strong, 'til the next 500,000'. A Milli

I never win anything never have never will there is almost no point in me entering contests like these. I don't play the lottery because I know I won't win I don't gamble because I won't win my friend won an iPhone 4. I won nothing I'm one of those people who will have to work for everything in life and never have anything handed to me. So is the way of my life and I accept it openly.

Well goodbye android like I said in my post for the contest my android phone broke and I need this but I didn't win so now I have to use a old iPhone 3gs that my mom used to use