Veronica Mars

Catch up on the full series ahead of the movie debut in March

If you're looking to catch up on the Veronica Mars series before the official movie debut on March 14th, Amazon is the place to go as they are now the exclusive online-only subscription home for streaming the TV series. The offering comes thanks to an agreement with Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution for access to all three seasons of the series starring the lovely Kristen Bell.

“The Veronica Mars series has been popular on DVD and Amazon Instant Video for years, so we know how much Amazon customers love this iconic television show,” said Brad Beale, Director of Digital Video Content Acquisition. 

Amazon knows how to pick out the stuff folks want. The Veronica Mars movie was a Kickstarter project started by Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell and ended up collecting $5.7 million from fans with $2 million of that having been contributed within the first 10 hours. 

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Amazon offers up Veronica Mars entire series exclusively on Prime Instant Video


So they can Kick starter a movie like this but we can't get a stargate rebooted?

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Can anyone give a paragraph to explain what Veronica Mars is about? I've never seen it and don't know why it is getting so much fuss (I know it got a movie funded on kickstarter, but why is it so popular?)


Would be great if Amazon also offered an Android app for their paying Prime customers to actually use Instant Video on their phones and tablets.

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Yes yes yes! I would sign up for prime in a N.Y. minute if I could watch on my GS4 or Nexus 7. Tons of movies I'd actually purchase also (David Cronenberg movies not available on blu ray yet). I'm not going to buy a kindle just for that. Give us an app Amazon! Shut up and take my money!!!

I was coming to ask how this item is remotely considered to be relevant to Android users when Amazon continues to flip off Android. No, the Fire being a skinned Android tablet doesn't excuse or explain it.

Posted via sheer force of will on my Nexus 5!

What, Google TV doesn't count?

Here's Amazon's mind-boggling choices for their App:
It's available on Google TV, but not Android phones
It's available on iOS phones, but not Apple TV

And it's on PS3, 360 (I think), and of course their own awful tablets.

Amazon needs to decide if they want to force people into their awful devices or have people buy their content. I'm never going to buy their devices, but I'm fine with Prime video content. But the way they have things set up just doesn't work. I've gotten a refund for the one video I did buy and will never buy another one until it will actually work on phones and tablets of my choosing.

It's available on the Xbox 360, but you need Gold to use it as with all other streaming services, no thanks to M$. I watch on my PS3; everything else (but Amazon, natch) I use my Chromecast so I don't even have to run a console. HBO GO was a godsend.

I've ranted repeatedly over Amazon's inexplicable refusal to make all their investments in content for Amazon Instant Video off-limits to users of the largest mobile OS. None of the arguments people make to explain/excuse this omission make sense, least of all the one that supposes people who have iPads are more invested, so won't buy a Fire while Android peeps are cheap and will. Huh? Amazon bashes the iPad in their HDX 8.9 ads, so if you wanted to sell Fires, stop giving iOS a video app!

That said, I don't get your hate for the Kindle Fire line. Yeah, they aren't open like a Nexus tablet, but I have an OG Fire and it was nice for its time and as long as you don't mind not having Play apps, they offer quite the bang for your buck. 32GB for $239 right now with their promo.

How does amazon not realize they are losing money? No one is going to buy a Fire just to use their video services ...they are just going to use a different video service instead. What makes even less sense is the fact that Amazon offers their MP3 service on just about any device I've ever used. To actually be competitive Amazon needs to open up Instant Video to more tablets, phones and streaming devices ...otherwise people will continue to use Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Google Play....etc....nobody is buying a Fire unless they really want a Fire.....

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This is what I've pointed out repeatedly before. Amazon is in the CONTENT business and so they sell Kindle books and Android apps and MP3s that can be played on whatever device you want, but Video is totally off-limits to Android, while being on iOS, every game console, and a bazillion media streamers/smart TVs/etc.

They're snagging exclusive rights to stuff like Nickelodeon and Downton Abbey in order to compete with Netflix and then refuse to release an app for Android, leaving all those customers with no alternative to get content from other than Netflix and Hulu and HBO GO and Play and Crackle and.....ooooohhhhhhh, wait a second...

It's almost enough for me to sign up for a free trial of Prime, marathon watch the entire series on my Roku, and then cancel Prime before I get charged. Big fan of Enrico Colantoni.