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Save $50 or $100 off what Sprint is charging directly on two of the hottest phones

Amazon has just kicked off a sale starting today and running through this Wednesday that is discounting all colors of the HTC One and Galaxy S4 for Sprint. The HTC One can be had for $0.01 on-contract provided you're a new customer, or $99.99 for upgrading existing customers. The Galaxy S4 is $49.99 for new customers and $149.99 for upgrades.


Samsung Galaxy S4

That marks a $99 discount for either customer type on the HTC One and a $50 discount on the Galaxy S4. If you've been holding out for a deal to switch or upgrade your phone on Sprint, now may be the time.


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Amazon offering Sprint HTC One for $0.01, Galaxy S4 for $49.99 for new customers


Been looking at upgrades for 2 months now. Those are the prices the upgrades have been in recent weeks. Picked up The S4 for my wife for $150(current price) 3 weeks ago. I think I'll just wait on something with the snapdragon 800.

These will probably both be free on black Friday if you can wait a few weeks.

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The S3 was $1 or less many places on Black Friday 2012. Waiting might be a good thing, but $49 still isn't bad for an S4!

Yeah picked one up for 1 penny at Sams and the backup was Walmart for 99 cents

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Best Buy has the Verizon HTC One for $49.99 and Costco has it for $79.99. Costco throws in an "accessory bundle" with generic items therein.

With the OLED Samsung Galaxy S5 & HTC Two just a little over 180 days away, why would one want to invest in either of these telephones? I guess if you just have Throw-Away Cash and want to rent either of these telephones until the S5 & HTC Two arrive... But Why?

That is six months. And foe tj ose with say a gnex and an upgrade. ..I can see waiting for a necus 5 in the next few weeks.

I'd only wait 6 monrhs when my uograde was in 4-6 months.

There is always something else coming out!

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I don't agree with this type of news. They are only for americans, but I bet more than 50% of the users don't live in the USA!
Local news are not that interesting.

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Android Central also posts news for Canadian, European, and Asian carriers. I've never had a problem scrolling past those posts.

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