Ad placements to roll out extremely slowly, be 'beautiful and high quality'

Taking to its official blog to announce the news, Instagram laid out its plan to introduce advertisements into the social photo and video service. It was only a matter of time before Instagram (now owned by Facebook) had to monetize its 150 million users, but it plans to start things off slowly at least. In the coming months, users will start to see both photos and videos in their feed from brands that they don't follow.

The advertisements will be "a small number of beautiful, high-quality photos and videos from a handful of brands that are already great members of the Instagram community," the post claims. Given Instagram's artistic ethos this is probably the best way to go about it — give us something we may want to see already, and we won't complain.

Ads are coming to just users in the US for the moment, and it again sounds like things will roll out extremely slowly based on the wording in the blog post. Once you start seeing these ads, you'll also have the option to hide and provide feedback on placements that you don't like so that the experience will improve over time.

There isn't a specific timetable for when these ads will start rolling out, so keep an eye on your Instagram feed in the coming weeks.

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Advertisements coming to an Instagram feed near you


Think from the owners point of view. Only an idiot would miss out on tapping such cliental base.
And remember facebook owns it, facebook is trying hard to monetize its users and trying hard to make money out of its mobile app, this move from instagram was definitely coming. These giants arent there running an NGO,bro.

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I had a major problem some months back with spam followers to the point that I uninstalled the app. It's better now but I'll have to see how these ads work

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Android was initially to be fairly ad oriented when Google first planned it. Since they are a web advertising company.
You just have to come to terms with it or block em.

I don't know how long you'd be spared though. They blocked my really old version Instagram I used to use (Because I didn't update) and another different old version because they weren't being used on Androids for say.

I can't remember if I got blocked by logging off and not able to be logged back in or blocked while online. But I was using really old versions, you'll be fine for quite a while.

What's this mean for third party ig apps? Hopefully doesn't kill them.

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Don't know about the current situation on WP if they're unblocked yet but there was a time when they were blocked.
As for the official Instagram Android app on BB10, the old versions are blocked and still are. But the newer versions work.

Would be hilarious if I got official Instagram adverts on my illegitimate Instagram app on WP7 that already has advertisements on it

Wouldn't an app/company still make money if we all just paid an annual fee of $1. This way they could stay a private organization instead of going all ipo.

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Ads to be extremely beautiful and eat your data for breakfast lunch and dinner.

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A beautiful ad is like a turd. I don't care if you've molded it into the shape of Jessica Alba's breasts, it still smells like shit.

Here's a plan any company that puts an ad in your timeline remember not to buy their products.

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OMG! Ads! Everything should be free for evar! Ew! Companies spending tons of money each year should just give me their stuff! OMG! I'm a selfish twit!


They should at least offer a paid version that removes ads.

Ah, that feeling… I don't use instacrap nor anything crapabook-related. Hope they'll lose many users as a result of this move.

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