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The Acer Cloudmobile was first brought to the worlds attention back at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Fast forward six months, and the device has finally become available to pre-order in the UK. Despite having a strange name, the Cloudmobile potentially offers good value for money at this price point.

Online retailer, Expansys, is offering the Cloudmobile SIM-free and unlocked for £284.99. For that you get a really good looking smartphone, with Android 4.0 on board -- complete with on-screen buttons -- 720p 4.3-inch display, a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB on board storage. Camera wise we're looking at an 8MP rear shooter with LED flash. Compared to the high-end devices we've seen launched at, and since MWC, the Cloudmobile might seem like a bit of a non-starter. At this price point though, it sits nicely into the mid-range. Let's not also forget that Acer won a prestigious design award for this device. 

At present, Expansys expects to begin shipping the Cloudmobile to pre-order customers from September 5. 

Source: Expansys

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icebike says:

447 Bucks gets you a HOX.

Where's the specs? Removable Battery? MicrSD? Radios?
Even Acer's website is mum.

mtmerrick says:

Check GSMarena, they answer most of your questions ;)

mtmerrick says:

wait... 720p screen on that size... that's a "retina display"
Actually, that's BETTER - higher PPI than the iPhone.
I love smashing iThings =P

PhilipC#AC says:

Correct, but it's far from the first device with a pixel density higher than the iPhone 4/4S. HTC Rezound, Sony XPERIA S, LG LU1400, LG Optimus LTE and even the Blackberry-like Nokia E6 have higher pixel densities than the iPhone 4/4S. Compare with your phone here:

"Retina" is nothing but good marketing...

mtmerrick says:

I'm aware retina is just a marketing term, and i.I'm also aware this is not the first android with a PPI to meet or exceed the iPhone 4/4S PPI
However, as I was trying to point out, this phone has - at least according to what the screen size and resolution are supposed to be - the highest resolution I've ever seen on a mobile device

toddjy says:

Why does that phone say that is 9:12 and 3:34? The clock widget says the former, the clock in the notifications says the latter.

S_C_B says:

How observant of you!

icebike says:

Just to prove its a render and not a photo.

dmcincubus says:

Wow. That's a great looking phone. i'd like to see more of the 4.0 skin that acer is running. id love to see if they're going to offer a top tier phone.

MrJazz says:

Wow. Sharp looking and the controls are in the right places!
Dunno if I'd sell my Gnex to buy one,tho...

gcims says:

Very handsome and original design. I'd buy that if POS VZW offered it...

S_C_B says:

I like the look of that phone.

I can't wait to see what Asus can bring to the table. This phone looks really amazing though!

AnnDroid says:

Gorgeous phone. Don't trust Acer products though.