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On the seventh day of Christmas AC and Sprint gave to me ... A Samsung Galaxy S4

The good people at Sprint have partnered with us to do something awesome for the holidays, and we're giving away a great Samsung phone or tablet every day for 12 days.

We've got a pile of great stuff, including the Galaxy Tab 3, the Note 3, the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S4 mini. Winning one is easy, but you'll need to follow the rules.

  • Leave a comment on this blog post for a chance to win today's prize. Only one comment. 
  • We'll close the comments after 24 hours and pick a winner at random. 
  • Make sure the contact details you have entered when you signed up at AC are good, because that is how I will get in touch with you. 

Today's prize is a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4. It's the best selling Android phone in the world, and a favorite with modders, tinkerers, and users alike. Be sure to try to win one of your own!

The 12 days of Christmas giveaway is brought to you by Sprint, and their truly unlimited plans.


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12 Days of Christmas giveaway day seven: Win a Galaxy S4 from AC and Sprint



I think Jerry should die his beard white to see if he could pass for Santa.

Also, Please put my name in the stocking to pick.

So cool, I would love to win this AC gift. Thanks for supporting the 12 days of gifts.

Stacks on stacks on stacks!......Com'on lucky 7! Down at the Horseshoe casino Cleveland. .I'll win it one way or another!

Posted via Android Central App

Need a new phone since my son broke my HTC one and I didn't put insurance on it :'(

Posted via Android Central App

This would make an awesome Christmas gift for my son who just broke his phone.

Posted via Android Central App

These days keep going by but no notice! Maybe tomorrow!

Posted via Android Central App

7 swans-a-swimming. Me, I just want to win, so come on AC - pick me (please)!

Posted via Android Central App

On the 7th day of Christmas Sprint and AC gave to me,
an S4 from Samsung's Galaxy!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good droid!

Please AC let it be me would make for a great Christmas!! I'm a big time android lover thanks AC

Posted via Android Central App

I'd love to be the new owner. Love samsung

Posted via Android Central App

OK. This is the 7th day, my birthday was 12/7, and today is Friday the 13th. Whatever all that means, pick me.

Would love to have one for my girlfriend fir Christmas please

Posted via Android Central App

On the 7th day of Christmas AC and Sprint gave to me ... a Galaxy S4 please. Hope I win Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all!

Sent via the DeathStar with my CM 10.2 S3

I need one for girlfriend, she keeps complaining of her old phone which is Of course a galaxy S3. Lol. Now she wants an S4......

AU's entry

- Android Central App. N'oublions jamais l'Australie, Villers-Bretonneux. Prepare for January 26.

The real gift is the chance to enter. I like entering almost as much as I like winning!

Was going to buy my mom an s3 for Christmas but a free s4 is even better. She already has Sprint too. So pick me pick me!!!

Ohh wow! A Galaxy S4 on the 7th of 12 day of Christmas on Friday the 13th. haha..yes that just happened

People have been bashing Sprint for a long time, for good reason. But I think we're finally getting closer for Sprint to have a great network, which I've been patiently waiting for. I kind of feel that there are a lot of fair weather fans here for this giveaway...

Drat! I keep missing these days - it's more like the 5 days of Christmas :(

I could really use this after cracking the screen on my Galaxy Nexus! Thanks in advance!

Heck yes! Nothing like a kick a phone on a pretty kick a carrier!

Posted via Android Central App

Moms bday coming up, love to get this for her! Merry Christmas everyone

Posted via Android Central App

Hello Santa? I'm calling on my new Galaxy S4 Sprint AC phone. I'll send you a text message list of what I want for Christmas.

A GS4 would look great under my Christmas tree. Please Santa.

Posted via Android Central App

Please let me win, this Sailor needs a new phone for Christmas before deployment! :-)

Posted via Android Central App

Luck. I don't have much of it.
So i'll have to depend on a miracle, a Christmas miracle.
I pray for it to happen. Please, be my Santa.

Can I have it please?

Posted Via VZW Moto X on the Android Central App

Odd how you have to scroll all the way down to comment, but if i win this i won't be mad at all (:

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